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  1. kook

    [SOLVED] Computer awakes from suspend when turning on lamp

    If I suspend my computer and then for example plug in my mobile charging cable in a different socket, the computer awakes from the suspension and turns on. I think it also happens when a lamp is turned on. So it happens when theres power activity somewhere. Is this normal?
  2. ikernelpro4

    Question More ways to save Extreme amounts of Energy/Power?

    Hey my goal is to save as much energy as I can. I turned on Energy saving mode, turned the graphics card, Bluetooth, WiFi (usb tethering hopefully saves more energy than having a WiFi module enabled) off. Limited processor cores to 2 instead of 8, shouldn't do much but hey why not. Turned off...

    [SOLVED] are there any apps for saving energy, i use sling so pc is on all the time what can i do to reduce energy cost 8700k

    hi, just wondered if there was some things i could do to reduce my energy cost somew advice or programs apps that save or some ideas on underclocking also was wondering does sleep mode use alot of energy if pc is in sleep anytime its not being used
  4. Dantehermit

    Question Games crashing/freezing PC

    Hello, I'm not sure why but every time that i tried to play games (especifically metro 2033 and last light) my system crashes or freezes to the point that i need to do an hard reboot. In theory my computer should run it smoothly I believe that it might be aorus engine or windows energy...
  5. ZuRriX

    Question Low or high voltage RAM?

    To ask this is a 'newbie' way, "What is better"? Low voltage RAM produces less heat and consumes less energy. While overclocking, what are you looking to do, lower or increase the RAM's voltage? You want to increase it, so you could clock your RAM's frequency higher and have it working at a...
  6. N

    Will my power supply kill my GPU?

    Hey, so I recently purchased a GTX 1070 MSI x gaming I think its called and it should arrive on the 3rd. And I need to know if my ThermalTake TR2 700w will be able to handle it? I know 700w is plenty enough but I heard my power supply dies pretty often with higher end cards. I know its bronze...
  7. M

    looking for a cheap but nice graphics card

    Help me guys I want to buy a Graphics Card that run gta 5, AC unity Far cry 4 on medium Graphics. suggest me a cheap and nice card.
  8. D

    Adding a second PSU Corsair 860AX

    I will need a total of 1600 Watts and currently own a Corsair 850AX. Is it possible to add a second 850AX to my system? How do you take into consideration the power and reset buttons when this is done? Or, would purchasing a different PSU all together be more beneficial? The additional power...
  9. M

    Computer starts running but monitor does not display

    Hello Experts, my home built computer recently stopped working correctly. The monitor doesn't show anything when the computer turns on. This all started when i wanted to clean the dust out of my computer, my intel cpu fan was caked in dust and i was experiencing random lag when i was just...
  10. S

    cpu for my pc

    is intel pentium g2020 2.9ghz processor can handle gtx 650 1gb ddr5?and can it run modern games like crysis 3 and tom clancy the division?