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  1. zambony369

    Question Engineering Sample ATI X800 XT r423 Graphics Card

    I am trying to find out if this card is worth it to keep as a collectible or to be used in my retro gaming PC for early 2000's games. It is a non qualification sample with hand writing around the die surround. I have tested it to make sure it works and everything seems to be working perfectly...
  2. A

    Question Intel Confidential - Engineering Sample

    Ok so I have bought a Intel confidential CPU from eBay it was sold as an Engineering sample under the Title of E5-2650 v4, I have been running the CPU for some time and works OK but when I went to see what could be done with OC I found some strange anomalies in the CPU files as you can see on...
  3. hi2011090536

    [SOLVED] Fake Engineering Sample CPU??

    Ok, let me start off by saying, yes I did post something about this CPU a while back, but this thread is meant to try to find the legitness of this CPU. So a while back I created a listing about this CPU titled "Incorrect CPU Title" or something like that. I am am here now to ask more about...
  4. satchdog123

    Overclocking a 4790k.

    Ive been thiking/working on overclocking my 4790k to 4.4-4.5ghz for games like Battlefield 1. What I want to know is would there be a noticeable FPS difference? And but how much if you had to guess? I currently run high around 115-120 fps but I would like like to get over 120fps steady to take...
  5. M

    PSU enogh for the system?

    I have this system: CPU: Phenom x4 965 BE (125w) GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 2gb (175w) RAM: 2x2gb DDR3 1600mhz MOBO: Asus m5a97 R2.0 PSU: HKC USP 5550 (550w psu) SSD: 128gb kingston..(not realy a powe needer) will the system crash at full load because my psu has 75% efficiency at full load (my...