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  1. F

    Question Is 450Watt enough?

    I have my pc for 2 years now and upgraded along the way, i now have Ryzen 7 1700 (stock) 16GB 2666Mhz ram ASUS strix GTX 1060 6gb (stock) 240gb ssd 1tb hdd And my PSU is the Corsair VS450, white certified (so i think its not outputting 450 watt) Is this enough?
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Will 500w psu be enough for 1060 6gb?

    I'm planning to upgrade my gtx 1050 ti to 1060 6gb my pc specs are: amd fx-8350,2x4gb ram,gtx 1050 ti,2ssd, my psu is ASUS P-50 GA 500w will it work with 1060?
  3. ewald30

    Question rtx 2070 or rtx 2080 for i7 8700

    Hi guys, i just want to ask if i should get the rtx 2080 over rtx 2070 for about 150$ dollars more, also, will my cpu bottleneck the 2080? or will my psu be good enough? My pc scpecs are: I7 8700 (non k version) Msi z370 16 gigs of ram g skill trident Z Thermaltake Rome (toughpower) 750W...
  4. I

    Question Is 600watt antec budget power supply enough for R9 290x?

    https://antec.com/product/power/vp600p-plus.php I am planning to buy this psu as my budget is not getting larger. My system specs : Sapphire R9 290x tri x 4gb Intel Core i5-4440 Ram 8gb SSD 120Gb HDD 1Tb 5*120mm fans Is it risky to buy this power supply?
  5. Wobbleman1

    2 24" monitors vs 1 27" monitor and 1 24" monitor

    So I am debating whether I should buy two Viewsonic XG2401 (£217 each), or an Asus MG279Q (£470). If I were to buy the Asus, I would use my current Samsung screen as a second monitor, but then I would have different sized monitors. So my question is, would it be better to buy two Viewsonic, or...
  6. M

    Help with my first build

    Hi, I'm building my first PC and was hoping I could get help and advice from someone more knowledgeable than me. My budget is around $1000 for a gaming-oriented PC, and this is for the entire setup from GPU to mouse. Thanks in advance. Specs: PCPartPicker part list...