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  1. H

    [SOLVED] Lenovo M920T

    Hello, I have a Lenovo M920T system, When I boot up the system I get 3 Long Beeps and 1 Short beep, and the system doesn't post, from what I can tell its a Ram Issue, I have tested both DIMMs inside a different M920T system and that system didn't post with them, I was wondering if Lenovo M920Ts...
  2. Endre

    [SOLVED] Which version of Windows 10 is the most advanced?

    Windows 10: Enterprise vs Pro for Worstations. Which one is the more advanced? As I see it, Pro for Workstations is a bit more expensive, but lacks some of the features of the Enterprise version. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/WindowsForBusiness/Compare
  3. G

    [SOLVED] Help with network restructuring.

    Goodnight. I have little time working as an assistant IT administrator in a company. And I have been having problems with the client PCs, they lose the dhcp IP constantly and when i'm changing them to static, they still do not have Internet access sometimes because there is IP conflict, after a...
  4. R

    Question Are these temps normal?

    So, I just bought a WD RE3 1TB for my rig (yes it's enterprise, but was cheap and works perfectly fine). But I'm curious if these temps are good or do I need to take some action: When idle: 45 C/113 F Under load for 30 minutes straight: 50 C/ 122 F Room temperature is 30 C/ 86 F. Thanks in...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Can i play gta 5

    Can i play gta 5 on xeon E3-1225 3.10 ghz
  6. obi1kenobi

    [SOLVED] Optical Drive

    Hi all Is it possible to install an ultra slim dvd writer into my Corsair spec 06 case?or any dvd writer
  7. D

    [SOLVED] 2019 March gaming budget pc Build ideas ?

    Hey this is my build and I am looking for a entry level gaming PC to connect to my led tv for casual gaming and multimedia stuff any ideas? if m going wrong with it? I5 9400f Cpu Gigabyte oc 1660ti Corsair 2400mhz lpx 8gb ram 1tb Hdd 240gb m.2 sata sdd Corsair cx 450 Case gigabyte ac 300w Mobo-...
  8. M

    Question Laptop stuck at initial logo

    Hi, So I have a Dell Vostro 3350. It's been with me for some time already, but was still doing great. However as of today it doesn't start up anymore. Upon powering it up the standard Dell loading logo appears with a progress bar that fills roughly until 1/3 and that's all. It doesn't go...
  9. hyperjcm

    [SOLVED] need good PSU recommendations for a gtx 1070 and i5 8400

    My build core i5 8400 gtx 1070 16gb ram b360 chipset motherboard probably gonna have like 4 system fans excluding cpu cooler please suggest a good budget adequate power supply unit for gaming. Thank you ❤
  10. A

    Question Grinding only on Startup?

    When I start my PC there is a blood-curdling grinding noise that continues through startup, but once I get to my desktop screen it fades away. I know there's a thousand threads with the same title but I can't figure out what the cause is. One of the more common causes seems to be something with...
  11. R

    Question Screen Tearing with G-Sync/Freesync under monior refresh rate? Why?

    I have the LG UD59 freesync ultra hd monitor and an nvidia gtx 1070. I'm connected with display port and have enabled G-sync in the nvidia control panel. I have run testing using the nvidia pendulum gysnc demo which I downloaded. Here's the results: Vsync On: around 1 stutter per second...
  12. M

    30 seconds is all you get

    So this what I deal with to get internet on this win10 HP desktop: unplug the USB WiFi adapter (Realtek RTL8188CU) plug it back, wait a minute ok, go! Use it wisely you have exactly 30 seconds until it disconnects and you need to do it all over again. Of course this is absolutely ridiculous. I...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] install ssd along hdd on a dell optiplex all in one

    Hello, how can I install an ssd along hdd in dell all in one pc? The system is dell optiplex 3030 all in one and has a 500 g hdd. I want to install an ssd and put my OS (linux+win) there and keep the hdd for data. Do I need any extra cables, cases or anything else? Thx in advance
  14. D

    [SOLVED] How to install MSI drivers?

    I'm currently setting up my new build and need help installing the drivers for my mobo, which is a B450 Tomahawk. I already downloaded the files from their site on this PC but I'm not sure how to properly install them. Do I have to go into BIOS? Or put the files on a USB from another computer?
  15. S

    Graphic card not detected by games

    The Games are unable to detect either of my graphics card however the control panel shows both my graphics card, also writing "Dxdiag" detects both the cards perfectly.
  16. A

    i7 7700t - 1080 ti?

    is the i7 7700t sufficient enough for the 1080 ti? Or is it just completely absurd.
  17. E

    Msi GT72s 6qe Power problems

    Hi, hope you can help me. have a 3 year old Msi gt72s laptop that recently started developing a problem.. whilst gaming the laptop would freeze and give me a black screen, I also noticed the psu would switch off and I would have to unplug it completely and replug it back in to get my laptop to...
  18. B

    [SOLVED] Suggest me Best Dell workstation for Gaming and Business Purpose Both

    In t3500 t5500 and t7500 Which workstation is best for gaming and business purpose both This is my first pc to buy so I need futuristic upgradable pc for gaming and my online business I need powerpack pc for both gaming and online business I need it for recording gaming videos and live...
  19. M

    PC wont turn on.

    I just got a new GPU and more ram. I have a ryzen 2200g with Vega 8 intergrated graphics and I just got a sapphire radeon rx570. I put in the new 8gb into the main slot and put a 4 into the backup slots then I put in the gpu then power cables and went to turn it on and it wont. I then took out...
  20. M

    ihave motherboard z87- hd3 can i get 4790k and overclock on this motherboard ????

    ihave motherboard z87- hd3 can i get 4790k and overclock on this motherboard ????