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  1. U

    [SOLVED] White screen after Profile Login

    Hi all, I have a customers MacBook Pro A1286 which is throwing up some problems that I am having trouble fixing. Basically, the machine starts up no problem (flashing the Apple Logo) and presents the profile login screen. However after typing in the password a loading bar appears and proceeds...
  2. F

    questions about my new 1080 graphics card not performing as well as it should

    so i recently bought this card 1080 gcard mostly was to play vr with no issues etc i just bought gta v and put on max settings and ran ran benchmark test was getting average of 40 fps then when the jet was flying got 30 then when it gets to the part that drives the car and it crashes 10 fps. i...
  3. H

    Mistakes were made

    I was having trouble downloading the windows 10 anniversary update, so I went to the Microsoft page and mistakenly started downloading windows 10 instead of the up date. I was able to cancel @about 20%, my question is did I do any harm to my registry files or my current copy if windows 10...
  4. J

    how do you change your background on a chromebook

    I can't change my background on the Chromebook and I need hellp trying to change it.
  5. X

    Good gaming build?

    CPU- Intel Core i7-7700K 4.2GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler- CRYORIG H7 49.0 CFM CPU Cooler Motherboard- Asus PRIME Z270-AR ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Memory- G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory Storage- PNY CS1311 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Storage- Seagate Barracuda...
  6. AlexTheTechFreak

    Question about 16:9 on an Ultrawide monitor?

    I know that a lot of content doesn't support the 21:9 aspect ratio and was wondering how much the screen shrinks when switching to 16:9. Specifically on a 34 inch monitor. Would it be the equivalent of a 27 inch 16:9 picture? Or is it even smaller than that? I'd hate to go from a 27 inch monitor...
  7. Y

    CPU GPU and ram

    I have an AMD athlon 64 x2 Radeon r7 7850 twin frosted III 8gb ram Is this good for gaming please help
  8. L

    Will there be price drops on 1060s?

    I was looking to purchase an EVGA GTX 1060 SC in the coming weeks, preferably before the release of Wildlands. But after today's 1080ti announcement along with the mention of 9gb/s 1060s, should I wait on buying a 1060 as the price may drop with the new cards (whenever they may release), or...
  9. M

    Which laptop should i pick?

    So with my $1000 budget, im thinking of either the Asus ROG Strix GL753VD or the Asus FX502VM. Both are $999, here are specs. Asus Fx502vm: CPU Intel Core i7-6700HQ (4-core, 2.60-3.50 GHz, 6MB cache) RAM 8GB (1x 8096MB) – DDR4, 2133MHz GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (3GB GDDR5) HDD/SSD 1TB HDD...
  10. T

    Suggestions on what to upgrade my 5 year old PC

    Hello, First off thank you for taking the time to read my 1st post. I am in need of some assistance on what to upgrade on my old PC. I am primary a gamer, and I am tired of running every new game on LOW settings and getting below 20 FPS in games. I think I build this PC back in 2006. I think...
  11. Z

    Unexplainable FPS drop?

    I just got back from holiday and all of a sudden, my computer is running GTA V around 10-20 fps lower on average. I have check for updates and theres none, I have defragged and done everything possible, now GTA is bearly playable. I dont understand how it got worse, my computer hasn't been...
  12. Silmefaron

    Failure To Boot After Merging Drives C: and D: Using EaseUS

    So I own an ASUS laptop that I use for gaming and other work when I can't use my desktop computer, but it was running out of space in the primary partition. Sure I have an external HDD but I would prefer to have the space on the computer itself. I decided to re-partition the SSD as I figured...
  13. Ferrariassassin

    I need to put a new SSD in a laptop but do not know how to download windows back on.

    My Friend has a laptop they use which has Windows 7 on it. They do not care if everything is deleted they mainly want the SSD in it. The SSD is a Kingston 120Gb which is nt as good as Intel or Samsung but they just use the Laptop for browsing and such. THe question is, how in the world do i get...
  14. M

    Gtx 1050 ti or rx 470

    Guys help me ,i have i5 2320 and i plan to buy gtx 1050 ti ..i do my survey and rx470 is within my budget although i will eat bread for a few week .. So my question is ,should i save a lil more for rx 470 but my current psu only support for 460 watt and only got single 6pin connector ..if im not...
  15. O

    MSI BIOS Help

    I have a MSI B150A gaming pro Gen 6 motherboard, if I use a 7th Gen processor would even be able to open the BIOS?
  16. J

    Update a bios with a cpu it wont support untill it is updated?

    So I want to replace my 9 year old machine and am ordering parts now. I have bought an Asus H110M-A/M.2 Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard and was going to get an i3 6100 cpu when I notice I can get the i3 7100 for just 2$ more. But, to support the 7th gen cpu the bios will need an update. Can i...
  17. Robert8x

    APU and Nvidia GPU causing crash?

    Hello, Im trying to sort out my mates PC for him... He keeps getting crashes on windows 7 like 3/4 daily. He has an APU and a nvidia GPU, so I was wondering if i could disable the APU you part of it and just use it as a CPU? I think the APU and GPU are causing the crashes! -Ive checked the...
  18. H

    TP Link AV and Netgear powerline wifi adapters, worth it?

    My bedroom is a good deal away from my router, and the tp link usb thing I got is not cutting it. So, I saw these powerline adapters, and they get really good reviews. I am looking at: http:// and http:// Does anyone have experience with these powerline adapters? Do they deliver...
  19. G

    Budget clue high end overkill

    Unknown as user edited post to uselesness.
  20. Iver Hicarte

    RX 480 8GB or RX 480 4GB?

    I have done a lot of research about these 2 amazing performing cards. But when I saw the benchmarks the difference was only 1 to 2 frames per second. But also a huge factor bothering me between their differences was the vram. What does the extra 4gb on the 8gb model of the rx 480 offer, i mean...