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    Installation / Driver problem.

    Hello. So my computer wanted to update to windows 10.1?. I let it update but i must have received a bad update because the computer wouldn't open some game. I decided to reset the PC through recovery. In the middle of it my surge protector failed and lost power. When i restarted the pc it...
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    I have a high spec computer however recently it has been running very slowly.

    I have an I7 4790K, GTX 970, MSI Z97 GAMING 5, WS BLACK SERIES HDD and 8GB DDR3 1600 Recently my computer has been running really slow and i don't understand why. It should not be as i have a high end PC. I have a feeling that its a GPU AND CPU problem. Can anyone help??
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    Keyboard not working

    Keyboard not working.
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    Game stutter/lag after PC upgrades

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my GTX 750 to a 780, (gigabyte windforce 3gb), I also reinstalled my CPU with still it's stock cooler, however without thermal paste as I didn't have any. (my cpu's a intel pentium g3258 @ 3.2ghz (stock) When I bought this card I researched, and nothing said...
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    Intel i5 4690 vs i6 6600

    I would like to know if it is really good to change the 4690 for 6600? I have a 4690 with a MSI Z97. I will have some gain to change to 6600 + Z170? If I only change for a 4790 for example, it will be better? Thanks a lot.
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    airflow in my case

    does my case (sharkoon vs4-s) have a good airflow if i want to upgrade to like a i7 4790?
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    Battlefield 1 with Radeon RX 480

    I bought the Radeon RX 480 to play battlefield 1 on. From what i have heard ( and have seen ) this graphics card is supposed to run the game ( and beta ) at 60+ fps on ultra settings. So when i heard that i purchased the Saphire 8gb Radeon RX 480. After installing it and running the game, i have...
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    Best CPU and RAM for Gaming and CAD?

    With my own research i've found the i7 4790k to be the outstanding one for Gaming and CAD is there any better should i go down the AMD route? Only thing is the 4790k only works with ddr3 motherboards, is ddr3 enough in this day and age for gaming and CAD?
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    Testing a Hearing Aid Computer Peripheral without a hearing aid?

    I have a few Phonak EasyCall 2's as well as a few iCube 2's and I am wondering if there is any way that I can test if these work without hearing aids so I can sell them without customers returning them? Does anyone know how to do this?
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    I need to track a phone using GPS or turn data on remotely

    I've lost an iPhone 6s while the data was turned off, so Apple's find my iPhone service is not available. So, I need a way to locate the phone via its GPS. I had no other location tracking apps on the phone. Is there a way to turn on the data remotely or track the GPS? Maybe by the phone number...
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    Font too small on 2560x1440 13" monitor

    I am using already the laptop for a while, but it bothers me from time to time that the font is just too small in some places. Like the title of the apps in the taskbar or some other places. I changed everywhere the font from 9 to 11, but that doesn't cover all the cases. Scaling is simply...
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    Random PC Turn Off!!! on games!

    Hi! this has became a bigger and bigger problem over time and I still dont know whats causing it. I can play games like CS:GO Fine with 700 fps or so, I can play rust fine with like 200 Fps on high settings everything goes good, until about 5 mins into rust, and my whole computer just instantly...
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    Looking for smartphone

    Im looking for a cheap new smartphone under 200$, any recommendations?
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    How To How to Get Chillrend in Skyrim

    Chillrend, originally found in Oblivion, can also be found here in Skyrim. If you wait until you are level 46 or higher to go get this, it is one of the strongest one handed swords in the game, but it all depends on what level you are when you first enter the area it's located in as to what...
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    How To How to Become a Werewolf in Skyrim

    If you are looking for the ability to become a hulking werewolf, feared across the lands, then look no further than Whiterun! You can start the process of becoming a werewolf fairly early in the game, and here's how. Step 1)Join the companions. If you are traveling to Whiterun, there's a good...
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    What Does MSI's GPU Warranty Cover?

    I just bought an MSI 1060 about 10 minutes ago. I know that MSI's warranty is for three years. I get that, but that's all their website really says about the warranty itself. Then they list the warranty exclusions. The website says the warranty exclusions are: 1. Product damage caused by...
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    R9 280x RMA or fixable?

    I'm at a complete loss for what's going on here--any guidance in troubleshooting is greatly appreciated. Two seemingly related video card problems. First, and less serious, is that when viewing a web page with lots of white space I get a flicker that is slight but definitely noticeable. If I...
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    How to completely start again on WIndows 10

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in the middle of the 'wonderful' process of trying to migrate and clone my Windows 10 HDD to a new SSD i bought. The cloning process seemed to be successful and I can see that the Windows files have copied over when I access the SSD through 'My Computer'. However, i...
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    Old System - Upgrade advice please

    Graphics ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 Pro with 512 MB DDR2 RAM, DirectX 10, double monitoring, PCI Express, 2x DVI/-I(with HDCP-support), HDMI and VGA via adapter, TV out Is the current card - slots available below Internal slots 1x PCIE (16x) / 1x PCIE (1x) / 2x PCI, 4x SATA, 1x PATA, 1xFDD Free...