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  1. E

    Best free email backup software

    Hi all. I know that this is the wrong subforum, but I could not find the right one. I am looking for a way of permanently archiving my emails, with the ability to keep browsing them. My email will soon no longer function and I would like to keep the emails for myself. I downloaded thunderbird...
  2. E

    Cannot Connect my HP ENVY 23 to my TV.

    Hello! So, I have a Roku flat screen TV that is compatible with HDMI's and other stuff. When I plugged the HDMI cable into my laptop, it works fine and everything. But when i plugged my HDMI from the TV to my bigger Desktop which is the HP Envy 23. Nothing happens.. My TV continue to display...
  3. P

    Internet connection drops when downloading files, but does not affect the network.

    Hello everyone! I've been having this problem for about a month now and I can't seem to find a fix for it. Whenever I download files, usually games or updates, through steam or other launchers my connection to the internet goes down, but my network stays up telling me that I have no internet...
  4. T

    audio on desktop

    Do I need to buy speaker system for my rig or is the onboard good enough? I mainly play games
  5. W

    W_PUMP does not appear in ASUS BIOS (or I can't find it...)

    I have a Kraken X61 plugged in to my Asus Z170-AR and the fans and lights work great. I can't tell if the pump is working, I have it plugged into the W_PUMP header on my mobo. I figured I would just set that header to always be 100% since the x61 regulates itself and always wants full power. The...
  6. F

    Please help! Dont know anything about these.

    This is my SPECIFICATION • AMD A8-7600 3.1 Ghz (Quad Core) • Asus A68HM-K Motherboard • Kingston 4GB DDR3 1600 RAM • Toshiba 500GB 3.5 SATA HDD • 1GB Radeon R7 Graphics • Hip 600w Power Supply • Hip Micro-ATX Casing And I want to add another gpu, ive read a lot so I think a radeon r7 250 would...
  7. S

    Windows 8.1 Setup Not Opening

    I Have Downloaded many windows 8.1 torrents but none of them setup not opening...it shows setup is starting but after that it is not coming....when i tried to install using my usb, it sayd that i have to install from current windows to upgrade windows or else i have to do custom (erases all data...
  8. I

    Could I buy 2 more 4gb sticks to make 16 gb?

    I currently have 2 4gb ram sticks of vengence blue and I wanted to know I I could buy 2 more 4gb ram sticks of the same brand instead of buying 2 8gb sticks.
  9. K

    One of GPU fans not working ?

    I was playing batman arkham knight on my gtx 750 ti , when i looked at HWID i noticed that one of the fans was running at 29% and the other one was 0% ! , does this mean that one of the fans is not working properly , or the fan is off when not needed ? "the gpu temp was around 55-60"
  10. P

    how to connect more fans that a motherboard can support

    Hello, i have the CASE CORSAIR CARBIDE SERIES 88R MICROATX MID-TOWER and motherboard MSI B150M BAZOOKA. Also, i have 1 NOCTUA NF-S12A PWM FAN 120MM , 1 CORSAIR AIR SERIES SP120 120MM PWM QUIET EDITION HIGH STATIC PRESSURE FAN , 1 stock fan that came with the case 4 pin and i have also an older...
  11. moeid97

    Any HDD,only clicking sound in my PC.

    Hi, I have a Samsung laptop HDD brand new in my PC whenever i connect it and try to install windows it makes clicking sounds and stops spinning then starts spining after a while and it keeps happening over and over though the clicking sound comes when the HDD stops spining and also PC restarts...
  12. V

    NFS mw 2005 not working properly

    Hi friends, I have a unique problem. I have Intel core 2 duo extreme. 2 GB RAM.. Game was running OK ... But on the next day when I opened it it was lagging a lot.. I restarted it many times..but was no use.I even removed all the add-on cars. But it was still lagging. Please help me.
  13. A

    Can I hook my router up to my modem wirelessly using wifi

    I just ordered a netduma r1 since I really need a new router due to lag. My modem was set up in my livingroom with super short cables in the front of the house and my gaming pc and xbox one are in my bedroom at the very back of the house and even with my console and pc hooked up to a wifi...
  14. X

    So today my r9 270x stopped working

    After about a year of use, following the occasional startup with no display. Now my computer won't start up with display anymore. I switched back to my gtx 650 ti boost and I have display now. RIP. Guess my next product will be geforce
  15. Neo Alison

    CPU HEAT PROBLEM - It Is About To FRY!! Please Read - Please Help

    Hello my dear fellow Tom's I hope everyone is well and good. Recently I had to replace most parts of my Asus G53JW Laptop but I have some problems well one problem to be exact and that is random sudden shut downs. (now I think I have pinpointed the source but do not know what exactly to do)...
  16. P

    my laptop is able to connect to a wifi but my phone cant, how do i connect to the wifi please

    i am connected to the wifi on my laptop but on my Samsung device, the same network is displayed as not in range. How do i connect my phone to the hotspot on my laptop