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  1. B

    Question Pc is limiting performance [Ryzen 5 2500U - Vega 8]

    I have a Hp Envy x360 13'' i tried playing some light games and experienced that the pc might throttle itself without being hot. i looked at the task manager while playing and the cpu goes from 20-50% but not much above that. no matter what resolution i play at. if it is at 800x600 or 1920x1080...
  2. D

    Question How to fix Bios Corruption on Envy 20

    I have a Envy 20 computer that will not boot up into window nor can I get into bios. It started with a flickering problem when I was in windows; working properly at this time. After doing some research, I found out that the bios need to be updated then the graphic cards. I updated the bios; only...
  3. R

    Oily compound secreted from keyboard

    The bottom of the keyboard secretes some sort of oily watery compound. Upon opening up the casing it looks like some kind of condensation/fumes from the pcb as the inside is full of it. What is this? Is the plastic secreting harmful chemicals?
  4. M

    AMD dual Graphics

    I have: Dell Vostro 3905 with AMD A10-7800 installed 2x4gb Kingston hyperX 1866mhz memory installed Radeon R7 250 GDDR5 1GB graphics card My question is can i use dual graphics on these specifications? I am doubtful that my mobo does not support dual graphics Please help!
  5. H

    Monitor Stand Help

    I have the Acer K242HL and i see that on the back there are 4 screw holes for a stand. i am planning on getting another one but i cant find a stand for 2 monitors. Thank You
  6. S

    Strange PC noise

    Hello guys, So recently i bought a new PC, build it myself: i7 8700 gigabyte gtx 1070 g1 msi z370 krait gaming G.SKILL 16GB Trident Z DDR4 3200MHz evga g2 750w segate barracuda 2tb samsung 960 evo 500gb cryorig h7 corsair carbide spec 02 And everything is working fine, but i keep getting...
  7. R

    Had a ton of issues with 980 ti and my PSU... Ways to downclock?

    Hey there, got downvoted to oblivions with no one willing to offer help on Reddit. I bought a EVGA SSC GTX 980ti(used) a week ago to get 1070 level of performance due to the 1070's rise in price, and the past week hasn't gone so well. First night of testing the card, while running Firemark...
  8. L

    i7 7700k with thermaltake extreme s cooler

    Hello I was wondering is 85 c good in games and it sometimes reaches 90+ when i game for a hour or 2 just test on prine95 3/22/17 it jumped up to 99c and sometimes hits 100c specs i7 7700k Themaltake exterme s 240 rad msi tomahawk z270 8gb vengence lpx gtx 1070
  9. D

    Should I upgrade CPU?

    Howdy Yall, so playing bf1 I only get 40-70 fps with my gtx 1070. I feel as if I should be getting much more than this and I believe there may be a bottleneck. My CPU is an Intel i5 6600K. My question is whether I need to reconfigure something or if I just need to upgrade the CPU. If I need to...
  10. Aedan929

    Will AMD Zen Still Support DDR3?

    Will Zen support DDR3? If so great, because Ill only upgrade my motherboard but if not then I'd be upgrading RAM and Mobo! So if it doesn't support ddr3 ill just switch to skylake cuz I am currently paying off for a new car and a snowmobile!
  11. L

    I haven't used my PC for a while. Should I worry about Changing the Thermal Paste..??

    If I haven't used my PC for a while, around weeks. Should I worry about Changing the Thermal Paste or would that be pointless?? Thanks in advanced.
  12. Horrgakx

    Spurious drive under 'Optimise Drives' - what is it?

    Hi all - Under Optimise Drives I get an odd drive listed. I have provided a screenshot of this below, along with a screenshot from Drive Manager. Can anyone help please?
  13. O

    hot cpu when gaming

    my cpu is getting very hot when i play games, but when am watching a movie is not hot, this didnt happend before i changed my Graphics Card is there anyway i can make it not so hot?
  14. R

    need help fixing BSoD atikmpag.sys

    Intel i5 4690k MSI Z97S SLI PLUS 8gb corsair vengeance Western digital caviar blue 1tb 7200 HDD Sapphire r9 280x tri-x Just this past week I've had quiet a few BSoD at random times when playing games and before this week it was fine. I recently installed another 4gb of ram so I removed it but...
  15. unlimtedgamers

    Gaming pc for 1000$

    im looking for a gaming pc for under 1000$ dollars it must have a optical drive wireless network card with a os and over 1 tb and be able to run games like gta v and cod advanced warfare and over 8 gb ram and a cool case
  16. S

    Fresh custom build getting BSOD "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL"

    This is what im getting thus far, I can't seem to target my issue. Any help? http://gyazo.com/3ffbfb7e7611d40bb05c36b17344e6cc AND http://gyazo.com/00f3356e941876ad1df707d50e51a35b Not sure what these could be.
  17. DukiNuki

    How to remove ALL preinstalled apps in windows 8.1

    Hey Guys as you know there are two ways to Remove windows 8.1 Preinstalled apps 1. PowerShell Command 2. Win8AppRemover OK , now when i try PowerShell Command it removes almost all of the apps BUT ( Photos , Camera & SkyDrive ) & when i try "Win8AppRemover" , i choose online path & then...