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  1. CrazyKaktuss

    Question Frame drops and stutters

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so i hope i'm posting this in the right place... I have buildt my first gaming pc a month ago and i'm having some issues... Every game i have downloaded from epic games store is lagging, freezing, stuttering, fps dropping.... i don't know what to do and this is an...
  2. U

    Question Why is Detroid game always crashing at the same phase ?

    Hello everyone. I've been playing Detroid Become Human, I don't meet the minimun spects so the game crashed a couple of times, but deleting the shader cache files solved it. So I kept playing it and I'm near the end, at the phase called "freedom March". And I have no idea why, the game crashed...
  3. zentenon

    Question I installed a new ssd and the pc started to fail

    Hello, I installed a new sandisk ultra 500gb 3d ssd and installed the fortnite there and the game would not be there or it would take a long time or it would freeze. delete epic games and all apps.i installed And I put them in the new ssd and now the epic games every time I turn on the computer...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] Epic Games GTA V crashing with an extremely low FPS

    Good day/night, everyone. First of all, this is my setup. AMD A10 7860k 4,6ghz Quad-Core 8gb RAM 1866MHz RX 560 4gb So, as you can see, it's a low-mid end gaming PC. Not that much of a potato. And believe it or not, that was more than enough for me to play the cracked GTA V on High-Ultra...
  5. Question Epic Games Launcher Invalid Drive / Could not find Component

    Harddrive with Epic Games installed on it died after trying to verify a game for an extremely long period of time. (Epic games is profanity). Now I no longer can install the launcher again due to the invalid drive being missing. Did the drive letter reassign workaround and now im presented with...
  6. G

    Question Internet Disconnects when i download a game from epic games

    Hello, so the problem is when im installing a 40gb game (assassin's creed syndicate) it downloads for about 2 minutes but then my internet suddenly stops working and I can't connect it again. It only works when i restart my computer. Also, when im doing anything else except for downloading games...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Decent Free Games?

    I would like to know some good free games, preferrably on steam or the epic games launcher(for windows 10)
  8. A

    [SOLVED] I can't start The Outer worlds

    I just bought the outer world off Epic games launcher last wedensday however everytime I try to start the game it goes into black screen for a second, like it is starting up the game, but immediately close down to desktop without any error messages or anything. I have not been able to open the...
  9. S

    Question Games made on Unreal Engine don't launching

    Hello everyone, I have a problem. When I try to launch my game in fullscreen (The Cycle on Epic Games) what's made on Unreal Engine 4 — always crashed. This is how it looks: View: https://imgur.com/a/qzjx3rG This is text what's in Crash Reporter: EpicAccountId:SHN3RT Assertion failed...
  10. L

    Discussion Epic Games Store Would Stop Snagging Exclusives If Steam Adopted Their Revenue Model

    Tim Sweeney, Epic Games' CEO, called out Steam for taking too large a cut from game revenues. Epic Games Store Would Stop Snagging Exclusives If Steam Adopted Their Revenue Model : Read more
  11. I

    Athlon 200 GE + ASROCK A320M-HDV Not Signal

    Hi I just build pc with these spec AMD ATHLON 200GE ASROCK A320M-HDV with BIOS P5.10 (OCT 2018 UPDATE) CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR4 LPX PC21000 2X4GB CMK8GX4M2A2666C16 GIGABYTE SSD 240 GB COUGAR GAMING 400W VTE400 Assembeld the whole system and connected it to dsub monitor, pc booted up, cpu fan...
  12. G

    PC Crashes after certain games are played

    Specs: GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz Memory : 16.00 GB RAM (15.94 GB usable) Current resolution : 1920 × 1080, 60 Hz; 1920 × 1080, 60 Hz Operating system : Microsoft Windows 10 Home PSU: Corsair 750W Recently my pc has been crashing (no BSOD, just...
  13. S

    Is there a bottleneck in my setup?

    I recently upgraded my graphics card and was expecting to be able to play games like siege and overwatch at close to 144 frames on medium graphics settings. However, the upgrade did not live up to my expectations and I'm seeing average frames in game between 80-90. My temperatures at the time...
  14. T

    1000 ping on every online game i have, but i have good internet??

    This problem happened last week when i started playing my online games, i contacted my isp and they said nothing was wrong. i have a wired connection, im using windows 10 please help!! if u need additional specs just ask.
  15. A

    Lenovo U510 Multiple Display issues

    Hi there I'm running into quite a frustrating problem, my screen broke on my Lenovo IdeaPad u510 I ordered a replacement and swapped the screens. I got the Lenovo logo to show up but after that the screen is blank, it only displayed the Lenovo logo once and after that, on startup, it is just a...
  16. S

    Can this drive be fixed?

    Taking help of diskpart. That;s all what I know. Sounds like the device is healthy. I can run any operation on it, unlike formatting it. Screenshot
  17. R

    Power supply wattz

    Intel pentium g4560,4gb ram ddr4, gigabyte h110 motherboard,gt 1030 graphic card , 1tb seagate 7200rpm hdd which power supply required for system
  18. SethS

    Windows 7 fails to install specific update (KB2670838)

    I bought several games over steam summer sale. Two of them (bioshock remastered, bioshock 2 remastered) crash upon startup. I looked into this and everyone is saying that you need this update for it to work. Unfortunately everytime I try to install this update I get this message: "install...
  19. I

    New and old cpu not working after upgrade

    So I wanted to upgrade my core 2 duo to a quad core cpu so I got a new cpu and thermal paste. I bought a intel 2 quad q 9650 and put it in with the new thermal paste but when I tried to boot it up I got nothing from my monitor and fans spinning loudly. I decided to take out the quad core and...
  20. N

    Daily Port Scans -- Multiple Routers

    I have a sonicwall set up behing a prosafe Netgear router. The prosafe has a good firewall and security settings. What I do not understand is why the Sonicwall firewall logs show multiple port scans and intrusion attempts from outside IP's daily, that target all of my vlans/subnets? How are...