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  1. N

    Question Need some help with my printer splashing ink when printing on photo paper

    i need some help, so my printer somehow splash ink at the corner end of every picture i print with glossy photo paper, i'm using epson l220 for those who wonder, i also only use generic brand glossy photo paper (does paper brand/quality/type selection affect/cause this?), this problem only occur...
  2. zmoore12

    Question Is it a Bottleneck?

    Hello, I have recently decided to build a mid range gaming PC. i am currently running a 1st Gen i7 860 (old i know), this is paired with a GTX 1060 6GB and 16GB of ram. I can run pretty much any game i throw at it at pretty good settings. as an example i can run gta v at max setting and it...
  3. S

    Question No Audio Output device is installed

    I had just changed the display on my Acer E5-575G laptop and i noticed that my fps start dropping in FIFA 19 after 30-45 in-game minutes.When i open task manager system interupts are at 100% for a second and then drop to 4-7%.So i tried looking into it and i used the windows performance recorder...
  4. H

    Question Using BitLocker on a partitioned drive

    I am expecting my new laptop in a couple of days. This has a 2Tb HDD and comes with Win 10 Pro. The first thing I would do is shrink the C: drive to 200Gb max and made a D: drive for my data. I also change location of all User Folders to be under a single folder in drive D:. That way all my data...
  5. I

    [SOLVED] Need help compatability

    Will this video card be compatible to my pc Asus m32 series AMD A6 EVGA e-GeForce 9800 GTX SSC edition video card PCI-e 2.0
  6. T

    Trouble Uninstalling Razer Synapse

    Hi guys, I own a Razer Blackwidow Chroma that is 2-3 years old and recently Razer Synapse has been playing up in that I cannot reprogram any keys or more importantly the macros. So I've resorted to the old uninstall - reinstall fallback but when I try to remove the programs via the windows...
  7. G

    Should I upgrade my CPU and MoBo?

    Hi everyone! I currently have this build: MoBo: ASUS Strix B250F Gaming CPU: Intel i5 7600K 3.8Ghz with DeepCool Gammax 300 cooler. GPU: ASUS RTX 2070 ROG STRIX Advanced Edition 8GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB I'm thinking of buying an i7 8700k (or i7 9700k) with an ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H. My...
  8. S

    Low fps ryzen 2600x

    Hi i need some help I recently upgraded my pc to Asus strix b450 gaming f Ryzen 2600x 2x8 gb 3000mhz corsair Vengeance Evga g2 550w +gold Asus 1060 3gb gaming gpu But i feel like my fps in cs go are so low. Avg around 180-200 but drops to below 150 sometimes. I have tried 1080p with both...
  9. L

    Sonic Radar Removal

    I just installed a new rig with a Asus B360-H and there is this wierd overlay and I have heard that it is Sonic Radar. Yet, I do not have sonic radar on my computer and I want to uninstall it
  10. S

    [SOLVED] GTX 1080 only running at 50% in Overwatch causing insane stuttering

    So my 1080 just came in and i was looking forward to using it. turns out that overwatch is a steaming sack of shit and only wants to use 50% of my card so I get massive framedrops and stuttering at 1080p. Game is unplayable and it seems that reinstalling my drivers made it worse. I've done...
  11. LeadGaming212

    Where can i buy a capacitor for ASUS M5A97 motherboard

    On top of the capacitor it says 5ks14 560 4v I've tried searching the internet so i can buy one to try replace it but I can seem to find a capacitor the same or similar so I was either wondering if i could put some other capacitor on or try see if anyone knows where to buy the same capcitor...
  12. M

    Hello, I have a problem with my Acer Aspire v5-132p when I turn it on it says "operating system not found" and when I press F2

    When I press F2 it requires a password that I don't remember and now it shows me a unlock key hint number that doesn't correspond with the password. What should I do for my laptop to be working again?
  13. M

    Kaspersky spams notifications

    I don't know if I enabled some setting in Kaspersky or something but whenever I open some applications I get these sort of notifications: It spams these three notifications 10-20 times. I already...
  14. O

    Graphics card and the pcie watt limitation

    Hello I am so confused I need some guidance on this I have a optiplex 790 Mt model from dell. Specs for this prebuilt Core i3 2100 8gb ram ddr3 I want to put in a gtx 750 for a graphics card and some what of a 400 w psu I have heard that on dell mobo they have 35 watt power limit on the pcie...
  15. A

    GHz performance Difference

    I’m wondering what the difference in performance would be between an Intel 2.26 ghz core duo and an Intel 2.8 ghz core duo processor.
  16. A

    External HDD with Portable Windows on it for Gaming ?

    Hello Everyone. . I've just built a PC for my video editing work that is capable of gaming very well. and i have windows 10 installed on it, and i don't want to install games on my host OS as that will slow down my editing performance. . and i have a extra external drive. so i want my external...
  17. S

    need to reach almost a half mile, partially through trees!

    I am trying to work out a wireless solution for my son, who lives in a cabin in the woods. His cabin sits 0.4 miles from his office (ranger station). There is no perfect line of sight, trees are in the way for some of that distance. What would it take to get a 10mbps or better wifi signal to him?
  18. T

    Troubleshooting help possibly psu or mobo

    So today was my birthday and I decided to buy a ryzen 5 1600 as an upgrade from a 1200. I installed it overclocked it a bit, ran cinebench 2 times then played a match of pubg however I froze right after so I started to slowly increase voltages however now my pc is having many issues. Sometimes...
  19. A

    I want call and SMS detail

    We have lost my sim and used by someone
  20. T

    Accidentally hit clear CMOS button with pc on. Pc won’t boot now

    So pretty much as the title say. Was putting together a build after finally fixing my long broken pc...many rma parts trying to figure out what was wrong... and it works! But than my finger slips and I accidentally hit the clear CMOS button on the back and it won’t boot past like 2 seconds...