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  1. C

    [SOLVED] Epson GT12000 scanner

    Hi, I'm looking for old software for a A3 Epson GT12000 scanner ( really great scanner ) for MacOs. The software is used as tool into photoshop ( older version which I have and also older MacOs G4 computer which still works like a charm ) If anybody by any chance has this software or knows where...
  2. defaultspector

    Question how do i send error recovery command to epson receipt printer?

    I am an employee at a company in the POS department and we use Epson TM-H6000IV receipt printers on our POS machines. We frequently get slip light errors and I do not know how to fix it, we generally have the store clear out paper jams and such, but there are times that it does not work. The...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] L6190 Backup and Restore Presets

    I have an L6190 printer connected to my network. Multiple PC use the printer. After format I have to configure all my presets from scratch. Is any way to backup them and restore them. ? OS = Windows 10 [added by moderator]
  4. R

    [SOLVED] Epson Scanner not working on Windows 10 (64)

    hello, without any clear reason, the software of my scanner Epson Perfection V600 Photo is not running anymore on my machine: The program starts: And then it freeze on the application bar: The Scan is correctly recognised by windows and works...
  5. I

    [SOLVED] Epson L3150 and L4150 Inks

    Hello! I have an Epson L3150 and L4150. The L3150 uses Epson 003 ink while the L4150 uses 001 ink. I'm having a hard time finding 003 Black. So, I was wondering if I could use the 001 Ink that is meant for the L4150 in the L3150. Would it damage my printer? They are both relatively new so...
  6. P

    Question Ecotank ET-2710 Ink

    Hi, I have bought a new printer and after installing it, pages come out with a slight mark in the top right. It looks like a liquid and is grey in color. I also noticed that the color quality is quite bad but the black if fine. Is there something wrong the way I've installed it? I got quite...

    [SOLVED] How to turn a wired USB printer wireless?

    Years ago someone gave me an Epson SX200 free, I've been using it for years and it still works great, it only costs £17 for 120 ink cartridges! I would like to know how print servers work? TP link sell one (wps510u) It turns a wired printer in to a wireless printer. would this work for me? if...
  8. N

    Question Need some help with my printer splashing ink when printing on photo paper

    i need some help, so my printer somehow splash ink at the corner end of every picture i print with glossy photo paper, i'm using epson l220 for those who wonder, i also only use generic brand glossy photo paper (does paper brand/quality/type selection affect/cause this?), this problem only occur...
  9. zmoore12

    Question Is it a Bottleneck?

    Hello, I have recently decided to build a mid range gaming PC. i am currently running a 1st Gen i7 860 (old i know), this is paired with a GTX 1060 6GB and 16GB of ram. I can run pretty much any game i throw at it at pretty good settings. as an example i can run gta v at max setting and it...
  10. S

    Question No Audio Output device is installed

    I had just changed the display on my Acer E5-575G laptop and i noticed that my fps start dropping in FIFA 19 after 30-45 in-game minutes.When i open task manager system interupts are at 100% for a second and then drop to 4-7%.So i tried looking into it and i used the windows performance recorder...
  11. H

    Question Using BitLocker on a partitioned drive

    I am expecting my new laptop in a couple of days. This has a 2Tb HDD and comes with Win 10 Pro. The first thing I would do is shrink the C: drive to 200Gb max and made a D: drive for my data. I also change location of all User Folders to be under a single folder in drive D:. That way all my data...
  12. I

    [SOLVED] Need help compatability

    Will this video card be compatible to my pc Asus m32 series AMD A6 EVGA e-GeForce 9800 GTX SSC edition video card PCI-e 2.0
  13. T

    Trouble Uninstalling Razer Synapse

    Hi guys, I own a Razer Blackwidow Chroma that is 2-3 years old and recently Razer Synapse has been playing up in that I cannot reprogram any keys or more importantly the macros. So I've resorted to the old uninstall - reinstall fallback but when I try to remove the programs via the windows...
  14. G

    Should I upgrade my CPU and MoBo?

    Hi everyone! I currently have this build: MoBo: ASUS Strix B250F Gaming CPU: Intel i5 7600K 3.8Ghz with DeepCool Gammax 300 cooler. GPU: ASUS RTX 2070 ROG STRIX Advanced Edition 8GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB I'm thinking of buying an i7 8700k (or i7 9700k) with an ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H. My...
  15. S

    Low fps ryzen 2600x

    Hi i need some help I recently upgraded my pc to Asus strix b450 gaming f Ryzen 2600x 2x8 gb 3000mhz corsair Vengeance Evga g2 550w +gold Asus 1060 3gb gaming gpu But i feel like my fps in cs go are so low. Avg around 180-200 but drops to below 150 sometimes. I have tried 1080p with both...
  16. L

    Sonic Radar Removal

    I just installed a new rig with a Asus B360-H and there is this wierd overlay and I have heard that it is Sonic Radar. Yet, I do not have sonic radar on my computer and I want to uninstall it
  17. S

    [SOLVED] GTX 1080 only running at 50% in Overwatch causing insane stuttering

    So my 1080 just came in and i was looking forward to using it. turns out that overwatch is a steaming sack of shit and only wants to use 50% of my card so I get massive framedrops and stuttering at 1080p. Game is unplayable and it seems that reinstalling my drivers made it worse. I've done...
  18. LeadGaming212

    Where can i buy a capacitor for ASUS M5A97 motherboard

    On top of the capacitor it says 5ks14 560 4v I've tried searching the internet so i can buy one to try replace it but I can seem to find a capacitor the same or similar so I was either wondering if i could put some other capacitor on or try see if anyone knows where to buy the same capcitor...
  19. M

    Hello, I have a problem with my Acer Aspire v5-132p when I turn it on it says "operating system not found" and when I press F2

    When I press F2 it requires a password that I don't remember and now it shows me a unlock key hint number that doesn't correspond with the password. What should I do for my laptop to be working again?
  20. M

    Kaspersky spams notifications

    I don't know if I enabled some setting in Kaspersky or something but whenever I open some applications I get these sort of notifications: It spams these three notifications 10-20 times. I already...