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  1. Sn3

    Question Code 43 on gtx 1050

    I have been hit with a code 43 on my GTX 1050 on my laptop. I tried new drivers, old drivers, reinstalling windows, using other sticks of RAM. Nothing worked. This has been going on for a week, at first it kept giving me bsods. After reinstalling windows it booted up but everytime I would...
  2. B

    Question Is my GPU dead?

    A few days ago my computer randomly froze and I had to turn it off. When I turned it back on it was stuck at 800x600 resolution, lagging, and I couldn't start any game without major issues/lag. My computer was unable to detect my monitor, and in device manager it showed a Code 43 error under my...
  3. Lewbie

    Question How to check GPU is dead vs MOBO/PSU issue?

    Hey guys, it's my first time posting here. Kind of a despiration post really. So my computer has been having a few issues recently, stuttering on WoW and videos starting to stutter a little bit + windows goes black a few times and the graphics of windows go super basic, I figured ok the game...
  4. Robert1234567

    [SOLVED] can i fix my keyboard?

    I just bought the Philips G400 SPK8401B mechanical keyboard from california on ebay. But the problem is when i plugged it into my windows 10 rog asus g572vl gaming notebook it doesnt show up in device manager manager as a keyboard but as an unknown usb device. (code 43) So i tried to update...
  5. jsl289

    Question Is my card dead?

    One day about a couple weeks ago, I was playing a game and then all of a sudden a yellow checker pattern appeared on my screen for about 3 seconds and then my computer crashed. I go to restart my computer and when it booted back up it told me there was something wrong with one of my devices...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] Nvidia Drivers not installing correctly, windows 7

    So, I recently got a new Nvidia Generic GTX 1050 Ti (No PSU Connector) I broke windows and had to reinstall during the installation of the GPU. I downloaded the Nvidia Display driver 441.66 on windows 7, boot is fine, I can see the screen with the card installed and the VGA cable plugged into...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] How to use nvflash to flash a GIGABYTE 2070 super

    the reason for doing this is that my 2070 super is having issues with working. i build my pc two days ago and has never seemed to have been working. when searched in device manager has the message. Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43). i have tested...
  8. adnansu

    Question AMD Radeon R7 M260 / R5 Graphics - CODE 43 EROR

    Hi to everyone, For 2 months I'm having problem with my graphic card(both integrated and external) on my HP P101nm laptop. I've tried to install about 20 different drivers for this graphic cards but it doesn't work. In device manager i get this error "Windows has stopped this device because...
  9. S

    Question code 43

    I have built a pc with the following specs: i7-8700k 16 gb gskill ripjaw ram MSI mpg z390 gaming carbon pro AC Originally had GeForce gtx 980 currently has GeForce gtx 1660 originally tried windows 10 pro 1903 currently running windows 10 home 1903 Originally I had the 980 in with 10 pro...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Radeon VII driver issues / error

    I am using a Radeon VII for compute alongside a 980ti which I am using for display. I have connected the R7 to a 1x riser however it is having error code 43 in device manager. The card was working fine in another computer and there were no errors I have tried using the latest drivers (19.6.2)...
  11. A

    Best budget SSD (240GB)

    What SSD has the best reliability and performance for the price currently. Prices preferably from Amazon.
  12. R

    is the difference between i3 4160 and i5 4460 significant?

    i want to build a nice gaming PC and i want to cut the price down will it be a major change between the 4160 and 4460? I inted to mostly for entertainment and for school. the other parts if you want to know will be: -GPU: Evga GTX750 Ti 2GB -HHD: Western DIgital Caviar blue 500GB -MoBo: Asus...