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  1. L

    Question FUJITSU Esprimo P400 Sata restriction?

    Hi, I have a Fujitsu Esprimo P400 mini tower, but the four Sata sockets won't allow four decides, only three. It's a mixture of behavior... The forth device would not be recognized or the forth device would be recognized, but an existing Sata device would be made unavailable. I'm wondering...
  2. S

    Question D3222-A12 : How to unlock supervisor mode?

    Hello, how do I unlock the supervisor mode for my mainboard? When I press F12 I can enter the BIOS only in "user mode". Fujitsu Esprimo E920 with D3222-A12 mainboard. Best regards, Steven
  3. N

    [SOLVED] MSI B350 Tomahawk-No Post

    So I've had my pc for a year now, but one morning my pc decided to not post, Idk why, I've tried every single thing humanly possible, it's not the gpu as I have two and neither work, it's not the psu, it's not the ram, and I don't think its the cpu as the led don't come on, and I reinstalled it...
  4. apiltch

    GPU Prices Plunge: GTX 1080 Ti Now $526

    With Nvidia announcing its new Turing cards, prices on the old Pascal-powered GPUs are falling rapidly. Here are some of the cheapest right now. GPU Prices Plunge: GTX 1080 Ti Now $526 : Read more
  5. S

    HELP! ACER ASpire E15 keeps disconnecting from wifi

    My laptop keeps disconnecting to the from wifi and it is driving me bonkers! It disconnects several times daily. Even if it is on connect to wifi automatically, I have to manually connect every time it happens, sometimes it works, but other times it can't find the network, and i have to...
  6. E

    Can't find HDD in laptop, but can find it in desktop

    I have a 500GB Seagate HDD I got from a buddy. I'm trying to put Windows 7 on it so I can give it to a friend for his laptop. I can't install Windows 7 from USB on the HDD in my main pc because my MBoard only has USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports, and Windows 7 doesn't like those. Tried to do it from my...
  7. P

    Can i instal geforce gt710 on my msi motherboard

    Can i instal gygabyte nvidia geforce gt710 ddr5 2gb on this babe
  8. S

    Budget Keyboard With Blue Switches

    My roommate has a really nice cherry mx keyboard and I love the way it types and sounds with each press of a key. The only problem is that he spent upwards of $150 and that is not in my budget. I know that some companies are making knock off blue switches but I am struggling to find one that...
  9. D

    Can i run bf1?

    How good can my pc run Battlefield 1? AMD A10 7850k RX470 8GB 1600 MHz TEAM A68HM Grensde 500 GB HDD at 7200rpm And if my pc cant run it what would be a good upgrade for around 300eur?
  10. G

    Mohu's Cord-Cutting Antenna Now Just $14.99

    This Editors' Choice indoor antenna is now on sale for 40 percent off. Mohu's Cord-Cutting Antenna Now Just $14.99 : Read more
  11. P

    Compatibility: What's fastest memory my computer can run?

    I've been having trouble with memory lately and I'd like to upgrade my RAM from the pre-installed 8 GB 1600 MHz card. Realistically, I want 16 GB and as high speed as my computer can manage. This is basically what I'm running now...
  12. M

    Will my i3 6100 hold me back?

    Just wondering if my i3-6100 will hold me back in 1080p gaming?
  13. I

    was wondering if my oc is okay .

    alienware area 51 r2 Manufacturer: Alienware area 51 Case: Area 51 R2 Power Supply: Alienware 850 Watt Multi-GPU OS: Windows 8.1 Home Motherboard: ATX Motherboard CPU: Intel® Core i7-5820K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.8GH Memory: 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200M Hard Drive: 128GB SSD 6Gb/s Main + 2TB...
  14. M

    4k DVD player advice?

    So I recently purchased the ASUS PB827Q, but as my computer is currently broken I can't experience the true greatness of 4K so I'm going to purchase a 4K DVD player and cd got my eye on this...
  15. Icemansun

    Do I Need a Surge Protector or UPS for a Corsair HX850 Power Supply?

    Hi, I recently moved to the United States, and there's a blizzard that's about to arrive today and there are expected power outages. I was wondering if I need a UPS or surge protector to protect my computer from harm. I have a Corsair HX850 Power Supply TL;DR: I have a Corsair HX850, if there's...
  16. C

    Upgarde pc hardware

    Im trying building my second pc because first upgrading was soo dissappointed.My RIG for now is core2 Duo E7500 2.9GHZ,3GB,WD 160GB and GT 210.What should i change?CPU or graphics card?My PSU 660w
  17. P

    I got less points from Heaven Benchmark?

    Almost year ago i remember running the Heaven Benchmark 4.0 and got about 1500 points with my GTX 970 Herculez X2 4GB and I5 3570K all stock settings. Now i made the test today with same settings and got about 1200 points. I have all the newest drivers. After this i have changed the...
  18. J

    Toshiba Satellite l505 with ssd, will adding 1gb of ram to the exisiti?ng 3gb make a difference

    Toshiba Satellite l505 with ssd, will adding 1gb of ram to the exisiti?ng 3gb make a difference
  19. C

    Cheap quality custom PSU cables for EVGA G2?

    All I really know of is Cablemods...
  20. M

    2200 Canadian Dollars Working/gaming full build revision!

    Dear all, I am moving to Canada and wanted to get a new build for my ANSYS runs during my masters program. (Original post : There is one concern I am having since I never paid taxes in my life...
  21. A

    Which Monitor is Best for Gaming?

    Hi all! I am currently looking for a new monitor to replace my curent one as it is looking fuzzy etc. I have a budget of about $200 to $350 AUD. Here are the ones I am looking at. I am a gamer playing games such as War Thunder, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Civ 5, Space Engineers, Project Cars. I am...
  22. G

    Qualcomm's 14nm "Taipan" Core: What We Can Expect From The Krait Successor

    Qualcomm's roadmap for 2015 is leaked and shows a surprise new custom core as Krait's successor. Qualcomm's 14nm "Taipan" Core: What We Can Expect From The Krait Successor : Read more
  23. S

    Want to know is this PSU works fine

    My budget is Rs1000 so i searched online and got this PSU (Zebronic ZEB-450W Gold Series 450 Watts PSU) so,is it a good buy or not. My motherboard is intel DG31PR. Nvidia GT 630 2gb ddr3 graphics card intel core 2 duo E7300 2.6Ghz and 2gb ddr2 ram
  24. G

    Can't delete empty folder in external drive

    I have a WD external drive that I've had for a few months. Today I was organizing my files, and I ran into this problem. I was deleting folders after I had copied files over, and had deleted three folders fine with no problem. Then when I tried to open the folder I made called "Music", I got a...
  25. B

    What Should I Know?

    I've recently decided on getting this combo; Newegg Combo It is to replace my Radeon HD 7770, AMD FX 6100, and GA-78LMT-S2 Motherboard. I have a 500W LEPA N Series N500-SA Power supply. Is there anything I need to know for installing or upgrading? Like do I need a new PSU or RAM (I currently...
  26. TheMagicalWallaby

    Corsair HX750w PSU crackling (and more), should I send it to Corsair right away?

    My HX 750W (about 6 monthes old), started to make a crackling sound when running Valley Benchmark. I have had strange issue in the past with this, such as the fan ramping up for no reason, my entire case vibrating and being noisy because of the vibrations, and what sounds like a musical...
  27. M

    Unsure which Bitfenix Prodigy to get

    I'm starting a new build and have everything picked out save the specific mobo and specific prodigy case. I'll be putting a 4670k and (hopefully) an EVGA 780. However, I'm not sure which bitfenix prodigy case to get. There are many variants such as the itx and matx version as well as side panel...
  28. B

    new hard drive failing to format

    i just bought a new harddrive WD Blue 1tb, i am trying to use it as a data drive in windows 7. i am in disk management i can see the drive it reads disk 1 931.51GB Unallocated. i right click and select new simple volume go through the menus under status it reads formatting after about 3 minutes...
  29. D

    Low Performance on GTX 670

    So Im just going to start this off by saying, this has been going on for a while now, but havent taken real notice it, due to the fact that the only game I played was League of Legends (which at the time, could run on alot of machines no problem). However lately, I have been getting odd fps...
  30. G

    What is this..?

    New build here, not very experienced. I was wondering what this little square piece of metal is sticking out over the socket, never seen this before:
  31. 808rob

    Skype Upstream Usage

    I am curious about Skype's upstream usage. RoadRunner consistently gives me speeds of 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up. However when my sister fires up Skype for a video chat the network upstream drops to 0.5Mbps. Is Skype really eating half the bandwidth? It has only been an issue lately since whenever...
  32. G

    Unable view Internet om my Wireless Laptop

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.newusers (More info?) I'm using a Dell Desktop and a IBM Thinkpad Laptop. I'm using Windows XP Professional on both. I am on a Network and have a Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router 2.4 GHz. Since yesterday, I have been able to view the...
  33. G

    SIS 7012 Audio driver

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?) I have a SIS 735 motherboard with on board audio card. I have recently upgraded to windows XP and downloaded the approriate audio driver SIS 7012. When I install it it gives me an error that the `Multimedia Audio...
  34. C

    No 7.1 only 5.1?

    Hey, First off if this is the wrong section then I apologize. I am using this card . I have a mini hdmi to regular hdmi cable that I am using to connect from the video card to my receiver. I am also using windows 7 64 bit. I...
  35. G

    Does msn 6.2 + XPSP2 with router require upnp to work corr..

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.messenger (More info?) Hi, Please see subject.....
  36. G


    Archived from groups: (More info?) In shadows of undrentide, Kobold Caverns, how do you open the final door at the back?? I noticed the rock with the keyhole in it outside, but cannot find a key anywhere for that either.. By the way it is HELL playing as a...
  37. T

    8800 GT OC vs 8800 GTS OC

    I just wanna know which is the better card. Specifically, between these two:
  38. J

    Event viewer warning

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.security_admin (More info?) Checking my even viewer I find under system the following item: Your computer has automatically configured the IP address for the Network Card with network address 000F664B0A52. The IP address being used is...
  39. T

    Can't connect to network - Tried everything I have read

    For some reason, I cannot connect to my new build, yet everything else in the house connects. I thought maybe too many things were connected, so I unplugged everything and it is failing to work still. I am using the built in WiFi from my MOBO, and my antenna is detecting an excellent...
  40. enkidoe

    New mainboard for i7 920

    guys, i want to replace my mainboard. want to start using sata3> Am using an asus p6t deluxe now(dont like it). Anyone? Got ddr ram, 16 gb. Also need a decent onboard raid.