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  1. M

    Question gtx 1070 mining problem

    My 1070 mines ETH just fine. Even OC-ed. I do regular cleaning (dusty) and change thermal paste every 6 month. But i have strange problem. If i try to mine anything other than eth my pc crashes. (reboot's) ETH is 00-24 stable. I tried under clocking it,power limit on 50% etc but pc crashes. Its...
  2. Siru15

    [SOLVED] 3080 FE is 50C° when idle and it always uses 1.5 GB of dedicated VRAM after ETH mining ?

    Hi, edit: Apparently miners are not that popular on these forums, so I point it out: IM NOT A MINER, I just wanted to try it with my gaming rig Last Tuesday I started to mine ETH with my 3080FE using t-rex on ethermine. Yesterday I stopped it again and turned off the PC during the night. Today...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] 5700 xt vram temps while mining eth

    Hello. I decided to start using my GPU for mining usually overnight when i'm not using my pc. I have a gigabyte 5700 xt 8gb and my radeon profile for mining is: core/voltage auto(since eth mainly uses memory the card overall is very cool at 45-50 C. Memory @1850 Fans 80%(3500rpm) Power limit...
  4. A

    Question myetherwallet to real money

    Hi I have completely no idea about mining. I have a RX580 I used it to mine Ethereum using Claymore's Dual miner on nanopool now it says I have 0.05 ETH in mytherwallet so how do I convert the ETH into INR or USD or any other real money and send it to my bank account? Please guide me step my...