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  1. B

    Question Internet Speeds are low

    I just upgraded my setup from a Ryzen 5 2600x to an i7-10700k and with that a new motherboard. I Had the b450 and now have the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Wifi. The only thing that has changed is the motherboard however my internet speeds went from 800+ to 50-70. While that is still not slow I cannot...
  2. Trap404

    Question Missing Ethernet Driver in device manager

    Hello, After the latest windows update my ethernet internet has stopped working. It does not appear in the device manager nor does it has blink indicators when I plug in the cable. It does work on my laptop but not on my desktop pc. Here is what I have tried after following other threads...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Networking windows 10 laptop and windows 10 desktop

    I have a Windows 10 desktop hard wired into an Ethernet switch and a Windows 10 laptop using wireless to connect in my house. The desktop has AVG on it. What is the safest way so both computers can 'see' each other? I do have a one-way visibility set up, but I modified a firewall, but I don't...
  4. donatellanmdi

    Question No ethernet on W10 after dual-boting with LM

    I dual-booted Linux Mint and W10 (I was originally on W10) and after dual booting, I have no ethernet connection on W10. I tried reinstalling drivers, but it didn't work at all. Any idea how to solve this?
  5. H

    Question Work Computer wont register ethernet switch when other PC's do?

    Hey guys, I'm fortunate enough to be able to work from home now, and just set up my desktop at home beside my gaming pc. I ran into a problem, ethernet is ran and plugged in, I verified the cable works fine but I can get internet on my work pc. It keeps giving me the error of "Ethernet doesn't...
  6. C

    Question Ethernet doesn't have valid IP config

    My friend's sister turned their internet off without his knowledge/approval. He got it back on and working but his PC's Ethernet doesn't work anymore. We have tried the basic fixes you see along google such as reinstalling the driver, clearing out caches, and changing the ipv4 IP manually. Also...
  7. S

    Question Hub not distributing enough GBs ??

    Hi guys, So we are with BT fibre 250, the normal speed for this should be 300 MBps download and 50 Mbps upload. The minimum guarantee is 150 mbps but everyone in the house is experiencing drops. Currently I am connect through ethernet straight to hub. I have a good ethernet cable so this is...
  8. Elixs

    [SOLVED] Low upload speed

    I've been having way too slow upload speeds on my computer. I have 100Mb download speed and 10Mb upload speed, but my computer just has 2Mb upload speed, with sometimes not even reaching 1Mb. My computer is connected through an Ethernet cable. Last week my cousin was with me, he is a Network...
  9. J

    Question Random ping spikes on ethernet connection at dorm

    I am living in a dorm at my university, and whenever I try to play any games, every 5 minutes or so, I will time out and it will kick me from the game. At the same time, my discord ping will shoot up to 5000, but if i leave the channel rejoin, it fixes itself before repeating again. I'm hooked...
  10. T

    Question DSL to Ethernet Options

    Hi. I'm about to move to a new apartment that has a TAE connection. Before I recieved a DSL modem from my ISP which I then used as a bridge to my ASUS AC1900 for Ai Mesh. I won't be able to take the DSL modem with me and I don't really want to order a new one, is there an easier way to skip this...
  11. Y

    [SOLVED] Ethernet ports dead after power surge

    So, I live in Central Florida. Around this time of year we have severe thunder storms between noon and 5 pretty much every day as the east and west sea-breezes clash in the center of the state. I have a windows 10 desktop PC that I'm using to remote into work, and an XBox One X for...
  12. AbdulMuqeet66

    [SOLVED] Internet Randomly Disconnects

    HI! I am having two laptops ACER ASPIRE 5733z (Windows 7 32 bit home premium)and HP Probook 430 g2 ( windows 10 64 bit pro) and two ethernet cable (6 metre and 50 metre) When connected with 6m wire both of the laptops perform very fine but in case of 50 m wire the acer one works extremely well...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] No available networks.

    A couple days ago i was reinstalling a game on my PC overnight and woke up too look the update barely started it only got about 8GB out of 200 and i seen my computer that is connected to Ethernet had no internet but the wifi is working fine restarted my pc hosted a ttt serer with friends and it...
  14. haidynjon

    Question Xbox and pc get different speeds.

    Right so I get 200mbps WiFi on my phone. I use an inline adapter and from that I connect my Xbox and pc. I get about 50-70 on my pc but 130+ on my Xbox. Why is my wired connection not 200 and why does my pc degrade is so much. Is there problem with my b350 gigabyte gaming 3 motherboard or my...
  15. McDonaldzSprite

    [SOLVED] WiFi faster then Ethernet?

    Hello friends I have question, it is concerning my WiFi speeds on my desktop. So I have pretty decent gaming computer build 3900x gtx2070 super. I have gigabit internet but when I hook up with an Ethernet cable the best I get is 270mbps. I’ve even went out and got a cat 8 Ethernet and a 2.5 gig...
  16. Cubeeee

    [SOLVED] Ethernet connection problems - Please help!

    Hi everyone. I recently decided to get my new PC hooked up to ethernet. I plugged it into the port and it worked at first, but after I changed some settings, it refused to show up. It would not show Ethernet in the connectiond tab. For those of you wondering, this is the guide I followed for...
  17. R

    Question Ethernet Driver un-installable and stuck in 'Deep Sleep'

    I am running latest Windows 10 on an Asus P8P67 LE motherboard which has a Realtek 8111e Network Controller. It started after I turned my computer on one morning, having apparently gone to sleep/shut off the night before on its own. I held the power button so if it was asleep it did not get a...
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Ethernet cable

    I just built a new pc but when I tried to plug in the ethernet cable it didnt fit? I'm using the b450 tomahawk max, I think my ethernet cable is too big, what ethernet cable should I get?
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Changed RAM now don't have any internet!

    Hey guys, so i changed my RAM and now my network won't connect via Ethernet or WI-FI. Back story i changed my RAM and when i did it the first time, on of the sticks wasn't properly seated so it gave me a BSOD. Fixed the issue and the PC runs fine but i dont have any internet access. I have...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] HELP! Mobo or ISP?

    Basically, noticed after having huge ping spikes for a minute or two every other minute. So I checked my LAN ethernet port onboard my motherboard and noticed the an orange LED signifying a slow connection. So I tried two other ethernet cables and had the same problem. Then, thinking the onboard...