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  1. L

    Question Help Needed to Connect to Remote PC via Network.

    Hi, I have a W10 PC running in the garage connected via ethernet as a backing up machine (BUPC) with RAID configured drive space, I run Iperius back up software on the main family machine and it has been working well doing weekly incremental backups of all our accounts. Recently I have received...
  2. Moth254KF

    Question My ethernet cable keep desconecting

    I just replaced my ethernet cable a few days ago, but now often suddenly my ethernet conection just goes away. The cable is in perfect conditions, Maybe is the modem? or I damaged the lan port from my mobo?
  3. G

    Question New wifi extender worked for about a day. Ethernet delivers same slow speeds.

    Hi, i'm brand new to the forums, and my knowledge on computers is somewhat limited, but have been digging around for solutions for my problem on here for a while now. Unfortunately, nothing seems to work. About 3 weeks ago, I did a few internet tests on a few of the pcs in my house. All of...
  4. omninano

    [SOLVED] Will this product allow me to convert coax data to an ethernet signal?

    Hey everyone! I'm a networking noob, so I'm just running this by some people who have more experience before I take the dive and spend some money. The scenario In my room, I have some coax outlets in the wall, but no ethernet outlets. Currently I'm running a huge ethernet cord through multiple...
  5. Y

    Question Router working, Ethernet wall jack does not

    Hello all, I just moved back into my parent's house and I play a lot of videogames for context. When I was setting up my pc here I plugged my ethernet cord into the wall jack in my room as well as my desktop and noticed that it didn't work (says ethernet cable unplugged and when I try to find...
  6. Giuachino

    Question Irregular availability of ethernet.

    My laptop has a problem were it won't recognize that my ethernet cable is inserted. This happens irregular. One day it works fine, the next only wifi is available for use. Is there any driver that I need to install to fix this? Or do you have another possible solution? My current Networkadapters...
  7. B

    Question Help needed with some basic home networking (photos inc.)

    Hello and thanks for visiting, I live in a one bed apartment, we have an Ethernet 'master socket' in the living room. This is where our wireless router is plugged in. There is another 'Ethernet port + phone line' socket in our bedroom. I'd like to use the Ethernet socket in the bedroom to...
  8. JoeyMan12345

    [SOLVED] Random packet loss spikes while playing games on my WiFi

    Hello everyone! Ever since about 4 months ago, I had started to experience connection issues (Predominantly while playing games, which makes up most of what I do on my computer) and those connection issues seemed to be packet loss related. First, I had thought it may be a problem with my older...
  9. H

    Question Wi fi disconnects and can not reconnect.

    Hello, I have a hp laptop and a Wi-Fi problem. When i first start the laptop it connects to internet and runs for like 5 minutes then disconnects and never connects again. If i restart my computer it is the same- 5 minutes of internet and then no connection. Things that i have tried -i...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Unstable Connectio

    Hi (I don't have a lot of knowledge about the topic, so I am sorry if i say something wrong or use wrong terms.) I am renting a basement appartment, and I am having some internet issues. A cat cable runs from their router, down to an internet panel box in my hallway, where the cable is then...
  11. B

    Question I am having problems with extremely slow ethernet speeds

    I currently can only get 6 mbs in my area, but just recently my pc will only receive .5 mbs over ethernet. I know it is not my cable or my router because I plugged it into my laptop and got full speeds. I have updated all of drivers, unintalled them, tried switching ethernet ports, and used the...
  12. F

    Question Ethernet problems

    Hello! I am having some trouble with my ethernet. If I switch to wifi, everything works fine, but if I use ethernet, i open google chrome and it says "your connection is not private". I am on windows 10 and dont know too much about all of this stuff. Ive tried flushing my dns, restarting my pc...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] No Internet, Secured Error

    Hi everyone, My internet was working fine and the next time I switched on my PC I was unable to connect to the internet with the error message "No internet secured" appearing. I don't recall there being any updates upon shutdown that could have caused this but when you Google it, it comes up...
  14. extreme_noob

    [SOLVED] Ethernet category upgrade?

    Right now I have a cat5e cable along with a factory modem and router, and my internet speeds are around 180mbit/s down and 10mbit/s upload. Would geting a cat6 or even cat7 cable improve these speeds? Would the factory modem/router be the limiting factor here? Or is it just the isp (COX, in...
  15. Eigurt

    Question Ethernet Cable Not Plugged In

    Hello, I've recently moved to a new apartment. When I try to plug my newly bought cat6 into my computer it won't register. On startup the ethernet port is blinking orange 8n the motherboard. But as soon as my windows boots up the lights go out and windows is telling me there is no cable...
  16. C

    Question Dedicated Second Cable Line & Phone Line?

    (Prefix info): I have a Condo built in 1999, with 6 twisted pair communication wire connecting all the phone line ports. I upgraded all the phone ports to Ethernet keystones and installed a patch panel at the central wiring point in the wall. I have 5 data cable lines (all 6 twisted pair), each...
  17. L

    Question Is a cat5 outlet needed for an Ethernet connection?

    Do I need to have a cat5 outlet on my wall to be able to hook up an Ethernet connection to my computer? Or can I just get an Ethernet cord, plug it into my router, and then plug it into my computer? Is there an alternative that I can do so I won’t have to have an Ethernet connection? What would...
  18. M

    Question Asus Z170 Pro Gaming; Lan Ethernet Speed issue.

    I have Mainboard Asus Z170 Pro Gaming installed in my PC. The problem is my internet provider gave me 200mb for download and when I check my speed it only received 97mb. When I check ethernet status property, it said the speed is only 100 mbps. Intel® Ethernet Connection I219-V Is there...
  19. B

    PC freezing while gaming

    I get a white or black screen when I play a game.