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    Question Wiring multiple rooms for Ethernet

    Hi, I have recently moved in to a new house (Ireland, so internet wiring and delivery may differ ) I have internet supplied to the house via a standard phone line which is in turn connected to a modem/router. Each room in the house is wired with cat6 cable and terminate in an office, this is...
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    Question Can you hook up a WiFi range extender (with a built-in Ethernet port) to some kind of WiFi directional antenna?

    Hi everyone. Can you hook up a WiFi range extender (one that comes with a built-in Ethernet port) to some model of WiFi directional antenna via an Ethernet cable in order to get better WiFi? I recently got a WiFi extender (NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender AC750 Dual Band) that comes with an...
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    Question Can you hook up a cantenna to a WiFi range extender?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering, can you hook up a cantenna to a WiFi range extender? The benefit of doing this would be to get a significantly stronger WiFi signal by using a cantenna while at the same time not being required to have a computer (e.g. a laptop) connected to the cantenna via a...
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    Question Ethernet keeps disconnecting only when playing games (after countless tries to fix it)

    Hello, I know there must be countless threads with the same title out on the internet but I ask you nicely to take a look at mine too, because I have tried so many things already(and read so many similar threads) that I don't know where the problem could lay. My internet connection...
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    does airport security x-ray emit a lot of harmful radiation?

    I mean the "door gate" , where the human has to go through, does it emit a lot of harmful radiation? or could we "absorb" a lot of it? A friend of mine who is a dentist, he said if I am worried about these radiation, then I shouldn't eat because a lot of food contain radiation too. But are...
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    Looking for help hooking up equipment

    CD player only has 1red&1white home theater has 2of each trying to hook both to a Vizio flat screen how do I do this
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    Toshiba laptop doing odd things with the keyboard

    My Toshiba laptop is opening windows, putting up odd symbols or just doing nothing with the keyboard, I thought it might have been a stuck FN or ALT key, but they seem fine. When I put an external keyboard onto it, it does exactly the same with that one. Help!
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    CPU recently started acting up, also overheating under load.

    So recently my computer would act up. Happened a few times in the last couple weeks. Like buffering or lagging when opening programs, or even new tabs in Firefox. When I first noticed it I ran OCCT and found my temps where much higher than in the past, like 90s. When I restarted the problem went...
  9. A

    Quiet cooling for 4790s.

    Hello, recently I've got used i7-4790s and now I need to find a good quiet cooler. What do you guys recommend? Would something like DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 be an overkill?
  10. T

    Windows 7 Very slow

    Computer extremely laggy, takes 20 minutes to start up properly, when i click anything on the desktop it lags likr crazy. When I open my task manager i see tasks that i've never seen before: groovemonitor.exe, AdobeARM.exe, Rundll32.exe, dinotify.exe and two of them are taking up tons of memory...
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    Looking for a new 1080p monitor

    Hey guys, I'm building a new PC and I also want to get a monitor to upgrade from my super old M2380D TV-monitor hybrid that I've been using for 6 years. With that in mind, basically everything will look like an upgrade to me, since from what I've read, my display is pretty awful. I'm looking...
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    ASrock Mobo / USB 3 problem.

    Hi, Have an Asrock HM81M mobo what has two USB 3 connectors on the rear panel and they seen to work fine. Recently added a front panel USB3 caddy which plug into the mobos front 19pin usb3 connector. It works, but only at half the speed of the rear ports. The typical test is writing out a...
  13. S

    Cant Overclock! Help!

    SO ive been trying to overclock my cpu for the past few days..I have an AMD FX-6300 and an MSI motherboard..When i boot my pc up i hit DEL to bring up the bios and the bios looks nothing like any of the ones ive seen or read about resulting in me not being able to understand how to operate it...
  14. D

    Debating on making a build with an open case. Will I get better thermals?

    May do a build within the month on a Thermaltake P3 tower. Since it is open, I wonder if the temperatures will be better than my current build (NZXT S340). I’ll be cooling the CPU and GPU with radiators, though. Will this be a good move?
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    Is it safe to leave my keyboard,mouse, and headphones plugged into my PC overnight?

    I was wondering if It was safe and could damage my peripherals. (I unplug my keyboard,mouse,and headphones everytime I go to sleep.)
  16. H

    Looking for a new CPU fan A6-5200 FT3

    Hello, everyone, After several unsuccessful web searches and the purchase of an unfitting product, I'm asking for your help to figure out where I can buy a fan for my AMD A6-5200 CPU. The socket is a FT3 type (BGA769). I found out on a website that I cannot upgrade the CPU because it is...
  17. T

    Which one is better

    1tb or 500 gb ssd in laptop
  18. S

    Games are capped at 60 fps

    Well i bought a new gaming laptop and all the games i have are capped at 60 fps. Is there any way to get around it? My graphics card is 970M
  19. H

    PC will power on, but not display anything, is my motherboard dead?

    Hardware: Processor: Intel i5 7500 Motherboard: MSI B150M Gaming Pro RAM: 2 x 4GB HyperX Fury 2133 mhz PSU: Corsair CX600 GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Gaming X HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1TB Whenever i boot up the pc, everything turns on, fans spin, psu runs, motherboard leds turn on, cpu heatsink...
  20. Morgan_23

    Short interview with someone in Helpdesk or Network support

    Hello, i'm a student and I am going to graduate this summer. I am looking into the Information Technology field for my career, specifically I've been looking at Network Support. I've been meeting with a career counsellor and she had recommended to do an interview with someone who is working in...