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  1. TheLootist

    [SOLVED] Ethernet drivers not working on ASUS ROG Strix Z490-H Gaming + after bios black screen

    Hey all, I've just built my new PC today, I've been unable to get the Ethernet drivers working. I've installed all the software from the disc with the board, reinstalled windows, windows is unable to find any drivers for the device when using device manager. Does anyone have any ideas on what I...
  2. lmaokp

    [SOLVED] Do I have to download a new driver if I have 5Ghz Ethernet and the driver is still 2.4Ghz?

    I don't know where to download the 5ghz driver. This probably is the problem my internet is below 100mbps when I have 1Gpbs already.
  3. H

    Minimum power supply for EVGA Geforce GTX 970?

    My computer has a PSU gives 460W of power, but the site where I am buying this graphics card recommends the wattage power should be at least 500. I am wondering if I can use this GPU with a power supply of 460W
  4. R

    Is this the best build for the money?

    So This is my absolute budget 1100$ Am I getting the most for my money with this build?? Or can someone optimize it and shave some bucks off at the same time?