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    Will release of Kaby Lake affect the Price of Skylake

    Will release of Kaby Lake affect the Price of Skylake
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    2x gtx 1080 SLI Fan Issue on GPU (2) only one fan working on the GPU

    Hey Tom's Hardware Community, I have a bit of and odd issue with my second gpu and one of it's fans. So first the setup: I have two MSI GTX 1080's in sli mode connected with an HB EVGA pro bridge long with 2x slot spacing. I have the cards plugged in my MSI x99 pro carbon motherboard. GPU 1 is...
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    i5 4690k overclocking help with specific setup

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to overclock and I'm having a relatively difficult time trying to keep things together. The voltage right now is 1.8 in the VRIN and the VCore voltage is 1.125. This is my main worry. Everywhere else I look, everyone is saying a 1.2 voltage and above for VCore but my...
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    Would this gpu fit my Pc?

    Hey guys I'm looking to upgrade my gpu and thinking of going for the Gigabyte GTX 1050 OC 2GB Could anyone tell me if it would be compatible with what I got.. Intel Core i5 4670K Gigabyte H81M-D2V 16GB DDR3 1600mhz Zalman Z3 Plus 450W Corsair VS Also I have a dell 1909w monitor was thinking...
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    Random BSOD 0x000000f4 - Google Drive My pc is getting blue screens quite often and it doesn't matter what i am doing. I could be playing video games or I could be using google chrome, and it would still crash. I have brought the PC to two different computer repair stores, and...
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    Using SSD in legacy machine

    Can I use a Samsung EVO SSD in my legacy Sata machine (Uses the ICH7 82801GB chipset) (I'm not familiar with SSD at all) If so would I could anyone suggest what sort of throughput I could expect? I'm looking to just replace my 500GB hard drive and boost performance a bit. TIA
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    Alienware M15X Batteries Not Charging

    I recently got an old AW M15x from a friend who stopped using it a few months back because it didn't boot. He gave it to me since it was no use to him anymore. Long before then the battery quit working. When I received it, I fixed the boot problem by putting in a SSD, and bought a new battery...
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    1060 3gb w/amd 6300 under preforming

    System specs: Gpu :1060 3 gb Cpu: amd 6300 Mobo: 970 msi Ram : 8gb ddr3 Psu: 750w Issue : i have been playing overwatch a lot more and i thought i would get a better graphics card to help run it better because before this i was running the game at 30~ fps on low so i decided i would buy a...
  9. bas263

    can`t remember my router admin password (like an idiot)

    so the other day i decided to add a log in password to my router so that no one can tinker with the options and stuff things up on a sagem f@st 3864 provided by optus australia and what do you know like the idiot i am i forgot it. the reset button on the router does not factory reset! (yay) and...
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    Formating and giving partition D: space to partition E:

    Hello. Could someone help me, please? So, I know I can merge partitions, but when I searched, all I saw was people deleting and giving partition D: space to partition C:. What about the contrary? I have one separated HD that contains 2 partitions. The first partition is D:, that contains 200Gb...
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    I'm forced to change memory slots.

    To clean the PC I removed my all the connections (and two of my monitors connected) and whenever i put back all the connections and start the PC the monitors won't turn on but they do as soon as i switch the memory slot this is the second time this has happened and I have two slots which won't...
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    Do I need a non-stock CPU cooler when I only want to overclock the memory?

    My future budget rig will have these parts: Motherboard: Asus Z170-P CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8GB DDR4 3600MHz F4-3600C16D-16GVK (I know, there is a 3466mhz version of this ram, but the webshop where I buying there's not much of a price difference between the two, so...
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    Help deciding between graphics card brands, models and makers.

    This is pretty simple but i can't to find an answer to it: I made a list of graphics cards and i can pick and buy only one of them. But i don't know what differs between brands, models and makers. Does anything change besides adding "Nitro" or "Gaming" to the name of the card? And how about...
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    How capable is this pre-built pc? (An alternative in case I cannot build a computer myself)

    I am a 16 year old with a dream to have a powerful desktop computer... for some reason. I plan to make that dream happen. I would love to build a desktop, as it would be a both a great learning experience and much more cost-effective than purchasing a pre-built one outright, though I think it...
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    Which is best to buy and future proof?

    I'm thinking of buying gtx 1060, i know that 6gb version is 5% better than 3gb. Is it worth to buy the 3gb one? And is 3gb future proof like 6gb?
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    Suggest a good 1440 p monitor for a designer + gamer

    Hello guys , need your advice again. I currently own this monitor > Nice 1080 p monitor but I want to buy a new one. Specs < 4790k 16gb ram ssd + hd + zotac amp 1070 I don't live in the states and I'm only limited with the options below > Prices here...
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    evga supernova 1000 p2 popped

    So long story short my pc shut off while playing a game and I heard a pop right after coming from it, so half of my house's electricity went off so once that was fixed I tried turning on my pc, and some weird noise came from the psu once I reconnected the powercable and turned it on, but nothing...
  18. S

    Will it work

    Hi I'm looking for compatibility info regarding a Asus 970 aura gaming board and a corsair hydro h80i will this cooler work on this board
  19. P

    No Headphone Device?

    So I for some reason I don't have a headphone device on my PC. I've tried reinstalling the sound drivers but nothing. If anyone knows a solution it would be great. My motherboard is a gigabyte z170z gaming 7. Here is proof that it does not show up Reason it is a...
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    Motherboard help (Desperate).

    Hi, do you know if the ASRock FM2A68M-HD+ Motherboard has the same mounting holes for CPU fan as am2/am3 series..? Thanks for help.