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  1. S

    Laptop works fine with Windows but freezes when using any Linux distro

    I have a Asus XM551MAV SX262D Notebook RAM Type - DDR3 RAM - 2 GB Processor Variant - Quad Core N3530 RAM Frequency - 1600 MHz Graphic Processor - Intel HD Graphics HDD Capacity - 500 GB Processor Name -Pentium Quad Core Processor Brand - Intel Clock Speed - 2.16 GHz with Burst...
  2. S

    SIP and Port Forwarding

    I am working on a project for my Work on my home network I have 2 Routers behind my mmy "ZHONE" Modem provided by my ISP My Main Router Is a ASUS RT-AC88U MERLIN Used so the Kids can have uninterrupted Network access so they can do their homework and I can filter out PORN... and on my second...
  3. O

    CPU is overheating

    My cpu is running ridiculously hot on idle. Right now its running at about 85 degrees Celsius just sitting here typing this. I already reapplied thermal paste and checked to make sure my cooler is working. I have a aftermarket cooler (H80i) and I cant find out why it's running so damn hot. -...
  4. A

    Hp laptop cannot turn on

    My hp laptop recently has stopped working after being played for 10 hours straight. It couldn't be the adapter because I've tested it working fine. Can anybody suggest me what can i do to fix this problem? The laptop has power light for 0.2 second, no fan, has charging light before powering...
  5. A

    Need professional Suggestion on PC build

    Hello Guys, I am very new here and this is my 1st time to build a gaming PC. I have short listed PC components, but I need some suggestion on it. I am very confused, where can I compromise my build to get cost efficient system. PC Build: Requirement: 1. Gaming and Video Editing. 2. Need build...
  6. C

    Disabling login window after restart on Windows 10 while keeping it enabled on normal startup

    Hi, As the title suggests, is there a way to disable the login window/password requirement after performing a restart on Windows 10 but still keeping it enabled when booting the computer normally from an "off" state?
  7. N

    Is this Power Supply enough?

    Hi, I'm thinking if building a budget gaming rig with a Celeron G3900 Skylake and a Asus R7 360. I found a Gigabyte GZMA01 Case bundled with a 350W PSU. I made a PCPartpicker list and it told me the TDP of the total system is 232W. Would this power supply be enough to run the system well? I'm...
  8. S

    SMPS/PSU for Gtx 1060?

    Hello. I recently bought a gtx 1060 but I have a Normal 600 watt smps. Will that work or should I upgrade to a better PSU like Corsair or Antech? This is the link of the PSU I currently have -
  9. G

    Memtest86 shows errors although modules aren't faulty, motherboard issue?

    A while ago my PC started freezing under load, when playing games or running benchmarks. I ran Memtest86 a few times since and it reported a lot of errors every time, even when switching my two modules between four different slots. I've tested those modules in a different PC and they appear not...
  10. Q

    Safest way to protect your PC?

    I need either a line conditioner or a ups for my computer what should I get? I want something that will protect my $2000 computer from power surges and something that can handle the psu so it won't blow the fuse. Specs: Case: Cooler Master HAF Stacker 935 CD CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-3820...
  11. A

    Tracker in mobile phone

    Hi guys my girl think that someone installed tracker app on her mobile phone. my question is if she reset factory her moblile does tracker app delete?
  12. D

    Need help with airflow

    Hi guys i want to add more fans to my case and i want to know if the air flow will be good.. My case is Antec X-1T and he supports up to 5 fan.. currently i have 2 so i want to add 3 more so that my case will have 2 intake and 3 exhaust.. so 2 intake and 3 exhaust is good air flow or not ?
  13. B

    Are my temps too high for my laptop PC (HP Pavilion Dv7 Notebook)

    Hi, I've been having experiencing a lot of blue-screen crashes recently and my laptop is feeling hot around where the CPU area is presumably located. My 8 gigs of ram are being eaten up by firefox and chrome (about 60- 80 tabs open) and my PC has been slowing to a crawl recently I ran...
  14. M

    Is this a virus?

    Ok so in my task manager there is a program using 15-20% of my cpu and spikes my gpu usage to 99% making it lag if i try to game or even watch videos. After closing the program everything jumps to normal and i can game etc. The program is Realtek HD Audio and after googling I found this is a...
  15. S

    P8Z77-V PRO USB3 pins broken

    I noticed my external Mediasonic RAID array was behaving strangely and other items were randomly disconnecting from my PC. I checked the plug and noticed 2 pins had snapped off. I am not sure if they snapped inside of the case plug or not. Any way to check that? I have ordered a new...
  16. D

    GTX 1070 bad performance

    I upgraded my graphics card from a evga 750 ti FTW, to a gigabyte g1 gaming gtx 1070. I was getting fps somewhere in the 200s in minecraft without shaders and 50s with shaders on my old card, and I have read that some people with their 1070s get about 200 fps with shaders. However, with my new...
  17. derrymisavan

    Windows 10 error code 0xc000000e

    Hi there, So, yesterday i've bought a new monitor with 1080p resolution and new SSD then i decide to install windows 10 to my SSD. After the installation, my pc works well until i've changed the display resolution in Intel HD graphics menu to 2140p x 1xxxp which means that higher than the...
  18. T

    Updating BIOS not working

    Well, I'm typing this on my phone so cut me some slack. I'm not sure if I should post my system specs, but my build is on my profile. Anyways, the problem I'm having is this. Today, randomly, my PC wouldn't boot. At first it had been going to the windows 10 screen where the blue logo appears and...
  19. G

    PC stuck at BIOS screen

    So i upgraded my pc in early january this year, specs: GTX960 turbo oc edition 8gb ram corsair bronze 750M i5 2320 I think its somewhat decent, and it was fine for playing games up till a point where it crashed and couldnt be turned on for a week. Until I took out and put back in the CMOS...
  20. R

    AMD RX 480 compatibility

    I am wondering if the AMD RX 480 (Set to release on June 29th) is going to be compatible with the MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard. Or have they not released that information yet? Sorry, I'm a beginner. Thanks :)