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  1. L

    Cleaning power supply ended up pc shutting down

    I cleaned my power supply. When I turn my pc back on, the fan will make noisy for like 0.5 seconds then it shuts down. Then it will on again by itself then shuts down again. What to do panicking
  2. F

    i am using windows 10 nd my camera is not working what should i do??

    i am using windows 10 nd my camera is not working what should i do??
  3. kyle2kxx

    Installing a 12 pin graphics card using molex to PCI

    Installing a 12 pin graphics card? So my friend is installing a 12 pin graphics card using 2 molex to PCI power leads but for all they re the same type of lead they re different models I think? They both have 2 molex coming off each other then on the other side is a PCI plug Both obtaining 6...
  4. T

    CPU needs too much voltage to stay stable

    Hi guys, I can't seem to get my cpu overclock stable, unless I increase the voltage to 1.550V (most guides get it running with only 1.5V). My highest stable result with 1.550V is 3.5GHz, which is even considerably below other overclocks. I assume, the problem is my mainboard, but I would like...
  5. E

    [repost i accidentally marked my other one as solved] Disk usage at 100% for small task the reddit post explains it pretty well but basically when i turn on my computer the disk usage is at 100% and then while im using it it will randomly spike for VERY small tasks. the reddit post has a list of solutions i have tried...
  6. J

    Need Some Help With Laptop Problems

    Hey Guys. I have a Dell Precision M6600. It has the i7 2760qm Quad Core and the Quadro 3000m. I just got it today and when I put Windows 10, Minecraft, and Black Ops 1 on it, everything ran as it should. Minecraft ran Flawlessly and Black Ops ran good on Low-Medium Settings. Normal, Right? Well...
  7. H

    Am I on the right track for my education? Computer Engineering.

    I am an 18 year old currently living in texas who wants to pursue a degree in Computer Science and electrical engineering(Computer Engineering). I have always wanted to work for Nvidia or Intel. Basically, I want to do GPU architectural engineering for a career. Ive decided to start at a junior...
  8. S

    I am using windows 10 , I downloaded "over kill 3" , but i it works hardly

    I am using windows 10 , I downloaded "over kill 3" , I can play game for 4-5 mins, after that it brings me to the home start please suggest.
  9. jeromian23

    [SOLD] GTX 970 G1 Gaming GPU (1 month old)

    Hi all, I have a GTX 970 G1 Gaming gpu for sale because I've upgraded to a 980 Ti. It has been owned for only a month and has barely been used due to school. It is in perfect condition (No bumps, No scratches, Looks as if brand new) and was not overclocked whatsoever. The original price that...
  10. Rabmac

    Printer and Phone not being detected

    Hi, When I attached my phone (this happened after updating to Android 6.0) and printer to my PC I got the message "New Hardware detected" followed by "Installing Drivers" and finally "Driver failed to install". Now when I attach the printer it is no longer detected and the phone is detected...
  11. S

    First time builder, style and expert points needed This is what I have tried to put together. As you can tell pretty quickly I am trying for a blueish/white theme for under $1000, if anyone has any suggestions (bonus points if kept in the style of the whole system) as well as pointers (because this will be the...
  12. Y

    Architecture laptop on budget

    Hello, I am an architect and I use programs like 3ds Max, Autocad, Photoshop, Sketchup and planning to try Lumion as well. I searched for some laptops and find the ones below. But, some say that some of the laptops have heating problems and they don't have good displays or they have loud fans...
  13. E

    How often do you run a cleaner on your computer?

    like twice a day, once a day, or once a week. How often should you run a pc cleaner?
  14. N

    Download speed dropping from 25mbps to 2

    Visiting my parents and I realized that their download speed is dropping severely. After resetting their modem, it will progressively drop over the course of a day or two until it needs to be reset again. It's strange because they actually own an expensive modem, so what could be the cause and...
  15. S

    CPU temperature skyrockets and causes crashes, but only when gaming

    I've run into a pretty odd problem. I've waded through tons of threads on the site about people with similar issues, but there's always differences in the small details. My CPU (AMD FX-8150) idles at around 40-45 degrees celcius but when I launch a game, it'll steadily go up until around 80-85...
  16. F

    Corsair H110i GTX smells horrid

    Has anyone else gotten a Corsair water cooler and noticed is smells horrible out of the box? It smells like hot rotting fish out in the sun. It's really bad.
  17. S

    why some programs reccommend to close all running program before instal ?

    some program I try to install on my pc recommend first to close all running programs before running the installer why ? and what if I installed it without to close all running programs ?
  18. M

    I'm a little confused on this case and details, thanks for your help!

    I'm building my first comp, so my knowledge is fairly limited and may be asking basic questions. I was thinking of getting the DEEPCOOL KENDOMEN ATX Mid Tower, for one its a pretty good deal, and comes with 5 preinstalled fans.
  19. V

    4 pin fan connecting to 3 pin socket

    I recently bought the Noctua Nf-f12 industrial PPC fan but my motherboard (asus m5a78l-m/usb3) only has one 4 pin fan connector (for the CPU cooler). I know it's possible to connect a 4 pin fan to a 3 pin socket, but the speed will not be controllable. The problem is that the fan running at...
  20. G

    How to compare different gpu's?

    Can I compare gpu's by simply looking at memory bandwidth? Higher memory bandwidth much better GPU and more fps? Or we should look at something else?