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    [SOLVED] AOC 24g2ae/bk and AOC 24g2u/bk -- whats the difference?

    I am at a loss aoc 24g2ae/bk costs 200 euros in lithuania and aoc 24g2u/bk costs 250euros. Whats the diffeence between them and is the 24g2u worth 50 euros more?
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    Dual Router Setup

    So after recently upgrading my computer and messing around with my android phone, I finally discovered how amazing streaming ps4 games and steam to my phone. While working fine when I'm in the office and playing a quick game of FIFA, the router has to go through multiple walls when I play in my...
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    Best air cooler

    Right now I have a hyper 212 evo wich is a good cooler. But I want something better so I can oc. I have a phantek enthoo pro case and gskill sniper ram so please keep that in mind thanks
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    660 ti SLI vs. 760

    Is it better to have a gtx 660ti power edition (1.01ghz) SLI, or a single GTX 760 (1.07 ghz)?