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  1. ncr123

    Question PC Crashing Problems

    Hello! Around a month ago now, I built a custom built PC with new components ordered online. Ever since building it, I have been having issues constantly with the computer. Usually, it starts with a game repeatedly crashing (this happens randomly from 10-60 minutes into a game, and happens...
  2. ncr123

    Question Is my PSU good enough for my computer? or could it be causing issues?

    Hello, Is my PSU good enough to support my current setup? Recently my computer has been getting Event ID 13 nvlddmkm and crashing in games often (usually once every 10-120 minutes or so). After looking into it, the error seems to be related to the graphics card drivers/the card itself...
  3. adrianclaudiu2000

    [SOLVED] GTX 1650 WINDFORCE OC 4G Black Screens

    Hello, i got a problem with my Gtx 1650 4gb gddr5 I just bought today a used gtx 1650 from someone that told me it got some problems, it was very cheap so i just took it in the intend to fix it. He told me that in "demanding" games he gets black screens or white screens, particularly in PUBG...