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  1. Z

    [SOLVED] Need some help with PC.

    Hello, so I currently have this: i5 6600k, asus strix 1080, asus prime z170-a, 2x4gb 2400mhz corsair ram, samsung 750 250gb ssd, corsair 850m psu and a nzxt 530 source case. I want to sell this pc for a new one.(For a number of reasons) I will need a 75% gaming, 25% work PC, budget: ~2000€, Thanks!
  2. H

    [SOLVED] Rtx 2060 with i5 8600 without "k"

    Will i get bottleneck in CPU intensive games?
  3. D

    Wiped my HDD/SSD, reinstalled Windows 10 on both, and now my laptop freezes every ~30 minutes.

    So I'll try to describe each step I took from the start to where I am now. I wanted to wipe my ssd/hdd without removing Windows 10 in the process, and tried doing so through the Windows 10 built in feature. When that failed (I got some generic error and moved on), I tried the MSI Factory...
  4. G

    First water cooling attempt

    So as you read this will be my first water cooling attempt. I'm wanting to see if there is anything i am missing. Also I'm only doing the CPU Mobo- MSI b75ma-45p or something like that CPU- i5 3570k Case- thermaltake core V21 Parts list(from amazon) Pump- Thermaltake Pacific LCS PR22 Pump/res...
  5. brandonclone1

    [SOLVED] Pen only touchscreen (disable finger touch input)

    How can I disable finger touch input while leaving pen input enabled on a touchscreen tablet/PC? My HP zBook x2 is a detachable workstation that I use to draw pixel art directly on the touchscreen. However, when resting my hand on the screen while drawing, the touchscreen fouls up...
  6. Y

    Budget PC build. Cannot decide if I should go for a better CPU or a GPU.

    Hello Everyone, I am on a tight budget of ~60k INR. I want to build a pc and after some research, I found that the following would be ideal for my purposes. Ryzen 5 1600 - ~12100 nvidia gtx 1050-ti - ~13500 kingston 120gb SSD - ~2100 seagate barracuda 1tb HDD - ~3100 corsair vengeance 2400 Hz...
  7. P

    4K monitor problems

    When using my 4k monitor on my desktop computer i experience random moments of flashing colors on the left side of the screen in a 1 inch bar that is vertical to the edge of the display image. the signal is HDMI and i do not run my display image in actual 4k. I only experience this in game...
  8. F

    500W power supply for a GTX 1060 6GB

    Btw my CPU is i5 4460,but I don't that will be a problem.Here is a picture of my power supply
  9. R

    Please help me to decide on one of these motherboards

    Building the wife a new desktop with the following components: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G Quad 3.5ghz (built in GPU) Fan included 8GB GSkill 2666/7 (or 2400 if need be for compatibility reasons) Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB SSD Boot Drive Need help picking a mainstream (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI) X370...
  10. E

    Monitor loses signal about a minute after logging into windows

    So when I log into windows, everything starts up, discord, other programs, etc. This usually take around a min or so but it seems like once everything is done loading, my monitor stops receiving signal. It works fine in safe mode, doesn't lose signal, nor does it lose signal when waiting at the...
  11. J

    I can't change my resolution higher than 1024x768 after changing GPU

    So I just changed my GPU from Gt 1030 to GTX 1060. My monitor is Acer G206HQL. I used to be able to run 1600x900, but after changing the GPU to 1060, I'm not able to do so and everytime I tried to apply the resolution higher than 1024x768. There is a text in my monitor saying : Input not...
  12. A

    Question of compatibility

    I was wondering if there will be any issues that I might have overlooked between these parts. thanks in advance
  13. M

    Does buying high refresh rate montior for non competitive and low fps games good idea?

    i am looking for a ips 2k monitor, I have these two options Asus mg279q 27 " (144 hz) viewsonic vx3276 32" (75 hz) I am going to play non competitive games with avg fps around 100-120 (GTX 1080 at 2k) Price difference is huge so where should I go ? also is super tech ips different (viewsonic...
  14. M

    Clone hard drive won't recognize actual size

    Hi all Having issues with a drive recently cloned. I cloned a 250gb SSD boot drive to a 500gb SSD (with Clonezilla). That went well and I'm able to boot from the "new" drive. However, Windows 10 doesn't recognise it as a 500gb drive; instead, it thinks it's roughly 250gb, like the original...
  15. D

    can anyone tell a good compatible 2400 mhz ram for msi x370 gaming plus motherboard

    i am trying to find a good compatible 2400 mhz memory for my mothrboard until now i find corsair vengeance lpx 2400 , hyper x fury 2400 , and crucial ballistix sport 2400 but the model numbers of those doesnt match with the motherboard qvl what to do i'm so confused!
  16. S

    Opinions on Cheaper Build & Upgrading vs Expensive Build

    So my dad gave me his old pc and I've had it for a long time now it's probably like 7 or 8 years old or something close. I have a ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics card and a AMD Athlon II 640 Quad-Core Processor. Basically, its old. I have been wanting to upgrade and start my own and build it...
  17. B

    Motherboard dead, need recommendations

    Hi guys! My Mobo kinda died a couple of weeks ago and I've been trying to look for a replacement but I'm not really good at it. My motherboard was a Gigabyte Z97X-SLI, So my socket is a LGA 1150 with DDR3. I can't seem to find any motherboard that supports both the 1150 and DDR3. (my CPU is...
  18. D

    Want to transfer my music

    How do i transfer my music on my Android tablet yo my iPhone 5s
  19. M

    CPU Cooler Mount

    Hey everyone. I have a rosewill nautilus case that I have purchased along with a Corsair h100i v2 cpu cooler. I was trying to think of the best way of mounting this cooler and it only makes sense for me to mount it as exhaust. If anyone has any tips or suggestions otherwise please let me know...