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  1. M

    Need a new mouse

    Hi there I've looked around for new mice but I don't really know how much I've seen. I'm looking for a 3 button, Wireless mouse, with a DPI of over 2000. Anyone know of any like that? Thanks in advance
  2. alannm37

    400$ Mini ITX Gaming Build Help

    So I'm in the process of building a Mini ITX PC for gaming on CS:GO and TF2 mainly. But I will be playing other games at 1080p low-medium settings. I will be overclocking the CPU as much as possible using Asus' H81 series motherboard as they recently brought an update that allows overclocking...
  3. JonathanBlack

    Which one of these video cards is better for my PC?

    I plan to upgrade my current graphics card and I am undecided between these two cards: 1) Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 with 512 MB GDDR4 on 256 bit, GPU Clock 768 MHz, Default Clock 776 MHz...
  4. P

    Cannot get blasted internet to work with simultaneous network connections

    Hello, I am having some issues connecting to the internet while running two connections to the same network. I am trying to utilize one network connection to be bridged directly into a linux box while the other to be used for regular use.. they are both through wifi and around half the time it...
  5. S

    Will this build be able to run ARMA 3 on ultra?

    Hello again all! After numerous attempts at deciding what would be the best specs to run high-end settings on today's modern and previous titles, I'm utterly lost with a ton of responses, telling me which is the best choice for my dollar. Do I go with a Radeon or an Intel? An R9 290 or an i5, or...
  6. F

    Is it possible to recover my old Raid 0?

    So today when I came home from work, I tried to boot up my PC and noticed it was taking a really long time. I opened the side panel and saw the Debug LED code 64 (which has something to do with the CPU). I thought it was odd because after ~15 mins it still was not booting, so I pressed the BIOS...
  7. X

    Opinions on my first pc build

    I wanted to get some opinions on my first pc build that would be mostly used for gaming: I want to know whether to get two GTX 970's or one GTX 980 as i've heard that SLI causes problems for some games - i will only be using one monitor that is listed on the...
  8. A

    What type of cable for very long internet run?

    Hello, after waiting for a year and still not having success getting my cable company to pull cable through buried conduit to my house, I've decided to hire an electrician to do it and then have the cable company connect it. Every time the cable company comes out to do the job, they tell me they...
  9. J

    First Gaming PC

    Hey guys this is my first gaming pc. Im thinking of building this computer by myself and just wondering if all the parts are compatible. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is my build: PCPartPicker part list: Price breakdown by merchant...
  10. A

    I have a 32" 720p TV. If I bought a ps4 and GTA V would it work with my TV?

    Will GTA V for the ps4 work on my 720p TV?
  11. T

    Blue Scren of Death while AMD Gaming Evolved app running (Raptr)

    My wife and I have the AMD Gaming Evolved App (Raptr) installed in our systems. We both have been using it for over a year, but recently (last few days) we are getting the blue screen of death randomly popping up. We each play different games. If we do not run the app while playing our systems...
  12. S

    Which is the best laptop?

    I'm will be taking E&E engineering courses after SPM...... I'm considering: -Asus K551LN-XX519H -Asus A550JK-DM138H -Lenovo Flex 2 15 -Lenovo Z50-70 (i7) -Dell inspiron 15 7000 Series (i7, non-touchscreen) My budget is around RM3000/ below RM3300 Does anyone have better recommendation? I dislike...
  13. Andreas Kostis

    Asrock Z97 Fatal1ty Professional runs in 1st PCIE at x4 with single card....SOSSS!!!!

    Hello guys, I buy it yesterday and after the complete setup in the hardware and Win7 setup, run the CPUZ and GPUZ to see the info. All works great but the Nvidia GTS 250 card works at x4 mode, show the info that support x16 mode.....but works on x4. As I said only this card setup in PCIE...
  14. G

    Very slow (50mb/s) SSD Speed?

    Hi, I've had my Crucial M550 512GB SSD inside my Mid-2012 Macbook pro for a while now, but today I decided to do a speed test on it using Blackmagic Disk Speed Tester. I'm sure that I'm just being a noob and not understanding things properly, but the speeds of this seem very low. They are also...
  15. A

    Game mode on monitor

    I use my monitor (http://) for multiplayer games on my Xbox One, because I seem to do much better on it compared to my 55" Samsung. I'm just curious, does the "game mode" actually improve response time, refresh rate, etc., or does it simply adjust the visual settings (brightness, sharpness, etc.)?
  16. A

    Can I upgrade my processor?

    Hi, I have an AMD A75 FCH chipset. I was wondering is there any processor out there that I could upgrade to? This is the computer I have, and am looking to upgrade the graphics card, processor and ram. Any help much appreciated! Many Thanks, Andrew
  17. KenKraken

    would paging file hurt my pc?

    i heard that paging file hurt my ssd can i change it to hdd? (WD Black 2tb)
  18. Snagged

    Do You Think I Need Extra Fans?

    I am curious to see if you guys think I would need any extra fans for my setup that already doesn't come with the case. I did get an extra 120mm fan already which I plan on putting on the pivoting section of the Phantom case to help cool the GPU and possibly CPU. EDIT: I will not be...
  19. G

    How to upload a picture to our signature of profile on this site?

    Thanks for opening my thread. ... title says. ... Please help me. ....
  20. E

    i7 on Z87 Board and 970GTX for 2016 upgrades for PC gaming.

    I am currently running. Asus Z87 ROG mATX Intel 4670K @ stock speeds. 32GB of 1600Mhz Ram 2 X 760GTX in SLI Mainly a gaming PC. I am playing currently, FC4, Borderlands Series and thinking about Dying Light, but I have been told my GPU do not meet specification requirements for this...