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  1. A

    Is this good for the money?

    Is this good, and tell me what you think and what to change for my buget which is 1400 or maybe below 1400 thanks
  2. J

    AHCI Samsung 840 evo not recognized in biois startup but seen in boot menu as IDE

    This is my first time posting to a tech forum. I will try to present all pertinent info. I recently cloned my hhd to a Samsung 840 evo 256mb. Here is my pertinent hardware info. If anything else is needed let me know MSI 790fx-gd70 (AMD) bios version 1.6 Windows 7 Samsung 840 EVO 256 GB I...
  3. G

    psu capable for my rig Is my chosen psu capable to power the whole system? I5 4670k Msi gtx 770 Asrock extreme 4 z87 Crucial ballistics 2x4gb Zalman z11 plus Samsung DVD ROM Hyper evo 212 What under £60/70 psu would you recommend? Cheers
  4. D

    Can my laptop run watch dogs?

    I have an hp pavilion g7 equiped with the following : Intel core i5 3230m 2.6 ghz (Boost at 3.2 ghz) (Its dual core) amd 7670m 1 gb (and an intel 4000) 6 gb of ram Here is a link to hp: Hp pavilion g7 2300ev With this hardware I am able to run bf4 at med to high with 35+ fps. And finally I will...
  5. E

    Will this graphics card fit in my case?

    I want to build a pc and am new at it so I was wondering will this graphics card fit in my case Case graphics card
  6. H

    Laptop Specs High But Seriously Low FPS and Performance!

    My computer's specs are quite high but when I play the new games like Titanfall etc. it runs at choppy FPS and it lags so bad. I bought my laptop last year, and was the best one of the best available at the store. It's an HP. Here are the SPECS: Intel Core i7 MQ4702 Quad 2.2 GHz WIndows 8 64...
  7. camohanna

    SFF in Raven RVZ01

    Looking to take the plunge into sff. I have decided to not overclock due to the space/cooling restraints and also the factor of noise: i want a quiet system Components: I have 4gb of ram and a 120gb ssd. Looking to add a gpu further down, since...
  8. G

    Windows.old does not save anything

    Hi guys, I reinstalled Windows 7 after it was playing up. I deleted the windows partition on my SSD and created a new partition. However, it gave me a windows.old folder. It doesn't contain any documents,music or anything personal in it though. Does it only contain the default OS files? Many...
  9. S

    Corsair H55 on GTX 650

    Hello guys i got an Corsair h55 cooling system can i put it on my GTX 650 Thanks