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  1. D

    Question 3080 ti black screen, fans work, does not appear in device manager

    Just purchased a new EVGA 3080 ti XC3 to replace my 2080. On boot: black screen (monitor says no input), fans and leds turn on, gpu not detected in device manager, vga light flashed on motherboard. Going back to old 2080 everything works fine. Other specs: Ryzen 7 3700x NZXT B550 motherboard...
  2. nanocurry

    Question 3080ti buzzing (not coil whine)

    I just bought a new EVGA 3080ti (XC3 Hybrid) a few months ago. It was silent at first, but it's been steadily getting louder. I'm fairly certain it's not coil whine. It's not a high-pitched electrical sound. It sounds more like something touching a fan, even when the fan isn't spinning. It...
  3. Themidgeman21

    [SOLVED] Severe Frame rate drops PUBG

    When in game smokes are causeing my Computer to drop to 1-2 fps. I have noticed it's not everytime but when looking at my wattage for my 3080ti the drops only come when I hit higher than 330W. For the most part it's under that but when I look around or move in smoke it slowly creeps up to above...