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    [SOLVED] Feedback needed

    Here are some pics of my build and some benchmarks: View: https://imgur.com/a/zP7l18K I don't build computers very often. I am a bit troubled with my PC shown as under performing. Also wondering if the heat is well controlled as per the stress tests images that can be seen in the links...
  2. X

    Question SSD not showing at all

    So I wanted to have a fresh install on my ssd because I was having some issues with the drivers. Connected an old hdd so I could format the ssd, when trying to delete the partitions on diskpart I kept getting an error first when trying the "clean" command and with "delet partitions". After...
  3. Szklarek

    Question BIOS does not find a ssd m.2 drive... What am I doing wrong?

    Hi guys. After few hours of research and trying to make my new SSD run I am asking for help. I've just bought an Samsung Pro 970 512GB SSD(MZ-V7P512BW) drive and installed in my mobo Asus z97 PRO-GAMER. BIOS does not find it in boot options. I've turned on the M.2 slot in BIOS setting, even...
  4. S

    Question Does the Samsung Evo 970 pro have any advantage over the 970 plus 1tb

    Does the Samsung M2 Evo 970 pro 1tb ssd have any advantage over the Samsung m2 Evo 970 Plus 1tb ssd The Plus appears to be faster yet the peo is more expensive. Anyone know why?