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  1. garrettk4

    [SOLVED] Comfortable 4k gaming requirements

    So I recently bought a 4K TV during cyber Monday sales. Nothing special, just a Vizio 4k M55 or whatever. Note: I did not buy the TV to do gaming on it all of the time. There are some games that I'd like to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. My rig is: i7 6700 16gb 2133mhz 1TB...
  2. F

    [SOLVED] Build for GameDev and Gameplay Advice

    Heya all, I am looking to create a new build for both playing games and making games, however, I am having a hard time deciding on parts. My budget is around $1,000 (More of a guidline than a maximum) and I already own a PSU (Corsair 850wat HX850i) which I plan to use in my new build. I hope...
  3. L

    Old PC Case help...

    So my parents recently asked me for something regarding our first pc parts. I found everything but i am having some issues with finding the case, it was called "Neon" and the logo looked like a potato with eyes, the case was black and had a huge ring around the power button. If i remember...
  4. N

    Does anyone know what case this is?

    The board inside side of it is from the year 2000. I'm planing on building a sleeper pc inside it. Here is some pictures of it I through on Imgur.
  5. I

    Building my first low-end gaming pc

    Hello there. Ițve using laptops my whole life, bought and sold, broke and repaired over 15 laptops in that time and i never even thought about getting into a desktop because i needed the mobility. Now i ended up working from home so i decide to build my own pc, since it's cheaper for me than...
  6. O

    [SOLVED] What is the best option for a home file server for me?

    I am looking to build a home file server, and I have done a little research with overwhelming options and differing opinions. I would like to know what your opinions are for the hardware as well as software/OS to use. Activites: - Simple file server with separate drive space for different users...
  7. T

    Restart while gaming

    Hello guys, first of all im really sorry for my bad english so like 10 days ago upgraded my gpu from strix rx 460 4gb to evga 1070 ftw 8gb since then i tried to play ''ark survival evolved'' the first time took 30 minutes to restart after that, starts normally untill menu then do the loading and...
  8. T

    MSI B350 PC Mate motherboard not detecting wifi card in x1 slot

    I was installing my wifi card into the pcie x1 slot but then when i went to the board explorer it wasn't detected (It said it was empty) so then i put it in the second pcie x1 slot and the board explorer still said it was empty, then i put the wifi card into the x4 slot and then it was detected...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Asus prime B250m-plus watercooling

    Hi I was wondering if my mobo (asus prime b250m-plus) would support this water cooler? https://antec.com/product/cooling/m120-rgb.php
  10. M

    Motherboard BIOS Help

    Hi, I got an Gigabyte A320M-S2H motherboard and i want to buy a Ryzen 5 1600x and want to know if it will support the cpu out of the box or do i need a BIOS update?
  11. A

    My Asus F2A55M-LK2 shows green power led but won't start

    Hello . After my PSU got burned I put it another PSU but my Asus F2A55M-LK2 shows green power led but won't start anymore . When I installed the PSU after a couple of hours started on it's own without me pushing anything . Today I made it starting it for a few times by just pushing power button...
  12. I

    [SOLVED] If it safe to overclock my gigabyte rx 580 4gb which is non-overclocking?

    Hey there. My gpu Gigabyte Aorus rx 580 4gb. I'm thinking about to overclock it to it's limit. But it's not an OC edition rather aorus software overclocks it with one click. By ignoring aorus software or their own way overclocking, can I overclock it in my way using msi afterburner? Is it safe...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] How good (or bad) are those so called "Lite PSUs"?

    I've a Dell Optiplex pre-built Mini-Tower system and it has a relatively tiny 265W PSU. And since I'm looking forward to purchasing either a GTX950 or 960 (Asus Strix 2x Fans) this PSU has to go. I'm on a REALLY tight budget so those fancy 1000W modular PSUs people love to talk and brag about...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] What does it take to get (my) 9900k to 5Ghz boost on stock

    Hey guys, The 9900k should be capable to reach 5Ghz on one or two cores when in stock. I am using Z390 Aorus master board and temps are pretty good. My 9900k can get to 4.9Ghz with ease (checking in HWMonitor) but never seem to touch 5Ghz no matter what I do, be it a light desktop / internet...
  15. Jeff_120

    How far and safe can I OC non-cooled DDR4 RAM

    I have 2 Kingston RAMs 1x 8GB RAM 2133mhz 1x 8GB RAM 2400mhz Both are ''naked'' meaning no cooling on them I have an MSI Gaming Plus B450M board so I can OC them, but how far can I OC while staying safe? Should I OC the 2133mhz bar so it can catch up with the 2400 one?
  16. M

    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 or Ryzen 3 2200G

    Hi, I'm trying to decide between a R5 1600 (R$620 ~ U$160) or a cheaper R3 2200G (R$500 ~ U$130), mostly for gaming. (I will be using a dedicated GPU) From some videos I saw that the 1600 is better at most games but the GPU will be a 1050 or 1050ti so it won't matter much I guess. I'd also...
  17. O

    DQ67SW compatible with 2700K?

    The Motherboard Intel Corporation DQ67SW it's compatible with a 2700K ? i don't have another option, my board doesn't accept 3rd gen, only.2rd gen, i don't wanna overclock, only on stock
  18. A

    Question No cooler plain CPU

    I added my cpu without stock cooler And I got about 100 C I got scared and turned off my computer :pt1cable:
  19. S

    ryzen 1600x with rtx 2070? will it bottleneck

    looking to upgrade my cpu to 1600x but if it bottlenecks than wich cpu should I buy?
  20. A

    Question Ryzen 3 1200

    My CPU on bo4 is 100% it doesn't stutter constant 144 fps ryzen 1200 on fortnite it is 80% with. 200 fps GPU RX 580 no stutter is that fine if my CPU is running at 100% without stutter