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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Outlook won't load in the local network

    Hello, since I have a new external IP I have following problem (everything in the exchange already got adapted to the new IP): Outlook won't load the profile/connect to the Exchange Server (which is in the same network) when I am connected to the local network. As soon as I connect and...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Good free email client for Windows 10 that works with exchange

    Hey guys I'm looking for good and free email client for Win 10 that supports exchange mails. I've tried Thunderbird but the only way to use my exchange mail was either exQuila or Owa both of which are paid with 14-days free trial. So what email clients are you using and are you happy with them?
  3. B

    Question Exchange rule to automatically delete all international mail

    Hi, I need to configure a rule in the Excahnge admin center for office 365, that will automatically delete all email from countries other than the US, and in all languages except English. This will apply to a specific user. I created a spam filter, for this user, that I thougt would meet these...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Office 365 room issue

    so we have an Office 365 Tenant and we have a user who is our president but he has a corporate email outside of our tenant how can he request a room to block out time to reserve it I have had him try to email the email address of the room to no luck please let me know
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Can i custom build in a alienware r5 case?

    looking to get Alienware r5 case to build my pc but not sure if a full atx motherboard would fit also if the airflow is good
  6. K

    [SOLVED] Help on choosing a Liquid cooler

    Hello everyone, I’m going to run a Ryzen 2700x in my new set up. I’m leaning towards the Corsair H100i AIO Liquid cooler, but am aware of the fan complaints. Has anyone used the H100i and if so are the fans as annoying as people claim? Also, If anyone has better recommendations for coolers leave...
  7. S

    Question New gaming headset 2019 Help needed!

    So like title says im looking for new headset for gaming (games like CS:GO, Division 2 etc.), i have had several headsets (Cloud Alpha, Cloud 1, Wireless Cloud Flight) and now is time for new headset so SHOULD i wait for HyperX new Cloud Orbit for few months or go Sennheiser GSP600 /...
  8. Dreamevil55

    [SOLVED] Time to upgrade my GPU from R9 380. Advice ! Please ?

    Well, to begin with, I'm no ultra gamer by any means. Casual once in a while. Only gaming I did was Guild Wars 2 for a while, tired of that now. So I decided to give the Witcher series a try. Suffice to say, the Witcher games have took my expectation of games to a different level to which, I...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] How to OC ryzen 1700 in asus B350f motherboard

    I want to know what is the maximum overclock for ryzen 7 1700 with stock cooler in asus B350F gaming motherboard with RAM gskill 3000mhz 8gb×2,PSU corsair vs450.plz some one help me to done with it.i tried to do myself but the computer is getting freased randomly
  10. L

    Looking for PS4 Pro/Xbox One X Equivalent

    Wanting to create a system that I can connect up to my TV and use just like you would with an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro with equivalent or better graphics/experience. This is my current setup that I've had for 4-5 years now; *Intel i5-4590 @ 3.3Ghz (with aftermarket Cooler) *Gigabyte Z97-HD3...
  11. J

    Windows Home Server (WHS) 2011 - Disk 2 showing as "Not Initialized" - Was Working Properly

    I noticed that I couldn't access some Shares on my WHS 2011 Server that were working fine for months. Today I looked at the "Disk Management" and realized that Disk 2 was displayed as "Unknown" and "Not Initialized". This is a Western Digital 2TB ATA Device. FYI - The Drive was not displayed...
  12. M

    GTX 780 problem

    Hi guys , i buy a used msi gtx 780 twin frozr 3gb ,but it have many problem !! The hdmi not working but the dvi port is work fine !! And when i play games after 10 minutes the pc stop working and i get a gray screen !!!!! also when i open gpuZ and click on the bios saving column , the pc stop...
  13. L

    computer wont power up without cmos battery

    Does anyone know why my computer won't power on without cmos battery? I thought batteries are only used to store bios settings. Why wont a motherboard/PSU power up when cmos battery is removed? thanks.
  14. P

    Best b350 motherboard with 70€ for 1600x?

    So a friend of mine wants to upgrade his rig and he decided to go with a 1600x but his budget is a bit tight so he wouldn't pay more than 75€ for a mobo. So what are your recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  15. S

    Which cpu will survive ???

    After using ryzen 7 2700x and a equivalent Intel i7 processor for 3 years which processor will perform better ???I will be using 3d softwares for work
  16. R

    Minimum PC spec to run 3 monitors

    Hello everyone, I am learning programming and I want to attach 3 monitors with my cpu. Right now, I have macbook air 2017 build which got i5 5th generation, 8gb ram and 120 gb ssd. I am really happy with my macbook air. I love its performance. Now, I am little short...
  17. AndrewFreedman

    Microsoft's Andromeda May Not Land This Year

    Microsoft executives are second-guessing the usefulness of a dual-screen, pocketable PC. Microsoft's Andromeda May Not Land This Year : Read more
  18. R

    Display went blank after closing Photoshop

    I was working on Photoshop CS6 for about a hour max and save a picture to desktop then when I closed Photoshop the screen went blank and then became black. The pc was running in the background just no display. I shut off the pc via power switch and it turned itself off normally and on next boot...
  19. P

    internet gone windows10

    So I was doing some things with my computer that involved installing some downloaded software and changing a small setting in the registry. Now my computer won't connect to WiFi. When I get to the log-in page (to my windows account) that shows a connection, but after I log in, I am not connected...
  20. A

    Ram or hard disk failure

    If i am able to do BIOS settings...In that case computer RAM is in OK condition or not??
  21. dalethezombie

    100% CPU usage in Battlefield 1 (i7 4790K)

    What can I do to decrease CPU usage in this game? Also, it's burning up my processor as well. I have: i7 4790K 4.4 GTX 1070 Ti 24GB ram ASrock Z97x killer motherboard
  22. C

    Pc wont boot with new RAM

    Hi Hope some one can help me. I recently built a new desktop pc with the below specs. MB - MSI H110M Pro VH Plus CPU - Intel Skylake G4400 GPU - Geforce GTS 450 RAM - 1 x 8GB Kingston DDR4 2133mhz. PC is running smoothly. I wanted to upgrade the Memory to 16GB as the MB and CPU can handle...
  23. G

    Razer Brings The Abyssus Essential Mouse To The Global Market

    The company's latest entry-level gaming mouse originally debuted in China as the Razer Jugan, but along with the expanded availability comes a new moniker that's more in line with Razer's other products. Razer Brings The Abyssus Essential Mouse To The Global Market : Read more
  24. A

    PC Semi Random Crashes

    Hi, since i have bought new hardware i have some problems with my semi random crashes. my pc basicaly crashes after 1-3 hours (idle). happened three times, the first time i had a single row or two of blue symbols above my taskbar. Second time i had artifcats all over the monitor. third time...
  25. T

    nvidia gtx 1050 OC short life ?

    hi, i wanna know somth about this nvidia gtx 1050 OC have two fan, if this gpu have short life than others or is the same, after i bought i heard some words that its overclock and it means will have short life ?
  26. S

    Extension cord to UPS?

    Hey guys, Just recently bought a UPS and found out that it shouldn’t be used with an extension cord on either side. My three questions are: 1. Can I use an extension cord and if so which one should I use? 2. Can the connect be as follows - wall socket>extension cord> Double adapter>UPS? 3...
  27. M

    reset the password

    how to reset the password
  28. R

    Massive Stuttering in Multiplayer Games

    When I play a multiplayer game, every 2-3 seconds, my movement stops, as if I hit an invisible wall. My fps stays at or above 120 fps the entire time as indicated by MSI Afterburner, and nothing on the CPU or GPU spikes like would be expected. The other players keep moving as normal...
  29. E

    Screen splits and turns green when gaming new build gtx 1080

    When playing games my monitor display will sometimes duplicate. Sometimes it duplicates and takes on a gritty green color. It may be my primary monitor that I am gaming on that does this, my secondary monitor, or both. There does not seem to be a pattern to how long it takes to happen or which...
  30. H

    How Do i get my setup to show?

    please help me to get my setup to show!
  31. R

    Computer freezes randomly, without bluescreen. Lots of different stopcodes.

    Alright, so I've been getting a lot of freezes lately. I turn on my computer, and about 5-15 minutes of having my computer on, my computer will randomly freeze - without a bluescreen, and sometimes with a blue screen. I've tried resetting my PC but the new Windows reset option is very...
  32. H

    LGA1366 Motherboard Problem

    I'm building a new pc but saving a few parts from my old pc. My processor is Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz and the socket is LGA 1366. I've found motherboards with that socket but i cant find one that has support for an ssd ( which i'm going to be buying for the new build), and support for a newer...
  33. L

    Computer won't wake up from sleep

    Just got a new build. Was going out for a short while so I thought put it to sleep instead of shutting down. When I got back it won't even start up. The power button on my casing was blinking so I pressed it, 5 minutes later still nothing. So I shut down the computer via the power button and...
  34. J

    4 year old Corsair CX600W 80+ Bronze for gaming PC?

    Building a budget gaming PC and have a Corsair CX600W ive had for around 4 years running nearly 24/7 absolutely fine and just wondered if this would be suitable for a budget gaming build? I've read people say something about CX series isn't great for gaming? Also wonder about it been 4 years...
  35. S

    Buying a comp with windows 10 installed, but reinstalling it to a ssd

    Hello all! My first post in this community. I figured it was time to start learning about computers, it really doesn't seem too, too hard with all the resources and community support out there, so here goes. So I recently purchased a cyberpower gaming pc (I know, I know, next time I will build...
  36. R

    Duplicate wireless network names

    I have two wireless network names associated with my Belkin Double N+ Router, model number F6D6230-4 v1. A tech guy originally set up my wifi without a security lock so unfortunately it is open to the public. It is visible as Belkin_N+_34E262_5GHz. A second tech guy added another wireless...
  37. B

    Gigabyte H110M-S2H BIOS black screen, only cursor shows up

    Hello guys, I am Yulian. I am having a problem with my motherboard. When I try to enter the BIOS, I see only black screen and cursor. My PC specs are below: CPU: Intel i5 6500. GPU: Intergrated. MB: Gigabyte H110M-s2h RAM: 2x8 GB, HyperX 2133Mhz I browsed on the forum for any solutions, but I...
  38. K

    Overclocking Ryzen 1700x. High voltage, and what is VDDRC SOC?

    Hi, I'm overclocking my ryzen 1700x cpu and getting weird numbers. I've seen others get 4Ghz at 1.35-1.4v. I'm able to hit 4.0 Ghz at a lowest of 1.48750v. I have a Corsair H110i water cooler that's been keeping the temps under a nice 60c max, and all I've been changing is the CPU core voltage...
  39. G

    Can I remote control it?

    Hello, I have a FLATRON M2394D monitor, and I would like to use it as a TV. Now I know that I can simply connect cables to the TV, select proper cable to show in TV options and I will have picture from the selected cable...Now I would like to know if I can also use the regular remote controller...
  40. D

    Planning to sell my pc and build a new one

    Hi guys so iam planning to sell my pc its an i3 2120 4gb ram gtx 550 ti and 500w psu for like 250$ and then build a new pc with 300-350$ can you give me some opinions for a 300$ build i think i will use g4560 if u can give me opinions what Motherboard , gpu ,ram , psu and hdd what should...