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    Question Cleaning laptop's exhaust

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series and lately it has been reaching temperatures of 60-70 while gaming and then it would automatically power off. Normally temperatures would be 50-60 maximum when gaming I've blown are in all the intake vents that helped but blowing in the exhaust did nothing...
  2. [SOLVED] What Would Be The Best Cooling Configuration For Corsair SPEC-05?

    This is Corsair SPEC-05, comes with a fan pre-installed at the front and an extra 4 fans mounts (with the cage installed) for user installation. There are 5 fan mounts in aggregate. As I already had three 120mm fans lying around, I was suggested this config: 2x 120mm fans in front (intake), 1x...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Exhaust fan and CPU Cooler

    As someone rather new to PC building, I only recently became aware of the distinction between 'static pressure' and 'air flow' fans. I am building using an NZXT h500 and I am making use of a Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU cooler. Now the NZXT H500 comes with 2 pre-installed (exhaust?) fans, one at...
  4. velocci

    Question Mid tower case with exhaust fan in the front

    Hi all, are there any mid atx tower cases where the exhaust fan is in the front instead of the back? The case will go in a cubby in my entertainment center in the basement. So the back will be covered and the basement is colder so i can use the warm are.
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Front/Back Intake, Top Exhaust

    Hey guys, I have a 240mm AIO on my CPU with the rad in the top of the case with fans exhausting. My GPU is an EVGA Hybrid that uses a blower (rear exhaust) and also has a 120mm rad that I have exhausting out the back. I have 2x120mm front intake. Since both my rads are exhausting (higher temps)...
  6. C

    Zotac mini 6gb or MSI OC 6gb

    Hello, which one would you take? https://ipon.hu/shop/termek/zotac-ztp10600a10l-geforce-gtx-1060-6gb-gddr5-mini-pcie/1466105 https://ipon.hu/shop/termek/msi-gtx-1060-6gt-oc-geforce-gtx-1060-6gb-gddr5-oc-pcie/1465468 They are same price, I'm noob in building PC's, but I just got feeling one...
  7. V

    Will this build run at high/ultra settings?

    The Specs: CPU - Intel core i5 7400 3.5GHz Motherboard - Gigabyte Z270P-D3 RAM - 16GB TwinMos HDD - 1TB Seagate SSD - 120GB Kingston VGA - Gigabyte RX570 4GB 256bit Power Supply - Thermaltake 700w Games like PUBG, GTA V, Far Cry 5
  8. C

    Network is connected but is not loading

    I've tried all my browsers - Chrome, IE and Firefox and although it shows that I am connected to a network, it doesn't load successfully. All I did the day before was to scan my PC using mbam (premium trial) then quarantine+delete all PUPs. My other devices are not having this issue. I recall...
  9. Zaporro

    Is it me or you cant get currently RGB ram without being forced into specific motherboard brand? (and even then its not guaran

    Its like this whole technology should stay one more year in devs prototype boards. And it would be nice if PC hardware manufacturer's would finally grow up and come up with an unified standard for control and data transfer for greater good, instead of each playing in their own sandbox and...
  10. M

    Couldn't find drivers

    So I'm trying to fix my sisters computer that's been wiped to needing a boot disk. So I downloaded windows 10 onto a dvd that won't show up on the install windows page. It says "we couldn't find any drives. To get a storage driver, click load driver. Help would be amazing.
  11. D

    White on new monitor is slightly purple

    Just bought a new Acer monitor. Top of the screen is always slightly purple whereas the bottom is white. The sides also turn purple depending on which side im leaning to. If i am in the middle, both sides are purple. Just wondering if the screen is defective as i did not have this problem...
  12. C

    New Lenovo Ideapad 110 using 50% of memory after turning off all startup programs except BitDefender. Too slow....

    THis new laptop only comes with 4gb of memory and 50% of it is used by the system on startup even after turning off everything except BitDefender security software. Am adding 4gb to max it out but wonder what else I can do to speed it up?
  13. G

    Rx480 No Input Detected

    Hi all, I recently purchased a rx480 4gb. Upon installation I have no input detected. I flashed my BIOS and uninstalled old drivers, still no luck. Is the issue the Power supply? PC runs fine when I don't put the 6/8pins into the GPU. It's only when I plug in the 6/8pins that my screen goes...
  14. X

    Windows could not complete the installation (Can't Shift+f10)

    Little back story. Recently i upgrade my system to the Ryzen with a new mobo, I also decided to update my windows OS from 7 to 10 (My Windows 7 wasn't exactly acquired through legitimate means so I couldn't just upgrade it through the windows installer). I have a small SSD (30GB) that I intended...
  15. R

    my pc build and hdmi question

    Hello i was going to buy a build today and this is whag i made,will i bottle neck anything?, Asus h110m-k Gtx 1060 windforce oc Intel i5 6600 Evga 600w silver,80+ .Corsair vengence 2x4gb total 8gb 2133mhz ddr4. Hdd 1 tb,no ssd sadly tight budget should i go ssd instead of hdd? About hdmi,the...
  16. michael diemer

    Budget Laptop/Notebook Without OS?

    I'm looking to buy a budget laptop or notebook with no OS. I plan to install a Linux OS myself. What's my best bet?
  17. C

    Matshita DVD-RAM UJ8D1 not discover sony blank dvd in my Lenovo G580

    Matshita DVD-RAM UJ8D1 Will Not Recognise DVDs in my Lenovo G580
  18. M

    Ubuntu Server 16 Black Screen

    So after installing Ubuntu Server 16, I am able to boot into the OS. But after the Ubuntu 16.04 screen is done "loading", I get a black screen, with no command lines. Note: This is an ancient machine Mobo: Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H Processor: Intel Core Duo @ 2.4GHz Memory: DDR2 2GB
  19. J

    I'm looking for gaming monitor: LG - Asus or Dell?

    I need a gaming monitor and I was considering between 3 of this so help me pls :( - LG 23MP67HQ - Asus VX239H - Dell S2316 Thanks all :D
  20. Shula 7

    Speed Improvement Desk-topping

    Would a person notice any substantial difference in performance for average computing -- no cpu intensive activity -- between an i3-6100 and any of the i5s and i6's?