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  1. ethan206

    Question Connect USB 3.1 PCIe x4 card to Laptop through mPCIe or ExpressCard?

    I have a USB 3.1 (the 10GBPS standard, or USB 3.2 Gen 2 or whatever they call it now) to PCIe x4 card. I don't really have a specific use for it and just found it in a storage bin and I'm wondering if I could connect it to my laptop. I already have a eGPU (GTX 670) connected to my laptop through...
  2. B

    Question GPU connected to Laptop

    Wanted to ask if this might work. This will get complicated, so try to follow. Links are provided so you can see what products i will use to make this happen. Thx :) I want to attach a desktop gpu to use on a laptop, so like a DIY portable gpu. First, i use a USB-mini PCI-E adapter Link...
  3. i76700hquser

    Question m.2 different slot?

    Sorry if i'm on wrong categorie, i'm new. So, i was planning to buy an exp gdc, but i saw that my wifi uses the new m.2 slot, so i took a look into an adaptor and found one, but it's different, have a look: Can anyone please tell the diference? Thanks.
  4. ethan206

    Question GTX670+EXP GDC on Linux?

    I have a Dell Latitude E6520 and successfully managed to connect up an eGPU (GTX 670) via EXP GDC on Windows 10. However, I tried getting the eGPU to work with Linux (manjaro and ubuntu) before, but it didn't work and I'm wondering if there are specific drivers I need to download for the GTX 670...