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  1. krappermai


    I have two documents file folder, with the same location but a different logos. I can't remove any of them. help? View:
  2. krappermai

    Discussion RGB Stripes for B450 Tomahawk

    Can I use a 12v 4 pin rgb light stripes on B450 Tomahawk?
  3. krappermai

    [SOLVED] Rage bumps to PC

    Hi there! recently, i get really mad when playing csgo and i bumped my table so hard it freezes the the pc. mouse, keyboard and monitor are all still lighting up but cant be use. i then hard restart it and it turn on like normally, but when i bump just slightly, it crashes again. I then found a...
  4. C

    Question Need help ASAP

    I installed a new graphics card on the pc worked fine all the way up to me installing the drivers when I did the pc completely shit itself and keeps freezing and black screaning or it will just look like a bad representation of a acid trip and idk what to do at this point the pc will work fine...
  5. St3r3kfan24

    New to building here, Need some advice

    Hey Gals and Gents, I'm new to building PC's and would like to not break the bank... I am wanting to stream to twitch/fb/yt, interact with my followers, and utilize a webcam all at the same time. I used my general knowledge of computers (which is more like intermediate than novice) to create a...
  6. 9

    Question What GPU fits?

    Looking to see what gpus will fit my PC. I just bought Metro Exodus and I'm loving the game but every once in a while there is FPS drop and lag which takes away from the experience. Hoping to get a better graphics card to fix this problem with this and many other games. My exact PC ---...
  7. JaredzzC

    I experience half the FPS of one card with a crossfire R9 290 setup.

    Hi, Everyone. When I am in crossfire mode, in the games I play, I experience roughly half the FPS from one card... E.g. Crysis 3 one card: 80-100fps two cards: 40-60fps Battlefield 3 one card: 80+fps two cards: ?40fps I've tried drivers...