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  1. baileyboy125

    [SOLVED] Issues after migrating OS

    I recently purchased a 512GB Samsung 980 PRO NVMe SSD from amazon. I tried cloning my older 240GB SanDisk Ultra Plus SATA SSD but Samsung Magician kept failing due to 400110[061aee]. I tried fixing it using the steps it provided but nothing worked so I eventually just used Macrium Reflect Free...
  2. S

    Question iPhone 8 crashing Explorer when trying to move photos or videos to hard drive

    For some reason all of sudden when transferring my photos and videos from my iPhone to my hard drive, Explorer will crash. It will then either not show my iPhone at all or not allow me to view anything until I have disconnected and reconnected the phone. Sometimes it doesn't show up even after...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Monitor loses signal, then cpu fans go to 100%

    The monitor randomly loses signal, then the two cpu fans (push-pull) on my radiator (h80i v2) go to 100%. here is what I have: cpu Cooler: h80i v2 cpu cooler CPU: intel i7 8680k GPU: evga 1080ti ftw3 GPU2: evga gtx 970ti ssc acx 2.0 (disabled via device manager and unplugged from psu) Ram: 32gb...
  4. A

    Case for the 1080ti and i7 8700k

    Hi guys as the title says trying to find a case for the 1080ti and the i7 8700k. I wanted to go for the P400s but ive been told by lot sof people that its really bad airflow so everything will run 2 hot. Anyone has got any ideas what case would be good for these? I would like a case which looks...
  5. J

    Which is the better choice?

    Ok so i'm planning on building new PC in the next few weeks and have so far used pcpartpicker.com to create 2 builds i'm interested in. However I have hit a problem with the choice, which one? I mostly do gaming (BF4, FO4, ESO) and movies bit of youtubing not much else. runs on a 1080p 42" TV...
  6. H

    Which is better

    And he 8670m 2gb ddr5 or nividia 840m 2gb ddr3
  7. L

    Oveclocking a 2600 to 4.1GHz, which voltage?

    If I overclock a Ryzen 5 2600 to 4.1GHz, what will I need to increase the voltage to (there or there abouts)? I’m also using the Wraith Stealth cooler by the way.
  8. jovan23stojanovic

    Intel or AMD in April 2018?

    Hello, as the title says, what should I pick up for my first "better" PC Build? I have some options to choose from: - Intel i7 8700 = $335 - Ryzen (7) 1700 = $310 The prices are the cheapest for my country (Serbia). I know that if I get i7, I'll need better CPU fan, but as I will be using HD...
  9. G

    Does MoBo wattage affect wattage.

    My mother board-ga b250m ds3h shows 700 in front of wattage(no unit mentioned) is it in watts ?do I require a more than 700W psu?
  10. A

    Where can I buy outer cover for gpu?

    Is it possible to buy just the outer cover for a gpu. I have a prebuilt system that came with no cover over the gpu. I’m trying to improve airflow, which is lacking in my system, by getting a blower style cover, like a reference card would have, to fit over my gtx 1060.
  11. S

    Bios won't show when I press del, if I don't PC boots normally.

    Once I boot my pc, if I want to access the BIOS, I press del. If I do press del my monitor doesn't recognize a signal and won't display anything. If I don't press anything, the monitor recognizes a signal and displays the mobo splash screen. Then windows starts and everything boots normally...
  12. Mason1204

    Half my ram is being cached and idk why? Help plz! [SOLVED]

    So I have 32 gigs or ram and it is almost used up, and half of it is being cached for some reason and idk what is going on. Can someone help please?
  13. T

    GTX 750 Not working on MSI 970 Motherboard, but works on my old one

    Hello everyone, I'll get straight to the issue. My GPU does not work (No display detected) on my MSI 970 motherboard. The lights come on all the fans spin up. It worked before but I came home from a holiday and now it's not working at all. It works on my old motherboard ( a mini gtx ) but for...
  14. Z

    LG Monitor Color Temperature

    I bought new LG 24MP58VQ monitor but this one doesn't have numbers for color temperature, instead it has Warm, Medium and Cool. Anyone know what is the best option to select?
  15. soldierguy97

    Can I install a CPU cooler bracket before installing the CPU?

    Title says it all. I will be installing the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo on a MSI Pro Series Intel Z270 SLI Plus. I want to know if I can install the bracket before installing the cpu so I dont accidentally touch the top of the cpu. I dont see why I couldnt, but every dang install guide always...
  16. G

    how to search alphabatically

    how to search alphabatically in vb6
  17. D

    can anyone tell difference between Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Single DDR4 differnt model

    hi i have Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Single DDR4 (bls4g4d240fsb) and want to buy Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Single DDR4 (bls4g4d240fsa) both model have same spec only the model no is different can we use them in dual channel
  18. K

    help with display

    i recently bought a g4560 which has 610 graphics, but when i installed the os and all the drivers. the display adapter only shows standard vga. please help me. thanks.
  19. T

    Need access to an admin account?

    Hello, wonderful people of Toms Hardware! I recently purchased a Nextbook 10.1 from a second-hand shop it was originally a display model from a Walmart. However, the issue I am encountering is due to it being a display model all admin abilities are locked behind an admin account that is...
  20. I

    Looking for help on a strict budget

    I'm looking to upgrade my son's computer due to what I suspect is a dying motherboard on account that ports have started to drop and not come back into function on it. I can salvage a GPU, albeit not the best there is (a GT 430), I have a 550W PSU and I believe a 700W(ish) somewhere I can...