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  1. Marshall Hurtado

    [SOLVED] Explorer.exe causing methodical CPU spikes

    I've been trying to pin-down this issue I've been having for months and I finally think I have, yet I'm unsure how to fix it. I had thought I was having some kind of hardware fault but ruled out every single component through process of elimination with my old parts as all components are...
  2. [SOLVED] How do I remove a folder in the navigation pane of windows explorer?

    This error box appears whenever I try to click on it, and there's no delete option so it's an empty folder stuck in my navigation pane which is really bugging me since I do not use the application anymore.
  3. P

    Question Laptop keeps crashing whenever Discord is running

    I don't know where to post this issue, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong place. Ever since I started using Discord on my laptop, it will be fine running in the background while I'm just using Microsoft Word or Notepad to type notes and then my computer will either immediately crash or completely...
  4. B

    Question What should I upgrade?

    I have a custom built PC that I maxed out as much as I could when I built it, but this was about 6 years ago now. I upgraded to a 1080Ti to be able to play at 3440x1440 - games like Overwatch run great, but newer more demanding games like The Division 2 aren't as smooth as I would have hoped...
  5. kenzy9

    Question Can I put files on formatted USB drive for Win10 Media Creation Tool

    I want to use my 128GB stick to load Windows 10 Tool, but I heard it asks for format. DO I need to remove my files first, and after it's loaded can I put the files back in while it's formatted?
  6. N

    Question no audio and high pitch sound in headphones after installing gtx 1050 ti

    Before anything here's a list of my parts, Ryzen 5 2400g MSI B450 A-PRO 16gb ddr4 Gskill 3000mhz cx 550m psu evga gtx 1050 ti I just recently bought the 1050ti, all my audio was fine when i was using the onboard graphics with the APU, but when i disabled the onboard graphics and installed the...
  7. J

    Question When I try to move files from my ssd to my hdd I can't delete the ssd files after

    So my ssd is my primary storage device and it is really full so I'm trying to move non windows and game applications to my hdd but when I go to the folder in program files or program files x86 I can easily move the folder to my HDD, but then I cannot delete the folder on the ssd. Looking for a fix.
  8. Feature AMD B450 vs. Intel B360 Chipset: Mid-Range Platforms Square Off

    Which mid-range chipset is better for a mainstream build, Intel’s B360 or AMD’s B450? We take a look at the features and weigh the considerations to find out. Read more here. JOE SHIELDS Joe Shields is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US specializing in motherboards.
  9. L

    Question Pc won’t turn on after bios reset

    Hello, so basically I was trying to get my new gpu to work, and I’m doing so I went into bios and changed from igd (integrated graphics) to pge (the gpu) but the gpu didn’t work, so I just got black screens. Since I couldn’t change back without going into bios cause of black screen, I tried to...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] Monitor loses signal, then cpu fans go to 100%

    The monitor randomly loses signal, then the two cpu fans (push-pull) on my radiator (h80i v2) go to 100%. here is what I have: cpu Cooler: h80i v2 cpu cooler CPU: intel i7 8680k GPU: evga 1080ti ftw3 GPU2: evga gtx 970ti ssc acx 2.0 (disabled via device manager and unplugged from psu) Ram: 32gb...
  11. J

    Netlifx/Hulu destroys my beast of a PC

    My PC, which i feel is a pretty powerful machine, struggles to run netflix/hulu. I use my "main" monitor for games (Acer XFA240 - DVI), my left monitor is usually where my entertainment such as twitch/YT is played on (Acer G276HL - DVI), and my right monitor is where I google things, have my...
  12. A

    Upgrade prebyilt pc

    Hey, so my dad bought me a prebuilt pc last year and from the beginning we've had problems with it. For the third time at service they finally fixed it and now the blue screens are gone. But i feel that the pc is running so slow and bad i get like 50 fps on BFV and 200 fps on csgo. So i thought...
  13. H

    I can't shut down parrot sec os normally.

    I am trying to install linux with dual boot. When installation is completed, I can't shutdown my pc. Instead of shutting down, there are letters on the blackscreen. And this is never ending. And I had to close the computer from the power button. Can you help me?
  14. D

    DXGI ERROR How to solve?

    Hi Just bought A new pc with I7 8700K and RTX 2070 after playing a game about 30 min afte start i got DXGI ERROR Any help will be Appreciated
  15. T

    Issues setting up new Samsung nvme ssd

    Hello, In the process of upgrading yhe storage of Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming laptop. It had a sandisk m.2 SATA 128gb drive and I am installing a 500gb Samsung 970 Evo nvme m.2. I have cloned the operating system on the SATA drive to a HHD using Casper 10. I have installed the Samsung drive...
  16. T

    No lights or fans when pc is connected but peripherals light up and my phone charges

    This has happened before to me. I go to turn on my computer only to see that the front light wont come on and the fans arent spinning. My mouse and keyboard light up and my phone charges whilst connected. I want to know why this is happening. I cant remember my specs because its a prebuilt but...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] blue screen of death and gaming

    while playing fallout 76 and some other games, i get a blue screen. i can play for 3 hours and get it or play a week with nothing. so i was looking into it as much as i can and this is what i came with: <OSVersionInformation> <WindowsNTVersion>6.1</WindowsNTVersion> <Build>7601 Service Pack...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Would doubling RAM compensate for 2950 tr lower i p c and single thread performance?

    Would doubling the RAM from 16gb to 32 fix the single thread isdues with amd 2950x in comparision with I9.9900x. Been looking at both to go with a Evo 970 1tb ssd and a Quadro 4000 for a mixvworkstatio doing rendering, encoding and runnins the likes of Premier, After effecrs, Solid works, 3d...
  19. M

    Will an i7-7700k work with a RAM that's speed is 3200MHz?

    I've seen this question with different CPU versions and RAM speeds but I wasn't sure. I created my PC build containing the following CPU and RAM: CPU: i7-7700k RAM: HyperX 16GB Fury Black DDR4 3200MHz CL18 HX432C18FB/16 I do not know if they will work together to their full extent. Thanks...
  20. M

    My OS on my SSD went back to being the OS for my old HDD (keeping all SSD files intact EXCEPT the OS)

    I dont know what happened, but about a year ago, I successfully migrated HDD to SSD, all went well, etc (SSD was the C drive. However, today, I installed a new motherboard, changed some boot options so it would boot, and everything worked. My SSD was my C drive, which was not a concern...