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    Question Help button in Explorer and MS Paint and upload of data?

    Hello everyone In every folder in Windows Explorer, right under the (X), there is a (?) help button. When I click it, it opens Microsoft Edge browser and then makes a search regarding help for Explorer in Windows 10. 1. Is the search in any way related to the contet of the folder? 2. Is any...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] .explorer crashes whenever I select a photo file

    Hi everyone, So my computer has gone a bit mad today. It started doing this sporadically last night, but today is doing it every time despite restarting, and is really affecting my general computer usage. If I go into a folder with a photo file in e.g. a .jpg and left click it (not open etc...
  3. Tornik

    Question Explorer/window operations lagging

    I started experiencing this the other day, without having made any notable change to the system or applications, or having installed any new apps. Operations such as Alt+Tab window switching, calling the Start Menu using the Windows Key, etc - in other words, Explorer actions - are lagging...
  4. L

    Question Windows Explorer Crashes On Right Click

    When I try to right click folders etc. Explorer crashes. Sometimes it crashes while opening folders, without right clicking. I tired ShellEx and disabled all non-Microsoft extensions but didn'work. I scanned whole PC with antivirus software it found some bug, cleaned but that didn't solve the...
  5. Daweee

    Question Suspicious Explorer.exe

    Hi. Today i installed a free program but it was not from official site and i didnt recognize it first.. After the installation is completed suddenly 4 fake game icons appeared on desktop and when i go to where it belongs it says explorer.exe then without opening them downloaded malwarebytes it...
  6. fdoggrady

    [SOLVED] Mystery folders

    Hi, I've noticed that a ton of folders popped up on my second drive on my laptop. I don't know what they are or where they came from. Some of them have .file files, while some are empty. When I open the properties of them, I don't see anything helpful. They're really making organization a...
  7. N

    Question How to change the icon of the system folder

    I've been fruitlessly trying to find a way to change the icon of the Windows folder on the C: drive. It's just bothering me personally that i could customize all the other folder icons, but the Windows folder remains a plain default thing, even though that should be the most distinct as it is...
  8. T

    Question Acer Spin 3 with SSD sluggish, issues with Windows explorer and streaming

    Hello All, I have an issue I hope you can help me with. My Acer Spin 3 (sp314-51) with Windows 10 suddenly became painfully slow a few months ago and is having display issues. I think these may have to do with the graphics card but I’m not so well versed in this stuff so can’t be sure. This...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Defining a library in Windows 10

    I've looked up several explanations of how to define a library in Windows 10. All of them say in effect: right click Libraries in the Explorer window, then click New and Folder. Which is exactly how it worked in Windows 7. But I don't see "Libraries" in my system's Explorer window. What's...
  10. T

    Question Unknown type of folder (icon) after download and unzip

    Win 8.1 (x64) Recently I downloaded a zipped folder of what should be music files. My concern is that the unzipped folder displays an odd icon design in the file explorer. It is all similar to the standard ones but in color: it's purple, with a small red and green area in larger icon views...
  11. [SOLVED] A specefic apllication crash explorer.exe

    Hey, i need help because today i downloadded radeon software so i an upgrade my graphic card bur for some reason every time i right click on it or double click epxlorer.exe crash
  12. D

    Question Windows 10 hangs/stalls out when hovering over folders

    I'll try to explain this as best as I can, let me know if I can clarify anything. I've been having a weird problem, basically since I've had my new desktop running Windows 10 (about 2 months now). When I have multiple folders open and hover over the folders icon next to the Windows logo, Windows...
  13. Marshall Hurtado

    Question Explorer.exe causing methodical CPU spikes

    I've been trying to pin-down this issue I've been having for months and I finally think I have, yet I'm unsure how to fix it. I had thought I was having some kind of hardware fault but ruled out every single component through process of elimination with my old parts as all components are...
  14. [SOLVED] How do I remove a folder in the navigation pane of windows explorer?

    This error box appears whenever I try to click on it, and there's no delete option so it's an empty folder stuck in my navigation pane which is really bugging me since I do not use the application anymore.
  15. B

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade?

    I have a custom built PC that I maxed out as much as I could when I built it, but this was about 6 years ago now. I upgraded to a 1080Ti to be able to play at 3440x1440 - games like Overwatch run great, but newer more demanding games like The Division 2 aren't as smooth as I would have hoped...
  16. kenzy9

    Question Can I put files on formatted USB drive for Win10 Media Creation Tool

    I want to use my 128GB stick to load Windows 10 Tool, but I heard it asks for format. DO I need to remove my files first, and after it's loaded can I put the files back in while it's formatted?
  17. N

    Question no audio and high pitch sound in headphones after installing gtx 1050 ti

    Before anything here's a list of my parts, Ryzen 5 2400g MSI B450 A-PRO 16gb ddr4 Gskill 3000mhz cx 550m psu evga gtx 1050 ti I just recently bought the 1050ti, all my audio was fine when i was using the onboard graphics with the APU, but when i disabled the onboard graphics and installed the...
  18. J

    Question When I try to move files from my ssd to my hdd I can't delete the ssd files after

    So my ssd is my primary storage device and it is really full so I'm trying to move non windows and game applications to my hdd but when I go to the folder in program files or program files x86 I can easily move the folder to my HDD, but then I cannot delete the folder on the ssd. Looking for a fix.
  19. Feature AMD B450 vs. Intel B360 Chipset: Mid-Range Platforms Square Off

    Which mid-range chipset is better for a mainstream build, Intel’s B360 or AMD’s B450? We take a look at the features and weigh the considerations to find out. Read more here. JOE SHIELDS Joe Shields is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US specializing in motherboards.
  20. L

    Question Pc won’t turn on after bios reset

    Hello, so basically I was trying to get my new gpu to work, and I’m doing so I went into bios and changed from igd (integrated graphics) to pge (the gpu) but the gpu didn’t work, so I just got black screens. Since I couldn’t change back without going into bios cause of black screen, I tried to...