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    Question USB to PCIe-based ExpressCard adapter

    Where can I find a USB to PCIe-based ExpressCard adapter so I can read my ExpressCard SSD from my laptop? I have found a few USB to USB-based ExpressCard adapters, like Startech and SIIG, but no PCIe-based ExpressCard adapters. I would accept several adapters daisy-chained if need be, e.g...
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    Question Can I connect a PCI soundcard to a laptop's ExpressCard slot or eSata slot?

    Hello! I have an M-Audio Delta 1010LT PCI sound card (Here's a review so you can see it - which is in my now very tired Dell T3400 workstation, which since the upgrade to Windows 10 can't really cope anymore. I'd like to...
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    Question How to connect PCI soundcard to HP Elitebook

    Hello, My old Dell T3400 is starting to grind to a halt. Unfortunately it is the PC I use for home recording and was wondering if I might be able to use the sound card externally on my HP laptop? It doesn't have to be a fancy casing, it's more the adapter that I am looking to find. When I...
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    Question How do I get additional power from my motherboard?

    Hi, I have an MBX-224 machine. I am trying to connect a 2-port usb 3.0 expresscard into the provided expresscard slot. The only problem is that it requires external power to function. A USB power cable was provided but it appears to be insufficient when connected to my laptop. The two usb 3.0...
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    T500rs not detected in any game

    I have just brought a Thrustmaster T500rs off ebay for a upgrade to my previous G27 wheel which has been amazing the past few years. I just fancied a upgrade. Anyway I got it today set it all up etc, installed all the drivers and made sure that Windows was detecting the wheel and shifter...
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    Power Supply or CPU problem?

    So I've had my build for about a year and four months, and I've been quite a shit owner I'd say. I hadn't dusted it until a couple months back, and overtime the performance became worse and worse. It came to a point I want to say a month ago, where the computer would randomly and very abruptly...