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  1. alfredjoejr

    Question File system error check on root partition

    How do I check for file system errors in a Debian based Linux system? I'm running Kali Linux and the problem is I'm unable to run the fsck tool in the root partition.
  2. VickyTech

    [SOLVED] Increase ext4 partition size

    I have a 16Gb pen drive in ext4 file system which is divided into two portions 1) 2.94 GB 2) 11.7 GB I want to increase the first partiton size by taking the memory from the second partition. How to swap memory between these two partitions in a pendrive ? I'm using Windows and using Paragon...
  3. D

    Attaching the HDD drive in a different location.

    Hey there. Let start off I have a 750D cosair case and I have removed one hard drive cage for my 120 fan and i want to remove the other one but I want to attach the cage onto where the dvd drive is. I see holes and a sliding kind of thingy that I think i could attach the HDD cage at. Anyone...