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    Question Cannot extend to monitors

    Hi guys, Recently, i have been struggling with a thing...i have a desktop and 2 monitors. The second one was bought recently as its purpose is to be the extended one. So, my problem is that even both displays are connected to the motherboard's ports, there is not the extended option in Screen...
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    Brightness dropping on monitors?

    The CIO of our company (my bosses boss) has four Dell 23" monitors hooked up to his work computer. Recently he has been complaining that the left 2 monitors each reset to a brightness of 0 about once a day but not at the same time. This changes on the monitor itself and you actually have to go...
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    Good GPU & CPU temperatures?

    Whats considered a reasonable temperature for gpus and cpus? my gpu stays at like 30-35° when idle and the cpu varies from 35-45° when idle. and when Im gaming the gpu gets up to 60-65° and the cpu is similar but a little higher, depending on the game. ive been running some games like farcry...