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extension cable

Forum discussion tagged with extension cable.
  1. M

    Question Active USB 3.0 cable not working

    Hello together, I recently bought an active USB 3.0 extension cable to power my Oculus Rift Sensors. (Link) Now that I tested the cable I found out it wont work. I plugged it into an external power supply but oculus and other software tells me that the device is operating at USB 2.0 speeds...
  2. H

    Question Extension Cable Male to Male?

    So I had a curiosity question that I couldn’t find an answer to. Everything I googled took me to a very different topic. obviously you can’t use cable extensions in place of your stock cables because the stock cables are male-to-male while extensions are male-to-female. my question is, could I...
  3. A

    Question Modifying Cable Extensions

    Hi all, I recently bought a set of cable extensions from AsiaHorse not realizing that a normal 8 pin PCIe cable wouldnt fit into my CPU's 8 pin port because there is a little piece of plastic on the extension cable which fits into a specially keyed slot on a gpu, but causes it to be unable to...
  4. Fennrir

    WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR Windows 8.1 & GTX 780ti PLEASE HELP ME (pc noob)

    My VERY recently custom built PC keeps crashing with the uncorrectable error. This is causing me so much stress as I am struggeling to understand what's wrong.(WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE-ERROR), then restarting itself. In addition to this sometimes when I boot the OS does not load and im left looking...