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  1. S

    Using Halos Lux with non-RGB motherboard

    I have a Gigabyte ga-z97x-gaming 3 motherboard, that doesn't have a RGB header. I was wondering if i can use a LED controller that comes with normal led stripes and connect the Halos lux to that? will it work?
  2. Y

    In dire need of assistance with customizing a prebuilt workstation(HP Z220)

    I'm embarrassed to share this story, but maybe it's best I seek assistance. I first saw this build on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/7y5fi6/175_computer_gaming_build/ I plan to do CAD and Xcode(swift) with this pc, so I thought I'd get me a quad-core Xeon processor instead...
  3. M

    Major milk spillage, PC still powers on, fans still run, no picture on screen.

    Around 6 months ago, I had spilled a glass of chocolate milk down the fan vent on the top of my tower. I wasn't actively using this PC when this spill happened, so it sat in my basement for 6 months until I recently decided to pull it out. I plugged everything in and clicked the power button...
  4. N

    Help with CPU choice (x299 vs Coffee Lake)

    So my old PC decided to die a little too soon, can't figure out if it's the motherboard(R5E) or the CPU(i7-5820k) that's not working anymore and decided to no try and repair/replace what's broken and instead upgrade to a newer generation. I will keep everything I had except for the CPU and...
  5. B

    xbox one hook up to computers

    how do i hook up my xbox one to my table top computer
  6. N

    asrock 370m pro 4 v asrock 370m itx

    Hi, currently running i5 3570k but I think after 5 years my asus mobo is going to die, intermittent start up problem. Going to try cleaning the ram and cpu but if that fails its new computer time unfortunately since it suites my needs fine and runs great. Looked at a ryzon 5 but can't find a...
  7. M

    Can't use ethernet after upgrading motherboard.

    Hello everyone! I am in an annoying situation. I bought a new motherboard because my old one broke (although I actually ended up fixing it after I bought the new one - the pins were slightly bent on the cpu socket) and thought I may aswell upgrade to the gen 8 cpus. I bought a Intel i5 8400...
  8. A

    What mobo and processor should I buy

    So right now, I found a deal of Core i7 2600 Asus p861 m le FOR 126$ + I have my spare DDR3 RAM (btw this is used but in good condition, and I have also bought from this seller and they are really great) On the other hand, there's also Intel g4600 Msi h110m or gigabyte FOR 137$ but I don't...
  9. B

    Diskpart cleaned hd won't intialize after DISKPART clean - hd recovery challenge

    I know. I should have backed up before monkeying with dual-booting linux. But I didn't. Note: I don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to the drive terms: MBR, intialize, etc. Just enough to get me into deep doodoo apparently! So here we go: this one's tough, if there's even an...
  10. P

    are all my pc parts compatible?

    Im 1st upgrading my GPU since my current one is giving me some trouble. Just wanted to know if the GTX 1080Ti is compatible with the parts that i have atm: CPU: INTEL CORE I7 2600K (3.4GHZ) SKT 1155 MOBO: ASROCK Z77 Extreme4 RAM: CORSAIR KIT DUAL 8GB DDR3 1600MHZ VENGEANCE (CL9 - 1.5V) PSU ...
  11. B

    help with connecting speakers

    With the yamaha MG10XU, i am planning on getting a new pair of speakers as i don't actually have any speakers right now, and the speakers i am looking at speakers that will be able to fit on my desk but all of them i am seeing near me only has a 3.5 mm cable on them, and like in this video...
  12. A

    Trying to fix my friend's PC

    Ok, so, very long story here. My friend knows nothing about PCs, bought one from a large online store that makes gaming PCs. His watercooling leaked outside of warranty and he took it to best buy to have it fixed. Best buy pulled the watercooler out without looking at it, and leaked it all...
  13. G

    AOC 2460PQU Monitor not displaying 144hz - stuck at 60hz

    Hi All! I've been having FPS/HZ problems with my monitor, the AOC 2460PQU. I've owned this monitor for over a year and hadn't really seen a true/working 144hz monitor until I built my brother's pc over Christmas, and I can most definitely see that it is not displaying anywhere near 144. I now...
  14. M

    New Gaming Build

    Hi Guys! I am actually working on my new and first pc (assembled). I have already bought the hard disk(2tb), Monitor, Case, Keyboard and Mouse. I wanted some expert advice on the rest of the parts. The link is- https://in.pcpartpicker.com/list/MsFmVY . my budget is ₹1,50,000. please help. I...
  15. U

    Motherboards and Standoffs. 2 Raised Ones?

    Hi all! I am going to start building my PC tomorrow and was examining the case. I noticed that I have what looks likr two raised standoffs. There is the one in the middle that I expected but there seems to be another raised standoff above it. They are in the ATX config. My question is, is this...
  16. Morais13

    PC keeps freezing randomly.

    Hello guys, it's not my first time posting something in this forum. Actually, last time I posted something in here, I was trying to find a solution to the problem I'm having right now. This is my pc build: OS: Windows 10 CPU: AMD FX 8320 3.5GHz 8-Core AM3+ Graphic Cards: ASUS Dual Geforce...
  17. Z

    New Computer Issue

    My new pc will not boot My specs H170A PC Mate Intel i5 7600k 1x8 gig G.skill Aegis DDR4 EVGA SuperNova G3 650W 80+ Gold PSU The thing I noticed is the CPU light turns on for half a second, then the DRAM light comes on for about 6 seconds. The VGA light does not turn on at all. I've tried with...
  18. M

    Unable to rename files windows 10??

    I did some googling on this one. I tried what i found on this and tried them. And didn't work. I tried going through registry. That didn't work. And i don't want to do the command line one. Because that would be to complicated for the end user. My senerio. Have a windows 10 machine connected...
  19. destinywarlock55

    EVGA 450W B1 vs. 450W B3

    Hello, I'm trying to choose a power supply for my build, but i cant settle on a EVGA 450W B1 or B3. (I already know that the B3 is fully modular). P.s I'm not going to be upgrading my PC so that's why I'm going for a low wattage PSU. My question is what's the difference between B1 vs. B3? And...
  20. H

    Bungie Outlines Additions, Improvements Coming To 'Destiny 2'

    Bungie is making some some significant changes with new and existing mechanics to improve the "Destiny 2" experience. Bungie Outlines Additions, Improvements Coming To 'Destiny 2' : Read more