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  1. Jeff_120

    Question PNY Elite external SSD, enough or not?

    Hello I am tempted by the PNY external SSD 960gb Elite model (not the Pro) to use it with my TV 4k, will this solution be enough to view 4k videos (taken with my smartphone and Fuji X-T3 with high mb/s) or it's better to choose an entry level SATA internal SSD + enclosure to USB, or go even...
  2. K

    Question I/O Device error intermittantantly on External Drives

    I Dell XPS 15 l502x laptop running windows 10. I use external hard drives a lot as I am a photographer and have a lot of photos. I have an intermittent problem whereby the hard drives randomly disconnect, by which I mean after a while when I try to access them windows explorer loads for ages...
  3. Direcub10

    [SOLVED] How to wipe a drive with a cyclice redundency check error

    Im trying to wipe a corrupted external hard drive but i cant seem to find any way to do it since every google search is more about recovery the data. I don' t particularity care about the data on the drive i mainly use it so i can move my steam library from pc to pc. anytime i try to use chkdsk...
  4. IntelTurtleFan

    Question Slowing external drive

    I got an external HDD and at first it writes decently at 100Mbps and it did so for much of the file transfer; but then it begins to slow down and the drop in performance is very sudden it goes down to the 10s of Kbps or lower and rarely bumps back up to the 5-10 Mbps (when it does its usually...
  5. XGamer_BiH

    [SOLVED] 2.5" HDD to USB adapter issue/question

    Hello folks, So I've got myself a Logilink UA0041B 2.5" HDD to USB 2.0 adaptor. Everything works fine besides that sometimes the drive doesn't want to spin up, it just "beeps" and clicks (Hitachi HDD with perfect health, works fine over standard SATA), and sometimes it works fine. It confuses me...
  6. P

    Question Extrernal hard drive runs only on 2.0 USB when it should be 3.0

    Hi, i noticed that my external hdd, WD my book, 8TB, has writing speed only 20-40 mbs, which I think is USB2.0 speed. All the links bellow are screenshots. I have asus b350-plus motherboard with ryzen 1700 processor. In Windows Bluetooth & other devices, under the harddisk i have written...
  7. S

    Question Looking for a good enclosure for my external drive.

    I'm looking for a good hard drive enclosure for my Toshibia external drive. I want to take it out of the enclosure and put it in one with a fan, so that the drive will no longer get to 46c while idle. All enclosures I've seen have mixed reviews, so I have no clue which one to get. The drive runs...
  8. W

    Question Toshiba 2tb external hdd Dead

    Hello! I have a Toshiba DTP220 hard drive that has stopped working. There are no lights or sounds when you plug it in. I have tried 4 cables, 3 computers/ laptops, and the Eases software doesn’t work as the laptop doesn’t detect the drive. I have gone to device manager and turned off auto power...
  9. NakosKotsanis

    Question Why my external Drive appeared as Local Disk?

    I have an external disk drive (MaxTor 1TB). For some reason it changed from USB Drive to Local Disk. Local Disk Image Now i cant use a Label Name (like MyDrive). I try to change the drive Letter and still nothing happen. Also the Autorun.inf that is located by default at a sub-folder of the...
  10. B

    Is possible to have two gtx760 with a cx600 power supply?

    So I ran out of pcie cables with my psu cx600. The gpu came with some adaptors however they don't seem to be working. What do I do? I just build my pc about 2 weeks ago so the psu is still pretty new. Is it virtually useless now because of the second gpu?