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    Question BIOS on external monitor 15-ax202na

    Hello. I have issues with Omen by HP 15-ax202na. I want to enter BIOS with external screen. The problem is that the Display on Laptop is broken. Does anyone know how to enter bios in external monitor? I have tryed pressing FN+f4 but its not working. Also I know the laptop is working fine and it...
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    Is it possible to connect a Multi-Function Router to a PC via LAN and for it to get the Internet via WiFi?

    Hi everyone! I have a 3 in 1 Multi-Function Router (EDIMAX N300 BR-6428nC) and I need it to do something very specific that I've been told by the seller that it can be done with this device. Basically what I need from this device is to connect to a PC via the LAN port and for the device to get...