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  1. Foxbean 1955

    Question "No Signal" to external monitor connected to 2011 Macbook Pro ?

    Hey, hope someone knows an easy fix for this! I'm trying to use a new Huawei display with a 2011 Macbook Pro. I've connected with a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable but got a black screen and 'no signal' message. I assume my Thunderbolt port is Thunderbolt 1 at best - maybe there's an adapter I need or...
  2. N

    Question External display lag with thunderbolt

    Hi guys, Just wanted to get your thoughts as not really finding any good answers on google. I have a Lenovo 720S 14" laptop that I connect to an external display, mouse and keyboard via an HP Thunderbolt Dock 120W G2. I find the external display to not be as responsive as the internal display...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] Getting random black screen on external monitor connected to Dell G3 3590 ?

    I have owned my Dell G3 3590 (Core i5, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 1TB SSD) laptop for over two years and I have been using it connected to an external monitor, a BenQ EW3270U, using an HDMI cable without issues. I recently performed a fresh re-install of Windows 10-64bit using the Dell OS Recovery due...
  4. the-halfbloodprince

    [SOLVED] Want to confirm if this display is done or can I use it?

    So I'm a college student and I needed an external monitor to use with my laptop but can't afford one rn. Luckily, I got my friend's permission to use his old laptop's display as that laptop was broken and was not usable anymore. So I carefully removed the display from his laptop successfully...
  5. S

    Question Laptop monitor died, external monitor not working.

    I have a HP branded laptop, the model name is unspecified. The laptop specifications are: CPU: AMD Athlon Silver 3050U GPU: Integrated Radeon Vega 8 (I think) RAM: 1x16GB 2666Mhz (Clocked to 2400) DDR4 Storage: -Boot: 128GB M.2 -Other: 1TB 5400RPM Seagate Barracuda OS...
  6. Rehman5000

    [SOLVED] ThinkVision X1 causing green tint on all other displays

    Hello, I am a very tech savvy person, and this strange issue is really bothering me. I hope someone experienced can help. The following are my equipment: Laptop 1: HP Elitebook 840 G6 (can plug 2 external displays via HDMI and USB-C) Laptop 2: Lenovo Ideapad Y700 (can plug 1 external display...
  7. Thomas39287525267

    Question how can I connect a controller board to a laptop display

    Hi everyone! A few weeks ago my laptop went wrong, and I decided to save its monitor. I suppose I could use it as an external display, or a secondary monitor for my pc. As I know this controller board can be connected to the monitor...
  8. A

    BanQ led tv

    i have BenQ LED tv model L23-6010 , i want to watch movie from usb drive but its not support, its support only picture and mp3 songs. and even i have changed format like a mkv, mp4,HD, vlc, but its not support, please give me some solution for this, thanx
  9. C

    GTA 5 PC have offline mode ?

    I haven’t bought a GTA 5 PC yet and as my Internet connection suck I am wondering, After Activation online can you play it on offline mode without internet ?
  10. G

    GraphicsCard Upgrade Help

    I'm looking for a new graphics card for my PC and if necessary I will upgrade the power supply. I have this: Name: Inspiron 660 Processor: Intel i5-3340 CPU 3.10GHz RAM: 8 (7.87 usable) System Type: 64 bit Graphic: Intel HD Graphics ( Now do you see why I need a new graphics card) Power...