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  1. J

    Question CAn the Internal drive from the WD elements work on another external enclosure with no problem after I used WDformatter to make it xp compatible?

    Ok so i've read that the WD mybook has onboard chip hardware encryption, which means that if you take out the HD and put it into another enclosure, you won't be able to read the disk. However, The WD elements/easystore don't have this, which means you should be able to shuc the drive and put it...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] Will Raspberry Pi 4 Allow for booting OS from USB 3.0 SSD drive?

    Will one be able to boot an OS with the new Raspberry Pi4 from the USB 3.0 port using a SSD External Drive? Is Micro SD card required to boot. Thanks in advance! I do have SSD on my older Pi3 B+, this is supposed to be able to boot from the USB 2.0, I have never been able to get it to boot...
  3. H

    Question WD1200B015 Not initialized Not mounted

    Hello, I am trying to get data off of a Western Digital WD1200B015 (120GB) (2005) external drive. Not trying to fix drive for continued use, only to save data (most likely many jpg photos). The drive does not mount (windows 10), but does spin up and sounds normal. Drive does show up in disk...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] External SSD Drive for Booting Windows 10 Pro

    I have two computers: A laptop and custom built desktop. I can't link my laptop or Desktop specs (via link) apparently. So I'll just say that I bought it on Amazon. It's title is: CUK ASUS ROG Zephyrus M Ultra Slim Gamer Notebook (Intel i7-8750H, 32GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD + 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX...
  5. B

    Question New Maxtor external drive video stutter

    I had WD Passport which I replaced with a brand new Maxtor 4TB. On WD I could watch video straight from the disk unlike Maxtor which has constant split-second freezes, say every 15sec. If I copy the video to either of my local disks, ssd or hdd, it plays smoothly. Any help would be greatly...
  6. E

    Using SSD and external hard drive question?

    I wanted to add an ssd to my laptop but it only has room for a 2.5 inch ssd and is 1TB 2.5 inch hdd. I can't afford a 1TB SSD though I do max out my storage all the time as I do lots of recording and video editing etc. I have USB type C on my laptop so I was thinking of getting a 500gb ssd for...
  7. W

    Question Why does my Intel SSD inside M2X enclosure keeps reconnecting on my laptop?

    More info: Drive: Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCI-Express 3.0 x4 3D NAND Internal Solid State Drive Enclosure: MyDigitalSSD M2X Portable USB 3.1 Gen 2 M.2 PCI Express SSD External Enclosure Adapter Laptop: Huawei KPL-W00 Note: I tried changing power settings. I tried to change usb adapter...
  8. D

    Question Will I ever be able to retrieve this data completely ?

    Hey. Recently I asked my brother his external 3Tb hard drive because I needed to make a save of some of my files to reinstall Windows 10. But here comes the part when I messed up like a fkin idiot: so I also asked him for a USB key in FAT32 to put Windows on it, the thing is, after 3attempts, it...
  9. W

    Question Are there any raid 0 external m.2 nvme with thunderbolt 3?

    I would like to max out thunderbolt 3 5GB/s speed. 2 raid 0 ssd m.2 nvme should do it. Are there any enclosures that would do it for me? Only solutions with thunderbolt 3 i see, have 1 ssd slot, and speed maxes out at 3 GB/s.
  10. C

    Question Can I reuse a cpu?

    So Im going to build pc soon and I have a prebuilt pc that has an i7 and I would like to reuse it because Im going to play games that are very demanding and a new i7 would be expensive so would I be able to reuse the i7?
  11. S

    Question Which hard drive should I get

    I have a 1TB SSD and two 1TB hard drives currently and they are all maxed out. The one is starting to fail according to crystal disk info so I kind of want to take advantage of the situation and just upgrade to a 4TB drive and migrate everything from the failing one over. I found these two...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] PSU With Ryzen 2700x and RTX 2070

    I have an 550W Coolermaster bronze certified PSU and currently running a ryzen 2700x with an GTX 1060 I'm planning to upgrade to an RTX 2070 soon but do I need to upgrade my PSU? (Cooler master GM550M
  13. S

    Question Workstation Graphics Card Recommendation for my Trading Station

    I am looking for workstation graphics card recommendations. I have a stock trading station and need better display performance (no gaming). Below is a list of questions I've thought of and my setup. Note that although connecting directly to the card would be nice, I already use HDMI-USB3 4k...
  14. Pentium4User

    Question Toshiba M1150-S1061 video issues

    Hello so I have been having a quite annoying issue, Yes I know this laptop old but I mainly use it for a network hotspot and sometimes I use it to watch dvds on it. The issue I am experiencing is that video drivers (It has a xpress 200m) it will not load no matter what I'm pretty much stuck with...
  15. C

    Question Which cable to get? 144hz 1080p

    I've got the Asus VG248QE (144hz 1080p) monitor with DVI-D, HDMI and DisplayPort. I just bought the RTX 2080 (Asus Dual OC) and forgot about the cables... It has 3 DPs and 1HDMI. My goal is to have a connection that will allow me to play on 144hz but I only have the HDMI to HDMI cable which...
  16. V

    [SOLVED] Is Cooler Master - Hyper 212 LED Turbo compatible with TD500L

    I just received Cooler Master - Hyper 212 LED Turbo cooler (which is 163mm H), and found the Cooler Maser MasterBox TD500L case (which can fit a max of 165mm H). Do you think that this cooler will fit the case? Worried that 2mm might make a difference. Also, if there is an aesthetic part of...
  17. Review Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB DDR4-3600 C16 Review: Bright Lights, Speed City

    More RGB, more performance. What else does Corsair’s latest Dominator Platinum kit have in store for us? Read more here. THOMAS SODERSTROM @Crashman Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Ryzen vs Intel

    Current rig: Cpu: I7 7700 (non k sku) Gpu: GTX 1060 3GB Ram: Adata 16GB ddr4 Power Supply: Corsair cx650m SSD: Adata 120GB HDD: 2x 1TB western digital blue Motherboard: asus not sure model, system was originally a prebuilt. I want to get the rtx 2060/2070 with presidents day sale i can get the...
  19. D

    Screen wont strech on the entire monitor

    I want to play a game on a resolution (1080x1080) that is not the native resolution on the monitor (1920x1080), but when I do it, it does not stretch across the entire screen and it just has two black bars on the side. Does my monitor not support it or is there a way I can change it in the...
  20. J

    Ethernet slower than wifi

    I have an H96Max+ Android 4g/32g box - just upgraded my cable internet from 100mbps to 400mbps. My wifi signal is faster (282mbps) than ethernet (140mbps). It wasn't like that before I upgraded. Help?