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  1. M

    Question External HDD not getting enough power?

    I have an Adata 2TB HC 660 slim external hard drive which I have been using for some years. It was mainly used as an extension for my laptop SSD, so it has spent most of the time on the desk. I was moving some data from my laptop when the transfer speed became zero. I tried re-plugging the...
  2. Y

    Question External hard drive not showing up in file manger

    I have been using my Toshiba Convio basic 500Gb external hard drive for a couple of years now and it used to not show up on my laptop, but i manged to solve that by reconnecting the hard drive and some times just moving the usb would do the trick, but this time it won't show up no matter what i...
  3. jedirene

    [SOLVED] New External HDD not accessible

    Hello. I badly need help. Yesterday, I bought a new WD My Passport 2TB External Hard Drive. I went home without checking if it works from the store. When I tried using at home, it loads very slowly, and my Windows 10 can only read it as a 'Local Disk' drive. I tired plugging it in on my Windows...