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  1. D

    Question Seagate 5TB external "Expansion Desk" hard drive works fine in another PC, but became uninitialized in my main PC

    as the title says, the external hard drive suddenly became uninitialized by my main PC sometime after installing a new SSD, or possibly after i replaced my old battery back up UPS and started using a Cyberpower 1500VA (CP1500AVRLCD ) with the USB connected to the MB via USB 3.0 slot (1 of 4)...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Can't copy full sized files from Mac to external hard drive - help?

    Every time I copy any files to the My Passport, it shrinks them. For example, I coped a 20MB jpeg file to the My Passport, but it showed up on the external drive as only 171 bytes!!! And it couldn’t be opened either because the file was apparently damaged according to the error pop up box. I...
  3. X

    Question Erratic external hard drive behavior

    So, at the beginning of February, our 20TB G-RAID Thunderbolt 2 external hard drive failed. We use this hard drive to store backups for 9 different machines (it's connected via thunderbolt cable to one of them, and the rest are backed up over the network via shared folder). We had not configured...
  4. juzzie

    Question My seagate external drive turned to local disk all of a sudden.

    Hey, I need help / advice / guidance even a spare genie's lamp if you have one please. I was in the middle of saving some photos onto my Seagate 2TB backup plus portable HD when my file explorer suddenly lost connection to the drive. I moved USB ports and when it detected the drive again...
  5. A

    Question WD damage diagnose - partially seen by Disc Manager - Fail Smart test

    This is what I get from Disck Chekup : https://textuploader.com/151w4 WD Disc Manager is able to identify the serial number aswell and the total capacity but Fail SMART test. Directory is not visible atall in Windows Explorer. The case: a WD Mybook 8Tb accidentally dropped on hard floor from...
  6. S

    get windows 10 (working on it )

    get windows 10 working on it has been on my laptop for 72 hours is this normal bought computer new 3 weeks ago with windows 8.1 just concerned