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  1. Y

    Question how to move an installed program to an external hard drive?

    how can I do that?
  2. mitsosha

    Question Inaccessible external hard drive

    Hello, a friend of mine handed me the following external hard drive: WD Elements Portable WDBUZG7500ABK - hard drive - 750 GB - USB 3.0 Specs She had connected the hard drive to her phone and apparently the phone formatted the drive with android file system. She asked for data recovery from a...
  3. H

    Question External hard drive making beeping/squeaking sounds ?

    I have a WD Elements external that I bought less than a year ago started making this beeping/squeaking sound and didn't get recognized when I plugged it in at a computer at my college. It worked fine with those computers before (which are macs btw). When I plugged it into my laptop at...
  4. F

    Question External Hard Drive causes Programs Accessing it to Temporarily "Not Responding" while it starts up?

    So I purchased a 6TB External Hard Drive not too long ago, works great, 120MBps Read, 160MBps Write, good SMART, no errors, etc, however one issue I've noticed is that, despite me disabling it within Windows and searching for a solution to no avail, it occasionally shuts its self off after...
  5. D

    Question External hard drive freezes / hangs up / locks up Windows 10

    I have a Seagate SRD00F2 p/n: 1d7ap3-500 3 Tb external hard drive that's getting flaky. I had it being accessed by a Windows 7 PC, and one day the drive / letter simply vanished. The drive does power up and spin when powered and plugged into a USB port, but the Windows 7 PC refuses to...
  6. G

    Question PS3 backwards compatible / HDD storage

    I’m considering buying myself a backwards compatible version of Playstation 3, as some of it’s models are apparently backwards compatible with PS2. I would be cool to have a single device for both gaming eras. For one, however, not all PS3’s are PS2 compatible. For two, even these which are...
  7. Question Brand new Seagate 5TB External drive fails Seatools Short Generic

    Hi, Today I received a brand new 5TB Seagate External Drive (STHP5000403) from Amazon US. The drive appears twice in SeaTools, once under SAS-SCSI-FC and once under USB-1394, as shown. My new hard drive, Seagate Backup Plus Portable 5TB, appears twice in SeaTools, once under SAS-SCSI-FC and...
  8. Usernameisrequired

    [SOLVED] External Hard Drive not showing up in file manager

    I have used many external hard drives on my computer and none of them will show up in file manager on my computer. Flash drives will work but not external hard drives. The hard drives show up under disk management and everywhere else except file manager like they used to. They work on other...
  9. HerbertSherbet

    [SOLVED] Creating a cohesive backup shared between a Windows and Mac computer

    I want to make a single backup of all my family photos on an external hard drive. I then want to clone that backup for redundancy. I also want some way of automating changes (such as writing, deleting, and organizing into folders) onto the redundant drive. These are photos that will be taken...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Can't copy full sized files from Mac to external hard drive - help?

    Every time I copy any files to the My Passport, it shrinks them. For example, I coped a 20MB jpeg file to the My Passport, but it showed up on the external drive as only 171 bytes!!! And it couldn’t be opened either because the file was apparently damaged according to the error pop up box. I...
  11. Serefa

    [SOLVED] Seagate backup plus 10TB sound noise

    Hei, does anyone can check these sound files and see if the hard drive is supposed to act like this or is it failing? I am confused when the drive starts it makes som scratching noise and when it i close it, it then also makes a scratch noise. After the starting scratching noise the drive is...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] How to fix exterior hard drive

    So I bought an exterior hard drive for the purpose of backing up my computer. The exterior hard drive is in the format exFat. I tried running the File History backup, and it eventually failed. Ever since then, almost every time I plug that hard drive into my computer, it comes up with "There is...
  13. jedirene

    [SOLVED] New External HDD not accessible

    Hello. I badly need help. Yesterday, I bought a new WD My Passport 2TB External Hard Drive. I went home without checking if it works from the store. When I tried using at home, it loads very slowly, and my Windows 10 can only read it as a 'Local Disk' drive. I tired plugging it in on my Windows...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Help a newbie: Upgrading from HDD to SSD for a laptop

    Hi, I'm planning to upgrade my HDD (stock HDD that comes with my laptop) with an SSD. I'm planning to get a Samsung EVO 860 for the upgrade. However, I don't have any idea if it would be the best thing to get. Though I'm still considering my budget. One of the main reasons for the upgrade is...
  15. H

    Question Computer stuck during bootup due to identical hard drive enclosures?

    I currently have an HP Compaq 6305 Pro, which I have hooked to four hard drives in external USB enclosures. Two of those drives are differently-sized (one is 2TB and the other is 1TB), but both are contained in identical Inateck USB 3.0 hard drive enclosures. As long as I'm careful to only...
  16. S

    [SOLVED] Seagate External hard drive not working

    My Seagate 2tb hard drive suddenly stopped working, the motor is working but the led is not blinking. It's not even showing any trace on disk management or in boot screen. Any help will be appreciated I don't want to lose the data. There was only 50gb left on the drive if it's related to that...
  17. Owent10

    [SOLVED] External hard drive not showing up when plugged in

    Hello, I have just done a clean install of windows because I messed up my registry in an attempt to fix my external hard drive problem. Now, I have plugged my Seagate hard-drive back into my Acer Apire E15 laptop and it still isn't showing anything. The blue indicator light isn't switched on...
  18. Owent10

    Question Windows can't boot after deleting upper filter in registry

    Hello, My external hard drive wasn't showing up when I plugged it into my laptop. This is because I didn't eject it properly. So I followed some steps online to make the hard drive show up on my laptop: Step 1. Hit Start, type regedt32 and click OK. Step 2. Backup your registry by going to...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Is the Western DIgital My Passport Ultra HDD or SSD

    Is the Western Digital Hard Drive with the Product Number wdbzfp0010bbk-01 SSD or HDD ? I have looked, and looked and can't determine if it is HDD or SSD . I would like to know if it is HDD or SSd
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Know if external hard drive dead?

    I'm an assistant editor and today one of our 10 TB G-Drives stopped working. Light turns on but disk does not spin, not readable by computers. I happened to have an OWC bare drive dock in the office, so I disassembled the G-drive and mounted it in the dock via SATA. As soon as I connected the...
  21. editor1

    Question external HDD undun file movement, copying and creation's

    Hi So my day started off with getting the 0x80070570 error. I could not move it but I could copy it. So I tried scanning with 2 different malware scanners, property's/tools Error checking, optimizer def-rag, CMD; chkdsk /f X :, sfc/scannow , DISM /online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth , and /Online...
  22. G

    [SOLVED] Can you use an external HDD instead of a thumb drive to install Windows 10?

    Unfortunately I don't have a thumb drive large enough to install Windows 10 on my new PC, so Iv'e been wondering if you can use an external HDD instead? Would be much better than buying a new thumb drive.
  23. J_akoury

    [SOLVED] WD My Passport Ultra Stopped Working

    Hey Everyone! This is my first post on the forum and I really need your help! I was arranging and moving files from, to and within my WD external hard drive and at some point I attempted adjusting its partitions. The operation was interrupted halfway through and I think this messed up the...
  24. C

    [SOLVED] PC won't detect my external SSD. Could it because I installed a new motherboard?

    I just upgraded my motherboard to an MSI B450 Tomahawk and ever since then, my PC has been unable to detect my Sandisk external SSD. It is not an issue with the SSD or the cable because my laptop was able to detect it just fine. I tried plugging the external SSD into every USB port on my PC with...
  25. foul.creature.

    Question I need advice on recovering an external hard drive? please read!

    About half a year ago I realized that my external hard-drive that I bought on amazon was malfunctioning, I had noticed there was a connection problem even before that, it would connect and disconnect rapidly sometimes, but I didn't think much of it cause my files were still there. then 1 day I...
  26. K

    [SOLVED] Mac G5: Change DVD drive to exchangable external HD

    Hey guys, I'm about to mod an old Mac G5 case, it's the old story. The thing is that I am wondering if I could exchange the DVD-drive (useless to me) with some other peace of hardware more befitting of our time. So my question is: Can you recommend me some hardware products in the same format...
  27. G

    [SOLVED] Do all external hard drives turn off automatically?

    I'm looking forward to buying an external hard drive to download my games on, so I was wondering if the external hard drive turns off Automatically while im not using it.
  28. M

    Question No bootable device error when external HD with 2 partitions is connected

    I just bought a 10GB WD My Book external backup drive, and partitioned it because FileHistory doesn't allow you to cap the amount of space it takes over, and I wanted to use half of the drive for personal files. Everything runs fine until I create the second partition in Windows Disk...
  29. C

    Question (URGENT) My external hard drive (2TB) suddenly appears empty. Solution?

    I don't know how and why this happened but one day when I wanted to use my hard drive it appears to be completely empty. I tried to find solutions from google and youtube but almost all cases state that their hard drive appears empty BUT the space is still used which means the files are...
  30. R

    Question Bootcamp on an external hard drive

    I have had windows 10 installed on an external hard drive for a few months. I use bootcamp on my macbook pro to switch between macos and windows. Usually I can restart my computer while holding the option key and the 2 boot drives will come up and I can choose between the two and it will work...
  31. S

    Question Best way to use many external simultaneously on PC

    I have eight 5 TB externals I'm currently using for some data storage and backups. I'd like to be able to access them all on my PC at the same time. And I'd like to be able to transfer between them at a reasonable speed. I'm out of internal slots so I can't buy a USB card. So I'm looking at...
  32. Bschickert

    Question External Hard Drive connected to TV accessible on the Network?

    I bought a 2 TB hard drive to connect to an Android TV BOX. It worked fine on my old one but the new one I just purchased can’t see it for some reason. So, I plugged the Hard drive into the USB port on my TV. The TV plays all my saved content perfectly. My question is, since the tv is on the...
  33. rexless

    Question No Post No Boot

    Computer just something odd that I have never seen been before. When the system powers on, it has red staggered vertical bars. The system won’t let me get into the BIOS. I suspect motherboard going bad. How about some advice? Attached a picture of the screen.Picture
  34. B

    Question i7 9700K Air Cooler Advice

    Hello. I am looking for an air cooler for i7 9700K temporarily. I just tried my friend's Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 with its stock TIM but I feel like it's not a great air cooler even if I will use it temporarily. The temp is around 68-78 while playing Battlefield V, it was sometimes hiting...
  35. S

    Question Which hard drive should I get

    I have a 1TB SSD and two 1TB hard drives currently and they are all maxed out. The one is starting to fail according to crystal disk info so I kind of want to take advantage of the situation and just upgrade to a 4TB drive and migrate everything from the failing one over. I found these two...
  36. M

    Question Building First Semi-Gaming PC Need Help

    Wanting to build a gaming pc for basic games like on steam and I am looking for parts and suggestions. Only wanting to spend 300 to 400 bucks.
  37. A

    Question My pc needs 3-5 mins at post before boot w10

    For about 2-3 weeks now whenever I boot up my desktop it gets 'stuck' on the pre-bios screen for about 3 mins every time I boot it up. The little beep that normally comes does sound. I can't access the BIOS either, although the screen still shows. When the computer finally boots it works...
  38. N

    Question Some Exact Smake Keys Ranomly Stop Working

    Hello, I have a rather odd issue with my laptop's keyboard that I've never encountered before. All of a sudden, regardless what I'm doing on my laptop at that moment, whether it would be browsing the internet or playing a game, some exact same keyboard keys stop working, it doesn't follow a...
  39. D

    Question Why does my Galaxy S9 show that I'm on a 5Ge network?

    Someone on the internet said that my phone doesn't have the right antenna for 5G. But at the top it says 5G. I have AT&T.
  40. A

    Question Should the need for a firmware update cause a tablet to stop working?

    Hi, At work we have a couple of tablets which we rely on for a certain system. Both run Windows 10. Recently they both started to refuse to connect to the internet which is essential for their function, having worked fine up until then. When I contacted the company who sold us the system, I was...