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    [SOLVED] Running GTA V on AMD Athlon II x2 270 @ 3.40 Ghz

    Will I be able to run GTA v with AMD Athlon II x2 270 @ 3.40 GHz with 12 GB ram and a GeForce 8400 GS 512 MB graphic card
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    Running Through Motherboards Like Crazy!

    I built a desktop for gaming and media work in early 2016. All the parts were brand new when I put this together. CPU: i7-4790k (never overclocked it) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper212 Evo Motherboard: ASRock z97 Extreme4 RAM: 2x8gb G.Skill Rip Jaws X (DDR3-1600) PSU: EVGA 500W 80+ GPU...
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    GT 630M is not removable and can't be unplugged

    hello, been running into trouble recently with my Acer 5755g's detecated graphics card GT 630m, whenever i start a game's campagin or a multiplayer match, i get the error " GT 630M is not removable and can't be unplugged or ejected" and my PC freezes after about 10 seconds. I sent it to a...
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    Can I downscale on a mirrored second monitor?

    Hi, is it possible to have a 1440p game running on one monitor and mirror it to a second 1080p monitor and have it downscaled to fit the screen? I'm on windows 10. Thanks Edit: Basically I want to play a game and mirror it on two different resolution monitors. I know I could just play the game...
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    [SOLVED] Looking for help retrieving data from RAID 0 HDDs

    Recently my old PC died before I could back up the data on my two 500GB HDDs which were set up in a RAID 0 configuration. I suspected it was the PSU, however when I tried running the old guts to my new PSU it wouldn't boot, leading me to believe the mobo died. I've also tried simply plugging the...
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    Sudden Low Fps On A High End PC - GTA 5

    I was playing gta v cracked for almost a year now. Had no problems with the fps and stayed at a stable 70/80 fps on very high. I decided to buy the official steam version of the game as I wanted to play the game with my friends and didn't like playing a pirated game. I installed the game, hoping...
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    Rgb help on graphics card

    Hi everyone, My motherboard is a x99a gaming 7 been messing around with my graphics card on my g1 gtx 1080. All I need is the rgb working but I am not sure how and need some help. Thank you everyone in advance.
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    Dell Inspiron funny startup when plugged in.

    I have a Dell 15-3521. W8.1. I just replaced the dc power jack because no adapters were being recognized when plugged in. Now for some reason when I start the laptop while plugged in it will start to an all white screen instead of bios splash. I have to restart once then it works fine on the...
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    make speakers work on yamaha keyboard

    I have a yamaha keyboard. the speakers have suddenly stopped working? i have tried wiring in identical speakers that do work and they do not work either so i am wondering whether there is an issue with the motherboard??
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    Router capping at 10mbps!

    I've been sifting through similar threads but nothing really helped since my setup is a liile different. SERVICE: Spectrum 100MBPS SETUP: The cable modem is connected to a wireless router that's right next to it. That router is routing to ANOTHER wireless router (WNR2000v5) for more coverage...
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    Cant use full RAM on windows 10

    Hello! I have a problem that i cant use my RAM fully....I am using 8gb of ram but only 5.93gb are available...I tried to change this from the windows but nothing happened...So i think that now i have to do something form the bios but i dont know what....I am using an asus rog strix b350f...
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    Graphics Card/ HDMI/ Monitor VGA

    Hi there, My son who is 13 is really getting into gaming on his pc , we have just brought a new gaming monitor.. and upgraded his graphics card which has both vga and hdmi outlets.. can someone tell me do I just connect the hdmi from the graphics card direct to the monitor or do I also Need to...
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    Is my i5-4690 CPU a bottleneck?

    Hi, I have a i5-4690 paired with a GTX 1080ti and pretty sure the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU. Thoughts?
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    Splitting performance power of a PC between users.

    Is it possible in Windows 10, to split performance? Lets say the total CPU power is 100%. We have 4 users, I would like to have each have granted access to a maximum of 20%. Same with RAM. I work on a server, I have 4 PC's which connect to the SQL database on my server, but they do light work...
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    Need new GPU that fits CPU

    Hey all, so recently my GPU crapped out and so now I am in the hunt for a new one and I was looking towards a GTX 1050/1050ti/1060 but wasn’t entirely sure what might be best. My PC is a gaming rig as that’s about all I use it for. Nothing too intense or graphically demanding...
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    charging problem please help

    i have sumsung np300e laptop i charge my battery from my friends laptop after put it on my laptop and using my laptop as usual but when i plug in my charger the orange light switch on and shows charging but the battery doesnt increase it keeps going down as if the is no charger
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    Seagate Central Boot Up Failure (Constant amber light)

    Hi, My Saegate Central NAS suddenly stopped working and now shows constant amber light. I have gone through all the Seagate procedures to no avail. When when powering up you can her the process start then there are three mechanical type sounds (like a disk trying to spin?) and it stops and...