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External Monitor

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  1. Question Secondary display is stuck at 640x480

    Hey everyone! This problem has been going on for some time now and it's starting to give me a headache. I have an Asus 1600x900 main monitor, which is attached by a DVI cable into the GPU, as well as an NEC P462 large screen display. I've had this setup for over two years and at one point I...
  2. A

    Question Audio and Video problem - Windows 10 1903

    Good day all, I am having two issues with my laptop as stated below. Please note that these issues were not present when I previously used the laptop (3 days ago). I am using an ASUS Laptop X541UA running the following OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language Version: 1903 Build: 18362.418 64-bit...
  3. S

    Question Can I set up a 3 monitor display with the following: ThinkPad P1 (laptop) + ThinkVision P27h 27" Monitor (x3, monitors) + Thunderbolt 230W dock?

    Hi all - I am looking to set up a 3-monitor system (where each screen is independent, and not just a mirror image of any other display) using my ThinkPad P1, connected to 3 ThinkVision P27h 27" Monitors using ThinkPads's Thunderbolt 230W dock (UK). Key questions are (links to the various...
  4. cassizanon

    Question Vertical lines when there's movement in videos

    Hey guys, i have an Acer Nitro 5, the specs are below, and yesterday i got a new monitor, a Dell U2419H. I was so hyped but after i got it i realized my laptop does'nt have a DP port, only HDMI, and the USB C does not support an external monitor. I was bummed out, because i'm not really sure if...
  5. C

    Question BIOS is unreadable after HP-recommended BIOS update + Other cascading issues

    I recently received a HP Notice to update my BIOS. I did so, but that's caused a whole cascade of problems. My laptop started to not being able to detect my external monitor. After doing some research I suspect that the BIOS update reverted some changes in regards to not being able to use the...
  6. S

    Question External Monitor for 13" Macbook Air (early 2015) — what's best 2k/1080p at 24"/27" at 1.95 feet (~ 0.5m) away?

    Hi, As the title says, I need an external monitor for graphic design on my 13" Macbook Air. The Air is great for my workflow, but it's display is just ridiculously bad at 60% sRGB. I'm from India where, on Amazon, there's a number of 1080p monitors from 24" - 32" but only two 2560x1440 (at 24"...
  7. A

    Question Windows not Recognizing HDMI Monitor!

    Hello All, I am currently using a HP ENVY x360 Convertible with an Intel® UHD Graphics 620 driver built in. A while ago, my computer stopped being able to connect to HDMI devices (including multiple TV's, monitors, and projectors). When I plug in the HDMI cable, the monitor seems to recognize a...
  8. F

    Question USB-C to ... external monitor

    we have USB-C compatible monitors in the company. USB-C allows you to charge ur laptop and also display image on a external monitor. we use the USB-C ports in the monitors to connect to laptops with a USB-C port. we also have laptops that dont have a USB-C port, these laptops have USB-A, micro...
  9. N

    Question BIOS on external monitor 15-ax202na

    Hello. I have issues with Omen by HP 15-ax202na. I want to enter BIOS with external screen. The problem is that the Display on Laptop is broken. Does anyone know how to enter bios in external monitor? I have tryed pressing FN+f4 but its not working. Also I know the laptop is working fine and it...
  10. V

    Question How do I run two 2.1 sound systems through the same default audio device.

    So about a year ago I had a 2.1 system and the subwoofer from a 5.1 system all playing through the same audio device. It worked a charm because it meant I had matching treble and bass from one volume control and then another volume control solely for bass. I then had a windows 10 update which I...
  11. J

    Question Dns hijacking problem

    Hi, so a couple days ago I did something stupid and ended installing malware in my pc, I have cleaned all of it except from one thing, everytime that my computer boots up Powershell opens then closes and when I go to my browser(Firefox) it says that my connection is not secure, I installed...
  12. M

    Question Keep getting BSOD - Windows 10

    Recently i keep getting BSOD's at random times and i dont know why exactly. I've ran the Windows Memory diagonostic tool and that came back with no errors, I installed blue screen viewer and it shows that is has something to do with ntoskrnl.exe. Ill post the minidumps in the link below with...
  13. E

    Question i3-2100 TO i5-3570? Is it feasible in this system?

    Hello everyone; Recently I have been wondering if it is possible to quickly and cheaply upgrade my old and trusty system: CPU: Intel Core i3 2100 @ 3.10GHz Sandy Bridge 32nm RAM: HI-LEVEL 4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 PC10600D3-4G BOARD: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P8H61-M LE/USB3 (LGA1155) POWER...
  14. I

    Question Games and Programs crashing on startup

    Hello, recently in the past two weeks I have noticed a lot of my programs are crashing upon start up: CS:GO - This is where I first noticed the issue, The app would begin to start and then just crash - No report. Chrome: I have only noticed this today, but this now seems to crash upon startup...
  15. PlayerP13

    Question Asus motherboard 1 long beep 2 short

    Hello, I recently updated my motherboard, CPU, and ram in my computer but I keep getting the 1 long beep 2 short beep error and no display. I figured the first time was because my ram was not compatible with my motherboard so I ordered compatible ram in just a red color. It arrived today but...
  16. Ahmed badwey

    Question gpu upgrade advice

    so i have a 10 year old pc , there's motherboard gigabyte p55usb3l , intel core i5 750 and 8 gb rams that i upgraded soon , my pc is quite dusty and i have open side cover , i wanted to upgrade my GPU to RTX 2060 is this a good idea ? like can my motherboard run this GPU properly and can the...
  17. Rico2287

    Question Can I use my old wimax antenna as WiFi signal receiver?

    I have an old BSNL Wimax receiver and I want to use this as WiFi extender/repeaters. Can it be possible? If yes than how?
  18. G

    HP 15 f271wm can't find SSD on win10 install

    I'm trying to do a fresh install of Win10 on this laptop and I'm getting the "No drives found" error when I get to the point of trying to pick the drive. I've run built in diagnostics and it sees the hard drive (I've even tried two different drives). I've also booted off a linux usb stick and...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] How do I format an USB drive to FAT32 32K cluster MBR?

    Specifically: USB partition must be the first partition of the drive, it must be FAT32, it must be 32k/cluster, it must be MBR partition table and primary partition.
  20. T

    Graphics card doesn’t detect monitor?

    Hi, Okay so my graphics card is having issues recognizing my monitors. Whenever I plug in display port my monitor seems to realize something is happening so the light switches to blue and flips through all the connections then goes to No signal. My HDMI port for some odd reason works and my...