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External Storage

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  1. O

    Fan placement for Corsair 200r

    I just ordered two extra fans for my case and I wanted some advice on where to put them. Here's some pictures of my build for reference.
  2. L

    Laptop (Lenovo, 940m) sleeps after playing a game for 2 minutes ONLY when plugged in.

    I have a Lenovo Yoga 460 with a core i5 6200U processor and Nvidia 940m. When my laptop is plugged in and charging (or full battery), and the GPU is throttling (Playing a game (Rocket League, TERA and Age of Empires 2 HD do this)), it will sleep (or hibernate?) after a few minutes (generally 1...
  3. N

    computer heating my room

    My room is a lot hotter that the rest of the house and what is worse is it is really dry. So I can do work on my computer I have to drink several more bottles of water than normal. Is it because I have a liquid CPU cooler?
  4. K

    Ics not working how i would expect. Need help please!

    Hi everyone. I hope maybe you guys can give me a hand here. I feel like i have set this up before without a problem and can not figure out what to do. -So what i am trying to do here is set up "local area connection" -Ethernet port. to share my wifi internet. I have a usb dongle that picks up...
  5. B

    Sketchup running slow on a powerful pc

    Hi, I'm having some lagging with my Sketchup 2016 Pro while working on a 65MB file. My PC is very powerful - Nvidia Quadro 5000M, Intel I7-6950x and 64GB RAM. **Win10 Pro X64** Can anyone tell me if maybe I need to make some adjustments in the graphics card settings for Sketchup to run better?
  6. M

    Mouse doesn't click, at first

    I had Windows 7, and sometimes the mouse would just stop clicking on certain things. It might click inside a Chrome window, but when clicking on the Start menu or task bar, nothing happened. The only thing that seemed to fix it was to hit CTRL-ALT-DEL, and click once, which seemed to "release"...
  7. L

    pc randomly starting to crash/freeze? when gaming

    hello :D i have been using this pc for gaming for about 5 months now and its all been fine but this past week or so i was getting crashes i have notices its only when i am gaming before it was just crashing like once a day but the past 2 day its crashing more and more even just like 10 mins of...
  8. S

    Can someone help me with the PG279Q if you own it?

    I am upgrading from the ASUS mx279Q to a 1440p monitor. The MX279Q is a great IPS monitor with amazing sharpness settings. I just returned the Acer Predator XB270HU, because of lack of sharpness and color accuracy compared to my previous ASUS. Does the PG279Q have the ability to adjust...
  9. A

    Will getting an SSD help?

    Recently I have built a PC. It has an intel i5 4690K and a R9 380X. At first everything was alright, I installed all the drivers and it ran AAA games smoothly at medium settings, but after a while I started getting massive frame drops making games unplayable even at low settings. Could my hard...
  10. rcald2000

    $800 build recommendation?

    Main games played in 1080p: Ark, Call of Duty, Black Ops 3 and The Division. Location: US Budget: $800 (monitor already owned) Preferred website: NewEgg ! build color scheme must be black & green (this is the thing that really stumps me) Thank you in advance for recommendations.
  11. S

    Fix free spinning mobo standoffs?

    Any suggestions on fixing stripped out holes on your mobo tray, it's a cooler master haf xb evo which cm sells a replacement tray but is out of stock, and my new mobo arrives tomorrow so I'd like to figure a way to fix it now, jb weld "steel epoxy putty" = fail..
  12. J

    Multi-Drive Enclosure (JBOD) Windows Storage Spaces

    I'm trying to find a 5 to 10 bay multi-drive enclosure that supports Windows Storage Spaces. I tried to buy one, but it didn't identify the drives uniquely so that Storage Spaces would support data mirroring. Anyone know of one that will work? I'm looking at these types of items on newegg...
  13. S

    Which to buy between these two laptops?

    So I narrowed it down to these two. 1) HP i5 6200U 8 GB RAM GeForce 940m 2 GB 1920x1080 FHD IPS 4-4.5 hours battery backup 2) Asus i7 4720HQ 8 GB RAM GeForce GTX 950m 2 GB 1920x1080 FHD (not IPS) Around 3 hours...
  14. H

    'The Last Guardian' Arrives October 25

    The countdown begins for the launch of "The Last Guardian." 'The Last Guardian' Arrives October 25 : Read more
  15. Z

    unknown computer showing on network

    hello i dont know much about network/pc and how does it work.before i reinstalled my windows i saw a different name pc showing up on my network but the pc worked fine and i ignored this thing,today i had lag while playing an online game and i thought its because of that pc which is connected to...
  16. A

    Converted GPT won't boot up

    I have a 5 TB HDD that is being used to upgrade from a 1 TB HDD. I cloned the data from the original drive and converted it to GPT with mini tool partition wizard. Now when i turn on my computer and boot from the new drive it leaves me with a blank screen with a while line blinking in the top...
  17. C

    980ti Worth Picking Up

    I was just curious on how much you guys think is okay to spend on a 980ti before its more reasonable to just get a 1080. I was going to just sell my 970 to get a 980ti and use that till 1080ti but I wasn't sure how much was worth spending before its better to just get the 1080. Any input...
  18. K

    Pentium I7 - Simple Mobo Recommendation Please

    Heya Peeps, I'm coming off a bad experience with an ASUS Z97 pro [wifi] board. It is very unstable; sometimes it starts up; other times, no. Not sure if the now-defunct Tiger Direct sent me a poorly refurbed board or something, but it is very unstable. Anyway, I have to eat the loss on the...
  19. 1

    CPU Porpusing on / off

    Hi friends I lost the video output of my Hp Pavallion desktop p5367 c b bundle last month . I found a duplicate MOBO on ebay from a seller that claims it worked from the machine he yanked it from. So I switched boards. took the processor and heat sink and fans off and made the swap/...
  20. M

    1920x1080 on a 21:9 monitor

    If I find a game that I don't want to run at 2560 x 1080p, can I just choose to run it at 1920 x 1080p and I'll obviously have black bars on the side? Would a 1440p allow you to play 1080p games or does it force you to upscale to 1440p thus leading to a blurred quality?