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External Storage

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  1. S

    Windows 7 Crashing

    Hi all, I am a bit baffled at my computer. I recently installed a new SSD and got windows 7 installed on it and everything was working fine. After having it for about a week I decided to try out Windows 10. After doing this it worked ok for about half an hour and then it froze. I had to then...
  2. T

    New portable laptop

    1. What is your budget? -600-700£ 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? -13" or lower 3. What screen resolution do you want? - FHD prefered 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? - Portable with a bit of power 5. How much battery life do you need...
  3. W

    First time build disaster!

    Hi all, Just put together my first build and I was feeling pretty damn confident that I'd done everything right. All the connectors were in and nothing lose. I plugged it in and then BANG tripped everything in the house and there was a big arse pop and spark from the PSU. Needless to say...
  4. S

    engineering workstation on a budget

    hey guys , i'm a senior year civil engineer and in desperate need for a laptop , for AutoCad Civil 3D specifically and all engineering / web design / photoshop programs generally . i found the new MSI WT and WS series the best but they start at $3000 while my budget is $1200 roughly 1500 . Thanks!
  5. B

    R9 390X slow...

    I put together a computer today and use a XFX Double Dissipation R9 390X 1050MHZ 8GB DDR5 Display Port HDMI Dual DVI Graphics Cards R9-390X-F28M and installed everything but tried to run a game called, Monstrum and it ran terrible. Even on lowest settings. Anyone know if I did something wrong?
  6. TechSpecGuy

    Help With PSU

    I need helo finding a good psu anywhere from 650w-750w preferably under 100$ CAD
  7. epicninja21

    Upgrading from a 660 to a 970.

    Since christmas has come a little early I'll be upgrading to a 970 Gigabyte G1 edition and with this I am seeking some help on exactly what to do upon upgrading this card. I suppose I'm just paranoid but I don't wish to botch this up. Is this just a simple plug in, download the new drivers for...
  8. Schabale

    How to revert from Windows 10 back to Windows 7 after one month on an OEM product key?

    Hello everyone. I have an OEM Gateway computer and I recently bought a new desktop on Black Friday. I want to revert my Gateway desktop back to Windows 7 and do a factory restart so I may sell it. However, when I try to download the iso from Microsoft, it tells me my key is an OEM one and to...
  9. A

    Gpu usage under 100%

    Hi all! Its my first time posting here, but i have an issue and i really wonder how to fix or what it is. The problem is the next. My gpu is not working at 100% and im not getting a 60 fps, and it should be because the CPU bottleneck, but my cpu is not even working at 50% either...
  10. Edgerunner

    Gaming with a 720 monitor

    I am setting up for a new system build and when I get to the GPU I was going for the 970 or 390x. My system will have no problem handling it either way I go. This build is to support Star Citizen. Then it struck me that I will be playing on a 32" 720 TV with HDMI input. Are these cards...
  11. kcarbotte

    Nvidia’s Shield Tablet Back On The Market, Lower Price This Time

    Nvidia announced that after considerable consumer demand, it has brought back the popular Shield Tablet K1 just in time for the holidays. The hardware hasn't changed, but the price point has been lowered, and GeForce NOW support has been added. Nvidia’s Shield Tablet Back On The Market, Lower...
  12. F

    BSOD installing Display Drivers

    Hello, whenever I attempt to install AMD drivers with Catalyst Control Center, and it gets to the point where it installs the AMD display drivers, the screen flickers, goes black, and then no signal. When I restart I get flickering big black and white blocks with smaller ones in them. Sometimes...
  13. K

    (X58 Platform + i7 980x) = enough for GTX970 SLI or one GTX 980 TI?

    So I'm planing to sell my two HD7950's while they are still worth a few cents and get two GTX970's or one GTX 980 TI, will my system be bottlenecked with those puppies ? System specs: i7 980x (6cores) @ 4.2ghz / 16gb dd3 / Asus Rampage 3 / 2560x1440 monitor My cpu is almost 4 and a half years...
  14. G

    GPU Upgrade for i5 4460

    Hi Bros! I'd like to hear your input. What's the best bang for the buck GPU for my Rig? My Budget's around $200-ish Will only play CSGO / GTA V / NBA 2K16 and a lot of 60fps facebooking here's my current potato:
  15. L

    Which cpu is better?

    I just want to know if a Intel Xeon E5-2609 V3 is better than the intel 4790 for video editing and light gaming. Also should I go for a used 5820k insted because it's unlocked and has far higher performance.
  16. T

    HDD not spinning up when pc is turned on

    Hi all. I plugged my pc in this morning and heard a crackling inside it for a second, then i turned it on and it worked fine. Then, while playing a game, my headset stopped working and the lights on it changed to what they are when the pc is booting. I went to restart and for some reason, the...
  17. J

    Want better gaming

    I have a Dell 3847 inspiron using intergrated graphics and I think a 300w power supply. I want to put a gtx750ti graphic card to improve gaming. Do I need to upgrade the PSU also? How high is enough? Should the graphic card work OK with the 300w PSU? Advice? Comments How high a PSU should...
  18. K

    Laptop Scans and repairs drive C: on EVERY startup!

    Hi! I have a ASUS laptop that runs windows 8.1 Every time i start my laptop it says scanning and repairing drive c: I have checked for malware or any programs that might have caused this. Recently i have also been getting multiple BSOD's such as Bad Pool Header Critical Structure Corruption...
  19. A

    is a 1000 Canadian dollar build possible ?

    hello there, i need to convince my father to let me build a pc for little bros to move away from buying a ps4 and xbox one. basically im getting a 1000 CAD budget (ill add on top of it from my own if i have to) initial build was the following PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by...
  20. S

    All audio stopped after changing quality

    I am just getting my system up and running and installed drivers from the ASUS website and my audio did work for a little while. After I changed the quality of the audio I can no longer get it to work. If i try to test my speakers in the Windows Audio manager I get an error message saying the...